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  • Unusual outcomes of divorce by Lita Marson

    0 out of 5

    The main character, Martha, is trying to recover from the unexpected divorce. Her ex-husband, Henry continues to visit her regularly. Martha is in a terrible moral state, constantly scrolling through her marriage in her head, not finding an answer why everything fell apart.
    At some point, she almost loses consciousness, but then she comes to her senses and gradually begins to notice strange changes in the world around her. The first thing she finds are threatening notes all over the apartment. She turns to the ex for help. He advises her to talk to his colleague, a former policeman. A colleague recommends digging into the past to understand who might hate Martha.
    Martha goes to visit her parents to pick up her old photos. There are more and more changes around, but she does not understand what they are connected with. She learns that her former classmate and first love Oliver has crashed in a car and goes into shock.
    Her friend Emma comes to her house. From Emma, Martha learns that she has been moved five years forward, to 2024. It is not just in the future, but in an alternative future. Here, after the year 2000, everything has changed, people have become kinder, mutual assistance has become the main principle. In this reality, Henry left her half a year ago and went to save the jungle in South America.
    Martha can’t get used to the idea that she is in another world for a long time. But the threatening notes help distract her. Together with Emma, they begin an investigation. They visit different people from Martha’s past, from Henry’s past, and they help a lot. Martha begins to appreciate this strange future, where people are more kind, caring, where support and help is the main value.
    In search of answers, she increasingly plunges into the past, she is literally drawn there. She turns to a psychologist named Aurora. But even she is unable to help Martha. Together with Emma, Martha finally decides to set a trap for the person who leaves her notes. Some acquaintances of Emma catch a middle-aged woman. It turns out that this is Oliver’s mother, who blames Martha for her son’s death.
    After the capture of the criminal, Martha becomes even more depressed. She wants nothing, she feels lonely and abandoned. When she realizes that she has returned to her reality, she does not feel any joy.
    Her ex-husband comes to her, and Martha asks him to return. He explains to her the motives for his departure and willingly returns, since his goal has been achieved. Together they visit various people that Martha met in a different reality. They help someone and save Oliver from death. But instead of Oliver, another person dies, and Martha decides that it is better not to try to change the future.
    She finds Aurora in this reality. In this world, she wants to change the world for the better. Martha realizes that her journey to an alternate future has shown her how important kindness is for all people. Together with Henry and Aurora, they begin to help people and gradually change the world for the better. Emma, Oliver, Aurora find their happiness in their personal lives as well. Martha gives birth to children and feels completely happy in a renewed marriage.

  • The Goalkeeper by Sean White

    0 out of 5

    “Lose the game,” she said. “Lose the game or everyone dies.”

    A wave of euphoria is sweeping across the British Kingdom. Differences have been set aside and people are bound together by their devotion to the Guiding Principles of Joy and Compassion and their love for the Great Unifier – soccer.

    The whole world wants to be a part of it, but for Josh Pittman, the world is a place he feels he doesn’t fit in. Bored, listless and somehow immune to the sporting paradise around him, he can’t even muster the enthusiasm to play in goal for his local team.

    But when a chance encounter with a mysterious young woman leaves him with a broken nose, a stolen car and a warning that humanity is under attack from a hidden race of supernatural beings, Josh thinks he may have found his purpose in life – and someone to share it with. The only question is, what has any of it got to do with him?

    As the final of the grandest international tournament in history looms and strange deaths at stadiums across the globe go unreported, Josh is whisked away on a journey through time and space to uncover the truth behind mankind’s very existence – and the role he is destined to play in what might just be the world’s worst case of mistaken identity…

  • Queen of the Sun by Janeen O’Kerry

    0 out of 5

    Celtic Journeys Series: Time-travel romance meets The Taming of the Shrew when a modern woman is drawn back to the arms of a powerful Irish king.

  • Prophecy of Love by T. Satterfield

    0 out of 5

    Gabe Mendes thinks love will make his life worth living. But by the time he stumbles across Pythia—mystic and high priestess—he’s already failed miserably in love yet again. So in exchange for access to the universe of love he agrees to slay the black ram. But unlucky in love isn’t his only problem. Turns out—love isn’t even what he thinks it is. And the black ram, well, it might just kill him.
    Prophecy of Love, written in the genre of magical realism, is a romantic adventure of self-discovery packed with historic, scientific, and cultural information. It promises to demystify love while providing readers with a solid foundation for building healthy, loving relationships that still embrace the mystical.

  • Holiday by Allen Edwards

    0 out of 5

    Mikey & Rachel, a young English couple take a vacatIon to Thailand, the holiday goes well, when Rachel suddenly disappears, with only the help of Alex, a lone Australian tourist, Mikey searches for Rachel. Soon the hotel claim Rachel was never at the hotel, the Thai authorities soon claim Rachel was never in the country, Alex begins to question Mikey’s state of mind, has Mikey gone mad or has Rachel really gone missing?

  • Wizardrous by Jacob Hinsvark

    0 out of 5

    A series of absurd pitfalls plague the already clouded mind of the drunkest wizard in the kingdom formerly known as Camelot. Fueled by drink and fearing the loss of his tenuously maintained career, the man known the most simply as The Wizard decides his best option is to plan an elaborate heist on the Circle of Magic’s vault. However, when he sets his poorly laid plans into action, he discovers a sinister conspiracy rooted deep in the history of the land. As he struggles to uncover details of this dark secret, he continues to get sidetracked by every kind of misfortune. Accompanied by his lazy, cynical nephew and some of his least favorite people, he must save both the kingdom and his own ass. If hilarious hijinks and lovably hateable characters are things you look for in a novel, then look no further!

  • A Pocket In Time (Time Weavers, Inc. Book 2) by Lexi Post

    0 out of 5

    Katz Almira’s mission is clear—travel to the past, steal the note that ruins the world, travel back to the present. Easy. She’s the best pickpocket Time Weavers, Inc. has ever had. But when she picks the pocket of Lord John Byron, she finds more than she bargained for.

  • New Midlife Realm: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Ruling With Pleasure Book 4) by Ellie Ellis

    0 out of 5

    A Paranormal Women’s Fiction

    With Ella becoming the Queen of Pleroma and having chosen her mate, her problems are just beginning. A once-confidante and former council member has seen it fit to destroy everything she holds dear, including the new world she’s supposed to reign over.

    It will take everything Ella has to beat Marcel at his own game, now that he has to face military forces from the human world to fight for him. Will Ella have to sacrifice to keep her crown? Will she turn on humankind, the world she used to belong to, to keep Pleroma safe?

  • Do-Overs by Jon Spoelstra

    0 out of 5

    This is an old-fashioned love story caught up in parallel worlds. You won’t guess the twists and turns, but you’ll love the string of daring do-overs ,and you might find yourself cheering out loud

  • Spirits in the Skies by Daniel Rosenthal

    0 out of 5

    A lot of ideas come from a UFO, as it is friendly