• LOVELY; A Dark Romance by D.C Anslem

    0 out of 5

    When Obsession Meets Perfection.


    Lance Deacon, a wealthy artist has lived, loved and for the last eight years of his life killed. When he returns home for what he hopes would be a brief visit he ends up at a party where he finds something he never thought he would. He finds perfection. He finds her…


    Faye Mallory, a struggling therapist believes she is done with her past but her past is in no way done with her. When she gets invited to a masked charity event her simple little world is turned upside down. What she had hoped would be an escape from a frustrating job may very well be her undoing.

  • 10 Erotic Short Stories Vol. 1 by Goran Radanovic

    0 out of 5

    10 Erotic Short Stories Vol 1 is a collection of the best stories from the blog It contains various erotic themes such as BDSM, exotic dancers, MILF and cuckold.

  • Broken Chains by Karina Kantas

    0 out of 5

    If only she had stuck to singing in bars.
    If only the idea of wanting to become an author had never entered her mind.
    If only she’d never met Alex.

    That one meeting caused an avalanche of fate to clash with a dangerous destiny that forced Liz Finely to become the most wanted woman in the world. Stalked by three deadly mafia bosses, Liz has to learn to survive. Passed from one brutal hand to another, tortured, and abused, it’s her blood, her name, which lands her in trouble each time.

    Now it’s up to Liz to find the strength to accept and become who she’s meant to be, and finally, break the chains that bind her.

  • Forbidden by L.A. Blythe

    0 out of 5

    As children of two of New York’s most notorious mobster families, Micaela Moretti and Ajax Caruso lived an almost fairytale life, destined to carry on the family lines…together.

    Until their fathers had a falling out.

    Now, Micaela and Ajax should be enemies by virtue of blood and last name. But once upon a time, they made a pact. Meeting once a year, on their shared birthday, they rediscover their connection. And childhood friendship blossoms into a passion that can’t be denied.

    One tryst. Once a year. No one will ever know.

    Being together is forbidden, but what their fathers don’t know won’t hurt them.

    Can they keep from hurting each other?

  • The Erotic Adventure by Ally Walsh

    0 out of 5

    “Let’s go into the bedroom where we can be more comfortable,” I suggested. “I want to see those magnificent breasts of yours.

    A moment later we were in the bedroom and she unzipped her dress. She held it up until she’d completely unzipped it then let it fall to the floor. When she turned to face me, I almost shot-off at just the sight of her! Those huge breasts of hers hung halfway to her navel and were capped with coaster-sized areolas. Her strutted nipples were at least an inch long and the thickness of cocktail sausages. I moved to her and captured her right tit with my mouth. Using plenty of saliva, I coated her puckered areola with it as I gently massaged and milked her heavy gourd. I sucked her rigid nipple and teased it with my tongue as she pressed it to my mouth and reached to stroke my throbbing woody.

    “I’m so glad you’re a titty man,” she cooed. “I just love having my big old tits nursed. Suck them to your hearts content.”

  • Finding It All by Stacey Komosinski

    0 out of 5

    Best friends, dreams and happiness. They believe in it all, and their sacred Friday nights. Find out how love fits — or doesn’t fit in their plans.

    Twenty-five-year-old Chloe Larson has never had a relationship or been really kissed by someone. After a rough childhood spent hiding a secret and being ridiculed, Chloe believes she’s better off with only friends around her. That way she can’t get hurt or misused.

    She spends weekends living life to the fullest with her best friends and roommates Gaby and Jess and weekdays proving her worth as a newly promoted reporter. The thing is, she doesn’t have time for anything romantic. But secretly she longs for that special connection with someone.

    Chris Sherman is bored of the selfish women who flock to him. Recently out of a relationship, he isn’t looking for love. But everything changes when he meets Chloe Larson. She has a way about her that excites and intrigues him, leaving him desperate to get to know her.

    Will they both find the courage to let each other in and experience the joys and pains of love, life, and happiness to find it all?

    Welcome to the Finding Happiness in Harmony series’ first journey celebrating the bonds of friendship, love, and life. This feel-good story of first love and best friends will have you believing you too can find it all.

  • Night’s Caress by Mary Hughes

    0 out of 5

    Brie Lark wants nothing to do with her hometown or vampires, but FBI Special Agent Seb Rikare needs her help on a case…in her hometown. And she’s pretty sure he’s a vampire. What’s the worst that can happen?

  • The Witch of Rosemary Lane by Elena Nix

    0 out of 5

    Connor Dawson has fallen for a smoking-hot crazy cat lady who just might be a witch. Felina Desilva is everything Connor ever wanted in a woman, but she may be too good to be true. After she entices him to dinner, his dreams are filled with dark fantasies, and she’s willing to fulfill them all. Despite being warned that Felina is dangerous and discovering that she’s been connected with one man’s mysterious disappearance, Connor finds it all too easy to spend more and more time with Felina and her strangely intelligent black cat. When one of Felina’s neighbors tries to poison the cats that roam her property, Connor investigates, only to discover that the neighbor has been murdered with the same poison. When he’s questioned by police, he has to decide how much to tell them about Felina. Does he have a future with her, or has lust been blinding him to her true nature?

  • Like Father Like Son Book 1 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    An erotic story about a young man exploring his sexuality and discovering his father is doing the same thing and with the same man! Talk about awkward! Four Star (20 reviews).

  • Jack Knight: Just The Meat 1 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    Jack Knight… gay crime novelist with a mansion, a popular club, a son, and a problem. He has a good life but it’s become predictable. But when the cops call him in on a case, things get interesting!