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  • Winter Warming Erotica Bundle by Cailee Francis

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    Warm up your wintertime with this steamy collection of sensual stories by erotic romance author Cailee Francis.

    This bundle comprises her romantic novella, ‘The Theatre of Fantasies’, as well as her erotic short stories ‘Sensuality in the Darkest of Times: A Short Story’ and ‘Allure of the Hunt: A Short Story’, and bonus erotic poetry.

    Please note: These stories contain strong steamy content and language.

    Story Descriptions:
    The Theatre of Fantasies: Galena is a struggling actress in modern day New Orleans. She can’t quite pay her rent and she recently found out her boyfriend was unfaithful with one of her best friends. An opportunity arises to explore new and different possibilities if she’s willing to take the chance. The Theatre of Fantasies is renowned for its erotic plays. If Galena is willing to overcome her barriers and delve into a new world of passion, a leading role awaits and a much brighter future.

    Sensuality in the Darkest of Times: A Short Story: Science-fiction and erotica mingle in this strikingly sensual short story of just over 5,500 words. In a world besieged by war and facing annihilation by an inter-dimensional enemy, a sanctum exists where heroic soldiers can rest, indulge their pleasures, and where humanity’s art and beauty is preserved. Lucia is many things to many people – whore, nurse, friend, and at times counsellor, but to Anthony… she will be his lover. As war rages above, she and Anthony spend an unforgettable night together, and Lucia questions if it might just be worth it to love again.

    Allure of the Hunt: A Short Story: Jason Hunt is a vampire with a taste for the ladies. One fateful night he meets Lana, a raven-haired beauty who’s won over by his vampire charms. He takes her back to his hotel room for a night of passion, but their liaison hasn’t gone unnoticed by a mysterious woman in red who may have other plans for the lovers.

    Bonus Erotic Poetry: Three new erotic poems by the author.

  • Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up: an Anthology by ML Rodriguez

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    Fourteen authors have brought you stories of pain and love.

    Struggle and dissonance.

    PETITION DENIED by Alyson Hale

    DARKNESS CONSUMED by Ariel Marie

    EXCITABLE by Brittney Coon

    CONSENSUAL by Cristina Slough


    FOREVER PROMISES by J.L. Baldwin


    WICKED GAMES by Lilly James

    AFFLICTION by Marie Skye

    STORY OF US by ML Rodriguez

    HER MISTAKE by N. Mills

    MISS X by Quinn

    KILLER DOM by S. Valentine

    ANOTHER LAST GLANCE by Zack Halford

  • Hero Undercover: 25 Undercover Romances by Annabel Joseph

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  • Some Like it Geek by C. Jordan

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    Fall Quiet by Zoe York

    To Score or Not to Score by Angela Quarles

    One blind date. One case of mistaken identity. One Navy SEAL faced with his high school crush. What could go wrong?

    The Adorkable Girl and the Geek (Gone Geek 5) by Sidney Bristol

    The Girl Next Door by C. Jordan

    Bath Bomb by Clara Leigh (Forbidden Bad Boys)

    Recipe for a wild weekend: Take one geeky actor, a video game idol, and cinema’s best known towel model. Add a chocolate-box cottage, a liberal sprinkling of snow… make that lots of snow, and an oversized bathtub.

    Result: THREESOME!

    In the Spotlight by Ally Decker

    Pretending to date a movie star definitely wasn’t on Sylvia Urban’s agenda but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. And after a paparazzo catches them in rather uncompromising position, this is exactly what this girl has to do.

    Greg Abrams really needs everything to go right if he wants his new project to get green-lighted, but when the cute Broadway geek almost literally falls into his life, things get complicated really fast.

    As the pair grows closer, the ‘pretend’ part of pretend dating gets thrown out of the window, but after they started off as a lie, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

    Play by Olivia Devon

    Aaron Eldridge’s passion for his latest virtual reality program skyrockets when he meets a woman who shares his obsession for all things geek. The premier launch of HyperLyfe at Lux, Manhattan’s hottest sex club, would be a perfect opportunity to get Katie Martinez to check out his new toy, and the kinky sex ideas he has in mind.

    What if your deepest fantasies could come true?

  • MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror by Grivante

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    A Woman’s Corn – Two secret lovers with more secrets then either of them knew, brings about a special witches brew while the devil stews.

    Charlies Chunky Munching Meat – A tale of obsession over a certain pink meat, gone too far.

    Halloween Nosh – Two old-world vampires celebrating their love during the holidays with a special feast in the dungeon.

    Biscuit : A Love Story – A baker’s dreams destroyed by a homeless man with unnatural hungers, leads to super-natural revenge.

