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  • Watching The Neighbors: Book One by Phillipa Saint

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    Life as a shut-in isn’t perfect, but Mark Pritchard has grown accustomed to it. Yet he’s still a man, with feelings and needs.

    When a random look outside his window gives him an intimate view of the woman he desires, Mark’s lust comes to the fore in a way he never expected.

    But while he struggles between fighting his instincts and surrendering to them, his eyes fall upon the couple living across the street. And Mark’s life will change forever…

  • Bad Kenny by DK Walker

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    If Kendrick was honest he’d admit it was more than meeting ‘her’ on a bridge, late one evening that changed his life forever. If he was honest, she was just the spark that ignited the sexual deviancy that was always inside of him, now controlling his every move.

    If Kendrick Martin wasn’t so lost, he’d see, since his darkest desires have now found the light of day he’s never been more freer.

    And if only he could just survive what his life has become and not kill anyone or himself in the process, that becoming Bad Kenny might not be so bad after all.

    Only if…

  • Dirty Secrets of Clean Sheets by DK Walker

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    Have you ever wonder what the sheets of cheap motel beds would say if they could talk? I’m sure they’d whisper about habitual cheaters and sex addicts that can’t be cured; with their numerous one night stands, staining their sheets forever. I’m sure those same sheets would talk about how strange bedfellows misplace their love, only too happy to find lust. So get up-close and personal with a collection of short stories of everyday people longing for lustful things. Find out why when the doors are closed, and the blinds are drawn, is the only time some people consider themselves free enough to be who they truly are. So never judge a person without walking in their shoes unless yours is next to theirs underneath a bed of a seedy motel…

  • Sex Files (Short Erotic Stories) by Cristina Ward

    0 out of 5

    It consists of five short erotic stories that will surely tickle your imagination and spice up your day. Be sure to start with “Magic Mike,” then “My Sister’s Engagement Party”, followed by “Restroom Sweet”, be sure to check out “Quickie”, and don’t forget “One Horny Night.”

  • Game Play by Tina Collins

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    Game Play is a collection of 7 erotic short stories discovering just how far how a group of people will go to get their kicks. Anthony Riddle livens up his everyday job with behaviour that will leave his boss reeling if he is discovered. Or the visit to a sex shop by a lesbian couple who receives help from an unknown source. Or maybe the misogynist who finally realises the true meaning of ‘fire in the loins’… What games would you play? How far would you go to get the outcome you desire?

  • Salvaged Soul Mates: The Leather Satchel Paranormal Romance Series, Book 4 by Darla Dunbar

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    A Paranormal Romance Story

    The Dark Side is winning. A Mystic has organized the evil monsters to steal every soul on Earth and leave it loveless. It is up to Valtina to do her part to save the human race. Sent by Ladaya back to Earth, Valtina’s job is to unite a mismatched couple with their true soul-mates.

    Sebatian and Claudia were not meant to be married to each other. But a trickster was involved in encouraging the mismatch. Searching through her leather satchel, Valtina found the tools needed to do the job.

  • The Treachery: The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles, Book 7 by Darla Dunbar

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    A Paranormal Romance Story

    With young Juno’s love for Supay discovered, Juno rushes to conceal her lover’s name. Unwilling to sacrifice Supay to her mother’s wrath—or the vengeful nature of fellow sirens—Juno does the only thing that she can to save her love… lie.

    The decision to hide the name of her true lover leads to unexpected and unfortunate consequences. At the heart of the matter is one question: To what lengths will Juno go to secure the safety of Supay and her unborn child? As this spicy romance heats up, the only certainty is that nothing will ever be the same again.

  • Ghost of Valentine’s Past by Brynley Black

    0 out of 5

    Fay is spending her third Valentine’s day in a row alone in her bed when she falls into a vivid wet dream, but as things escalate, she realizes she isn’t dreaming at all: she’s being pleasured by the ghost of her high school ex-boyfriend. Ten years ago, Neal dumped her for not putting out, then suffered an untimely death. Before his spirit can rest, his ghost needs to take care of the unfinished business of making things right and finally having his way with Fay. What better time than when she’s horny and alone on the most romantic night of the year?

  • Toby by Amber Drappier

    0 out of 5

    A stunning collection of twelve stories, designed and crafted to keep you entertained late into the night. This fictional series will test your limits and boundaries, as everyday situations develop and transform into something far more sinister than you can imagine.

