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  • Co-Star by J. Tomala

    0 out of 5

    One leaked sex-tape, a fake boyfriend, an unexpected filthy romance.

    Actor Nigel Holmen’s day isn’t going well. Someone leaked a sex-tape he doesn’t even remember making. Granted he had been probably drunk when he thought making a sex-tape with a kid that looked like he was barely twenty was a good idea.
    His PR team’s solution to this disaster? Pretending like Nigel had been dating that kid for months, so they could be indignant about the invasion of privacy. It’s either that or kissing his career goodbye.

    Nigel isn’t thrilled, but there is no way he’s gonna become a recluse over a filthy phone sex video.

    Kai never thought his one-night stand with an A-class actor would come back to bite him in the ass, but the day has come and he is fucked. So Nigel’s team offering him a deal as Nigel’s fake boyfriend seems like a good idea. Six months of cushy living in a villa and being paid to keep his mouth shut? Sign him up.

    The only problem? The chemistry between them is off the charts and Kai gets so easily attached.

    This is a standalone novel with a HEA.

  • Samba, sex and self-loathing by Syd Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Amy, the proud owner of a geriatric womb but a sensational libido is absolutely terrified of turning forty and appears to be on a collision course of self-destruction via her addiction of cocaine, booze, masturbating, and having sex with utter arseholes (sometimes literally). 

    On the verge of losing her reputable job, shrouded in her mother’s disapproval and constantly being rescued by her unimpressed brother, after drinking enough in cubic meters to fill a lake, Amy decides to run away to her beloved Rio de Janeiro, in search of her happily ever after. 

    Reuniting with her gorgeous, ex-pat, lady friends who are as equally promiscuous and tragic as she and needing to get knee-deep in Latino lovers before settling down, she accidently falls in love with a twenty-three-year-old. Not entirely what she’d planned. Amy starts to realise that perhaps happily ever after isn’t quite what she is searching for after all. 

    Samba, sex and self-loathing delves into contemporary social pressures for women in their late thirties, with wit and realism. Set in the exotic but dangerous city of Rio de Janeiro, this book touches on the highs and lows of Brazilian culture, from colourful carnival to life-threatening shoot-outs. It’s a tale of friendship between four independent women and one philandering closeted bi-sexual man. Enjoying the perks of living in Brazil- that being hot, passionate lovers everywhere. All searching for love and happiness in their own misguided way. 

    Amy’s multinational besties include:
    Anka- the straight-talking Russian, a successful business tycoon, opposed to monogamy and partial to a swingers’ club.
    Scottish Hannah- disillusioned by men but deafened by her Big Ben biological clock.
    Irish Roisin- a serial dater, desperate for love and then finding it with an ex-sex worker.
    Finally, rampant local Leandro- who is trapped in his metaphorical closet, forced shut by his evangelical parents.

  • The Sub: A BDSM Short by Shannon Saint Roux

    0 out of 5

    Mark has long been curious about BDSM, but has always been too timid to act on these desires. Having just gotten out of a long, passionless relationship, though, he’s finally ready to explore these curiosities. After going on a couple of unsuccessful dates, he meets Kate, a woman who not only seems to have an interest in BDSM, but just might be an expert. Mark accepts her invitation to come to her house, but is still wary and cautious—and even more so when he finds himself alone in her “dungeon.” Is Kate a real BDSM seductress or just an internet scammer? Will Mark at last get the chance to explore his darkest, kinkiest desires, or is he just being setup? Read “The Sub,” an unputdownable work of literary erotica by Shannon Saint Roux, to find out!

  • Lady Noble and the Masques by Juliet Robbe

    0 out of 5

    In Regency England, beautiful young widow Lucinda Noble wishes to find an answer for neglected wives and unattached respectable women. She asks herself: “If men can have their houses of pleasure, why can’t we?”

