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  • the darkest of times, the darkest of thoughts by Megan Diedericks

    0 out of 5

    loss, heartbreak and grief – these are storms that are all universally weathered; yet they make us feel so alone. these are my storms, neatly packaged for you to read and fill the loneliness.

  • Send Me One Back? eight eclectic stories of gay erotic romance by Lou Skelton

    0 out of 5

    An eclectic gay romance collection from new author Lou Skelton. Each of the eight full-length short stories takes you somewhere new, from sweet friends-to-more romance in a winter cabin to a misbehaving Earl’s private party at the court of Queen Anne. Whether the heat is mild or scorching, humour and heart are at the centre of every story.

    – Eight short stories
    – 40,000 words
    – Heat levels from low to very high
    – HFN endings, some non-traditional

    Featured tropes:
    – Strangers on a train
    – Holiday/vacation romance
    – Only one bed
    – Hot neighbours
    – Priest kink with a difference
    – A therapeutic threesome
    – Historical master/servant
    – A supernatural rite of passage

    Contains explicit M/M content and coarse language. For a complete list of content warnings, please check my website.

  • Wanted: Mistletoe – A Hot Holiday Romance Collection by Stephanie Morris, Debra Elise, Megyn Ward, Shelley Munro, Olivia Gaines, Britney Bell, S.A. Clayton, Pandora Snow, Whitley Cox, Ellen Mint, Charmaine Louise Shelton, Kaylee Monroe, Barbra Campbell, Willow Sanders, Toni Denise, Roxy Wilson, Sharon Wray, Bonnie Poirier, Kimberly Ann, K. T. Bond, Marie Landry, Evie Baxter, Sarah Stein, Susanna Eastman

    0 out of 5

    Dear Santa,
    Before I explain, how much have the elves told you?

    Who’s ready for a little naughty & nice? With some mistletoe and holiday cheer, anything can–and does–happen during Christmas.

    Your favorite contemporary authors have gathered around the Wintery hearth to bring you scintillating holiday romances. These sexy stories will deck your halls with filthy balls. If you’re not on the naughty list yet, you will be after indulging in these steamy reads. Whether you’re naughty or nice or you’re on Santa’s watchlist, these romances will put you in a celebratory mood and warm your heart.

    Get this steamy holiday collection today.

  • Beautiful Redemption: A Limited Edition Collection of Second Chance Romances by Stephanie Morris

    0 out of 5

    What happens when your past comes knocking on your door?

    Sometimes love is that magical feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you see that special someone, and sometimes it’s clenched jaws when you remember the pain that they tattooed onto your heart. Second chances don’t always come easily, but when they do, it can be a beautiful redemption.

    Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with this collection of twenty-two second chance love stories that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

    If you love happy ever afters, be sure to one-click this amazing collection TODAY!

    Including Stories from:
    Stephanie Morris – USA Today bestselling author
    Jeanne Bannon – USA Today best selling author
    Krista Ames – USA Today Bestselling Author
    JoMarie DeGioia
    Kaye Kennedy
    Allyson R Abbott
    Roxy Wilson
    K.L. Shandwick
    Lisa Wood
    Katia Kozar
    Nikki Prince
    Tessa DeVante
    Vic Leigh
    Sylvie Grayson
    Abigail Sharpe
    Adina D Grey

  • Dark and Otherworldly: The Omnibus Edition by Kristen Brand

    0 out of 5

    Leigh Morgan has one mission: to stop the fae who abducted her sister from ever kidnapping another human again.

    Dredarion Rath wants one thing: to disgrace his older brother and prove himself the worthier heir to Otherworld’s throne.

    When their paths cross, it changes everything, and neither Otherworld nor the human realm will ever be the same.

    Three romantic urban fantasy novels; one darkly enchanting volume. The Dark and Otherworldly Omnibus includes:

    Poison and Honey
    She hunts the fae. The last man she should fall for is a cunning fae prince.

    Sting of Thorns
    She’s been cursed by the queen of Otherworld. Now the only one who can save her is the man she betrayed.

    The Cruelest Curse
    When dark forces threaten Otherworld, she’ll have to join forces with her enemies to save the kingdom… and the prince.

    Read Dark and Otherworldly and enter the captivating realm of Otherworld… if you dare.

  • Cheap Living by Tracy Phillips

    0 out of 5

    Cheap living housing tips to help you get back on track with your housing.. Learn how to live cheaply and frugally. Money saving tips to get you low cost housing and help you live cheaply.

  • Chasing the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander

    0 out of 5

    Paralegal Hadley Beckett and her daredevil/sportscaster boyfriend of three years, Finn Wilder, reach a crossroads in their relationship. With her being traditional and wanting to marry before moving in together, she must contend with her daredevil boyfriend’s fear of marriage. Flipping the script, she dares him an ultimatum he can’t refuse. Or can he?

  • Beyond Temptation by Summer Cooper

    0 out of 5

    A 10 Book Box Set of Amazon Best Selling Romance Novels that are Beyond Temptation!

    Packed full of gorgeous alpha males and plenty of heat to keep the reading pleasure going all night long.

  • Possessed by Passion: A dark romance and paranormal collection by Yolanda Allard

    0 out of 5

    Passions pulsate.
    Destinies collide.
    Humans, angels, and demons alike are possessed with a common bind—desire.
    Experience exquisite and sultry seraphs, demonic witches, a hellfire phoenix, a vengeful gargoyle, ordinary humans with dark sides, vampires, werewolves, ghostly spirits, and other creatures of the night. Travel with them into their worlds as they lust for love, and romance.
    Will they find what they are searching for? Will you?
    Find out in this twenty-plus, limited time paranormal and dark romance collection by USA Today, international bestselling, and award-winning authors.
    Experience the passion.

    Readers of Anne Rice, Debbie Paterson, Linda Howard, Dean Koontz, Kristen Ashley, and Paul Tremblay will love this dark collection! One click now to become POSSESSED…

  • The Golden Legacy by Nancy Radke, Rebecca York, Susanne Matthews, Katy Walters

    0 out of 5

    FIVE stories of passion and excitement, all the result of THE GOLDEN LEGACY.

    The legacy of a pirate treasure is either a curse or a blessing depending on if it’s used for good or evil.

    Early in the 1700s, a modest merchant ship sailing the Caribbean is attacked by pirates. Although smaller, The Golden Fleece bested the brigands’ craft loaded with a treasure trove of gold and jewels. The last words of a dying pirate claimed the Incas had cursed anyone who misused the treasure but anyone who used it for good would be blessed. The greedy merchant captain was killed during the battle, but his 18-year-old daughter survived. Mindful of the curse and to thank God for their salvation, she asked the crew members to split the treasure equally. They made a binding pledge to keep only twenty percent for their own use and give ten percent to help others. With the rest, each was to buy something of great value that could be given to their descendants. The curse, though, would be passed onto anyone who broke the oath and used the gains selfishly.
    Love survives despite the trauma of pirates, kidnappings, and murder; villains and slave uprisings, lies and deceptions. Travel from the eighteenth to twenty-first century and find what perils and pleasure await in this box set collection of romance stories based on the purloined pirates’ treasure of THE GOLDEN LEGACY from USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Authors.