    From the things that live under (or in!) your bed, to your children’s imaginary friends. Can the city survive the likes of Captain Morris? And what is to become of the world when the underground no longer exists? Perhaps the answer is to escape to an alternate reality, but is escape even possible?

    Toby takes you into a nightmarish wonderland of horror where things are never what they seem, and the very concept of reality, is nothing more than a murky tub of putrid bathwater.

  • Her Private Show by Holland Rae

    0 out of 5

    When workaholic Manhattan journalist Olivia Hudson is assigned to do a story on a male-strip-show for charity she’s anything but pleased. Begrudgingly, and with the promise of covering the story she’s really looking forward to, she agrees – but nothing could have prepared her for the show’s producer and lead dancer, Benjamin Locke.

    Ben finds himself inexplicably drawn to the all-professional reporter, partially because he loves a good challenge. And when co-dancer Tony mentions a bet, Ben goes all in. He goes in planning to seduce her body, but maybe, just maybe, he’ll end up reaching her heart – and his own.

  • Rapid Pulse Bounty: Obsessed Bounty Hunter Romance Series, Book 3 by Carla Coxwell

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    A New Adult Romance Story

    With her new skills fully developed, Jacqui was a confident bounty hunter with a few successful captures under her belt. Things were looking up for her.

    The only thing missing in her life right now was Adam. She hadn’t seen him since before her first successful mission. He had left before she could show off her triumph. Jacqui admitted to herself that she was in love with a man who belonged to someone else.

  • Evil Lust: The Leather Satchel Paranormal Romance Series, Book 3 by Darla Dunbar

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    A Paranormal Romance Story

    Henry and Claire are meant to be together. But a succubus has taken over Henry’s actions.

    Under her spell, Henry has succumbed to lusting after Charlotte, the human form that the succubus has assumed. If Claire were to find out, their marriage will be ruined beyond repair.

    It is up to Valtina to break the succubus’ spell and clear Henry’s memory of any guilt that would haunt his love for Claire forever.

    Download the book to find out what surprises Valtina carries in her leather satchel to help her prevent a major marital catastrophe.

  • Kathy Does a Caveman by Charlotte Roberts

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    Kathy Does a Caveman and Other Stories

    A caveman? How can she do a caveman? She’s a nobel-prize winning physicist from the 22nd century for crying out loud!

  • Intermezzo – Three Lusty Stories by Ida Tornovski

    0 out of 5

    Ida Tornovski’s short story collection is told with dry wit and humor, sprinkled with a generous dose of skepticism about that romantic notion called Love. The three satires—Interludes, Intermezzo, and Intercourse—are sophisticated sexy stories about Life, Lust and Love.

    Interludes are dating spoofs of one woman’s trysts and tribulations with would-be and has-been lovers whose actions and reactions are lacking a certain truthfulness and romance.

    Intermezzo takes place in 1965 the spy-laced Vienna of the Cold War era. Three sexy adults role-play with humorous romance turning into fantasy, jealousy and betrayal. They call it Love. As the action takes place in a hotel across from the Vienna Opera house, the conclusion of this parody is reinforced by the last words of Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’.

    Intercourse explores dictionary definitions of the very word that evokes such titillating imagery. A girl with the unfortunate name of Fata Morgana morphs from a shy and pimply cygnet into a nubile swan. This is achieved only via teenage angst and the learning curve from three other young women. While their fancy Swiss academy is an all-girl school there is Paolo, the young Italian gardener.

  • Heart Surrendered: Obsessed Bounty Hunter Romance Series, Book 2 by Carla Coxwell

    0 out of 5

    A New Adult Romance Story

    Jaqui thought the training was tough. But keeping her mind concentrated on her task was even tougher after meeting her new trainer. Adam had a rugged handsome face and ripped abs.

    She hated that Adam was so demanding. Jacqui’s boxing technique was never up to his standards. How can she hate someone so much and yet feel such strong attraction? Was he flirting with her while trying to show her the correct stance? If so, the game of seduction was on.

  • The Shifter: The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles, Book 2 by Darla Dunbar

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    A Paranormal Romance Story

    After meeting the stranger, Apollo, Phoebe thought she had sorted out the issues in her life. Once her mission was completed, a new leader was supposed to emerge.

    Instead, she was faced with a double-cross in the hands of both her long-time friend and her lover. How could they do this to her?

    Not able to trust anyone, Phoebe took the only option available to her. Withdraw and hide.

    Now it was up to Supay to persuade Phoebe to help make peace among the Daemons.