    Burnt Scrambled Eggs – What happens when your succubus lover stays over for breakfast?

    The Disagreeable Dinner – Ever eaten a bad meal? Not like this one. Join us for this strange and hilarious case of food poisoning

    Sugar – Honey is sweet, but when a potential sugar daddy turns out to be one of her high school teachers, a night of planned BDSM fun ends in a most unsavory of ways.

    The Henry Problem – Fruit as an aphrodisiac, exorcisms for dummies? All that and more!

    Nibble, Nibble, My Wolf – It’s all the rage to reimagine fairy tales these days and this story gets it right in the most beautifully twisted and erotic way.

    The Wrath of the Buttery Bastard Taters – GMO’s are out of hand. A couples romantic dinner turns into a nightmare when their frankenfood decides to eat them instead.

    Sauce – When cooking lessons lead to a new fetish, narcissistic Bart, takes self-satisfaction to a new level.

    The Care and Feeding of your Personal Demon – Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, asking for a little help from down below can come with a lifetime of demented and hilarious torment.

    P.A.C.D. The Kitchen of Tomorrow, Today! – Advancements in technology are often quickly perverted for sexual experimentation. Find out what happens when a couple’s cooling romance heats back up with a new kitchen appliance.

    Arabica – Do you like coffee? Maybe a little too much? Here’s a tale of a woman using BDSM aversion therapy to overcome her caffeine addiction.

    Toilet Manners – Marital impropriety leads to the strangest meal of a man’s life after a visit to a glory hole inside a fancy french restaurant.

    The Stray – Is the story of a man’s lifelong dedication to helping strays. But, what happens when one gets a little upset when he announces he is moving away.

    The Old Man in the Suit – Voodoo and baked goods outside a lesbian bar during Mardi Gras.

    Do you like food? Sex? Horror? Humor? Then this book is for you!

  • A Love For Romance – Anthology by Stephanie Phillips

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    A preview of Trading Yesterday by USA Today Bestselling Author Kahlen Aymes

    The Break (Breaking Free, Part 1) by USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Presley

    Always Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer

    Until the Stars Forget to Shine by Amber Garza

    The Only Chance by Magan Vernon

    Awakened: A Leila Marx World Novella by Amber Garr

    Do You Mind? by Freya Barker

    Cock-Blocked by W. Ferraro

    What Happens on Spring Break by R.C. Stephens

    Always There by Elizabeth Hayes

    Falling for Lindy by Ashlee Taylor

    Burning the Midnight Oil by Eilson Grace

    Babysitting for the Biker by Sammi Starlight

    Chasing Love by Misha Elliott

  • A Cowboy To Keep by Carra Copelin, Andrea Downing, Kristy McCaffrey, Devon McKay, Hildie McQueen, Hebby Roman, Patti Sherry-Crews

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    CITY BOY, COUNTRY HEART by Andrea Downing

    BLUE SAGE by Kristy McCaffrey

    THE DRIFTER’S KISS by Devon McKay

    HER MAN by Hildie McQueen

    BORDER ROMANCE by Hebby Roman

    PHOENIX HEAT by Patti Sherry-Crews

  • Christmas In The City II by Christmas In The City II Authors

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    Eleven newly written stories by Authors in the City authors.

    This anthology will benefit Caring Community Foundation, located in Raleigh, NC where the 2017 Authors in the City book signing will be held.

    Authors in the City is hosted by:

    Christmas Once Again – Samantha Chase

    Like Christmas – Ashlee Taylor

    Ugly sweater – Elizabeth Hayes

    A change of heart – Shari J. Ryan

    Christmas break – Misha Elliott

    Joyful Temptations – Janine Infante Bosco

    Dancing Snowflakes – Madison Street

    The Lovers of Vale – CS Patra

    Christmas Interference – Jennifer L. Allen

    Rewrite – Stephanie Rose

  • Sexy to Go Halloween 2 by Eva Lefoy

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    Sexy to Go Halloween is back for a howling good time! Join us for a holiday romp with 10 sex-hungry vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, demons and more.

  • At Odds with Destiny by Uvi Poznansky

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    Each one of the novels in this boxed set is outside the box. Open it at your own risk!

    Bestselling, critically acclaimed, and notoriously creative authors from across the book continuum join forces to bring you At Odds with Destiny, everything you’ve wanted in a boxed set but thought you’d never find: full-length novels brimming with cozy mystery, romance, and biographical historical fiction. Finding themselves at odds with destiny, the characters in these stories fight to shape their future and define who they are. Come follow them in their amazing journeys.

    Let in the dog and let out the cat, for this box holds dangers of the most rarefied kind!