  • Punished by Professor by Maisy March

    0 out of 5

    Ruby Slate isn’t a bad student. Not really. She’s just distracted. By her hot-as-hell biology professor, Alex Henson. And it seems he might be just as distracted as her.
    When Ruby gets a failing grade on her biology exam, it’s the perfect excuse to talk to him—however embarrassing, considering she needs this grade to pass.
    Professor Henson offers her extra credit to save her grade—by agreeing to let him do whatever he wants to her. She’s been daydreaming about his touch since the first day of school, but now that it’s all coming true, can Ruby handle what’s to come?
    A hot and steamy erotic short with a naughty schoolgirl and domineering professor. The first in the Punished by Professor series, this short story includes graphic content.

  • Camerica: Diaries Of My Time Online by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Read the chronicled diary entries of 20-year-old Ashley Foley, as she navigates her way through a summer filled with webcamming adventures.

    Readers will follow along as she creates her social media presence, discovers her sexual prowess and romances her boyfriend, Erik. They will also soon discover that she equally finds herself playing online with her best friend in the world, Karyn.

    At-times comical, this story is written under the narrative of a frisky, foul-mouthed, geeky nerd who just wants to have a little fun while being home for the summer.

  • Cougar Finds A Cub by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Vanessa, a 57 year old hairdresser finds love with a much younger man, Marc in her beach-side beauty shop. After several haircuts and flirtations, their chemistry heats up in to summer passion.

  • The Erotic Notebooks by Yasmine Millett

    0 out of 5

    Originally written as a form of amorous confession to a new lover, The Erotic Notebooks appears now in print as a collection of fifteen beautifully crafted stories recalling the erotic evolution of a young woman seeking to free herself from the restricted codes of behaviour imposed upon us by society, and to explore in real life all of those desires that had previously existed for her only in fantasy.

    From Paris to Venice and the south of Spain, the narrator treats readers to a decadent recounting of experiments in exhibitionism, voyeurism, assignations with strangers, BDSM, and all manner of other ecstatic encounters with a wide variety of exotic men and women, and, through all, of sensuous, unbridled passions and pleasures.

  • Heart Wars by Kwan Chak Tang

    0 out of 5

    ★★★★★ A deeply personal story told brilliantly!


    Benedict is living the dream of a happy family in the midst of a full-blown war.

    With his loving wife and lively kids by his side, every day becomes a memory. Suddenly, his world comes crashing down when his wife, Chelsea, dies at the detestable Colour bridge alongside his good friend Manny. He is thrown into an abyss of mourning and doubt until Jeanette shows up in their lives.

    Would Benedict be able to pick up the pieces of his life and move on?

    Would he be able to come to terms with reality and look forward to the future? Would Jeanette find a way to mend his broken heart and fix the unhappy family?

    Enjoy this story of two adults trying to scratch the surface of reality and find their feet on the ground again.

  • Escaping the Friend Zone (Independent Woman in Love, Book 2) by J.C. Boddington

    0 out of 5

    Valentina Richards’ sexual escapades are the stuff of legends. As a young woman in her early 20s, who is confident in her sexuality and unafraid of taking risks with her heart, she believes that she’s living life to the fullest, the only way she knows how. Parents would say that she’s a bad girl who their children should steer clear of, but what do they know? Unlike others, Val isn’t sitting around judging people like her who choose to live their lives with passion; she’s too busy taking chances and forming strong connections in the real world.

    When Val takes the biggest risk of all and gives in to her undeniable attraction to Mandy, her best friend, she finds out that there’s more at stake than she anticipated. Mandy is a breath of fresh air, tender-hearted and open-minded. She also happens to be the person that Val adores most in the world.

    By admitting to her attraction for Mandy, Val realises that she’d be putting their friendship on the line. Can she and her best friend come out of it unscathed, closer than ever? Or will there be consequences? There’s also the small matter of Val still being somewhat entangled with Mr Hall, none other than Mandy’s father…