• Doing Dorine by D.H.Chewins

    0 out of 5

    One night in Shivers Lake, Dorine, a neglected waitress, embarks on an erotic journey with a black stranger, Derrick, amidst lies and deceit. As Derrick introduces her to his interracial adult industry, they face danger from the diner’s owner, Danny, a secret Klansman. Uncover this enticing tale of forbidden desire.

  • Lust2Love by D.H.Chewins

    0 out of 5

    “Love or Lust” follows Katheryn Kellington, returning to Atlanta after a tumultuous experience with Massai Mobuku. Aged 39, she’s torn between marital ties and desire. This standalone tale explores her ventures into the taboo, impacting her family, and continues the narrative from the #1 Best Seller, “An Immoral Erotic Parable of American Eve & African Adam.”

  • An Immoral Erotic Parable of American Eve & African Adam by D.H.Chewins

    0 out of 5

    In “Adam & Eve,” Southern Belle Katheryn Kellington uncovers African history, connecting deeply with Massai Mobuku. Their passionate, raw bond outshines Fifty Shades, while Katheryn’s exploration of interracial love and history captivates. A mysterious ad adds intrigue, and her discoveries keep readers yearning for more.

  • Imperfect Love by Isabella White

    0 out of 5

    Two people begrudgingly perfect for each other, creates the ideal recipe for imperfect love.

    At 24 years old, Holly Scallanger has the perfect life. Everything a girl could want; a beautiful man, a stunning home, as well as being in the midst of preparing for the wedding of her dreams. This all vanishes the night she catches her fiancé, Brandon Morgan, in bed with her worst nightmare, Donna Sinclair, just a week before Holly is set to walk down the aisle.

    Attempting to recover from his betrayal, Holly swears off the affections of men in order to pick up the pieces of her crumbling life. Unfortunately, meeting Jake ‘Hooligan’ Peters is not part of her plan. The tall, dark-haired and handsome as hell med student, sweeps Holly away from the pain of her past and reveals to her the bright future that lies ahead. That is, until she falls pregnant just as Jake begins his internship at P&E; his family’s hospital.

    Will this love at first sight lead her to the fairytale she has always craved? Or, will she fall victim to a betrayal of the heart yet again?

  • Date and Dash by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    A humorous story about a mistake leading to love that will give you the warm fuzzies.

    Mary Ann Nielsen lives by her one-strike-and-you’re-out dating policy, but she’s always open to meeting the right guy. When she accidentally rear-ends handsome Trevor Brooks on her way to a charity auction to buy back her beloved grandmother’s long lost bracelet, she figures this unconventional meeting could at least turn into a hot date. Wrong. Trevor is annoyingly responsible and more concerned with insurance reports than responding to her flirting so he earns three strikes right off the bat.

    Flustered from the car accident and being rejected by gorgeous Trevor, Mary Ann mistakenly bids on the wrong auction item and loses out on reclaiming her grandmother’s bracelet. Instead, she wins four dates on a reality TV show with none other than stuffy Trevor Brooks. Now she’s broke and the only way to get the money to buy back her special family heirloom is to win the grand prize money from the televised couples competition by convincing the audience that she and Trevor are in love.

    While dating Trevor on the show, Mary Ann discovers the reliable analyst is fun and kind-hearted. In fact, the more she finds out about him the more she starts to fall for him. Could giving Trevor a second chance mean winning not just the TV show and her grandmother’s bracelet but the love that Mary Ann has always dreamed of?

  • The Second Chance Inn by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    An emotional homecoming that will tug at your heartstrings & inspire you to believe in happy endings.

    Wendy vowed never to return to the small coastal town where her parents abandoned her. But when she inherits the family inn at the beach, she must come home and face her past. Will handsome millionaire Max help her heal old wounds and open her heart?

    From a New York Times bestselling author, don’t miss the chance to unite with friendships that endure and a love that will last forever in THE SECOND CHANCE INN.

  • Everything Platinum by LaShelle L. Turner

    0 out of 5

    Fresh out of federal prison for serving 18 months for fraud and identity theft, 25-year-old Farrah Sparks finds herself back in Atlanta, broke and lost. Despite it all, she can’t fight her inner dream of becoming a star. Down on her luck, she enters the world of well-paid acquaintances/sugar daddies and finds a billionaire, Saleh, who will finance of dream of superstardom. Through him, she meets legendary music producer Nero Noir. Farrah finds herself falling for the two men, her lover hired to help her music career and the man who paid for it all. Things get more complicated when she finds herself spiritually drawn to a neo-soul artist name Swann, the man who connects her to the true artist she yearns to be.

    Farrah gets caught up in the glitz and glamour of fame until the dark side darkens her platinum life. She finally has what she always dreamed but will greed, lust, and murder end it all.

  • Seducing Her Fake Husband by Kimolisa Mings

    0 out of 5

    When Kristina’s fake husband asks her to do the unthinkable, what starts out as payback has turned into seduction.

  • Time Slip by Nancy Zee

    0 out of 5

    Time might not be as linear as you think.

    Dr. Ben Arnold is still grieving the death of his wife, Roxanne, when he advertises for a nanny for his four-year-old daughter.

    On Friday the 13th, Jessica James interviews for the position, but Ben won’t consider her because of his instant attraction to the young woman with a caring smile.

    Luckily, the housekeeper knows how to nudge the rude widower in the right direction. Especially when Ben’s wife’s identical twin shows up uninvited with a strange man in tow. Soon enough, Roxanne’s other two eccentric sisters also show up. They claim Roxanne isn’t dead and that they intend to bring her home.

    The idea of being abandoned by his wife, whom he believed to have died, disturbs Ben, so he invites Jessica to stay until his daughter’s aunts leave. This is Jess’ opportunity to prove to the handsome, if grumpy, widower that she’s the perfect choice to care for his daughter, no matter how much he scowls.

    Almost immediately, strange things start happening to Jess, the most disconcerting of which are the visions of a woman from a different time.

    Meanwhile, an unknown force pushes Ben and Jess into each other’s arms, even though he isn’t ready to open his heart to another woman.

    Unknown to them, Millicent has plans for Ben, and the nanny is in her way.

  • Dempsey’s Grill by Bryan Fagan

    0 out of 5

    Dempsey’s Grill is a life-affirming story of young adults struggling to find their place in the grown-up world while still following their dreams.

    Gibson thought he had it all: A beautiful girlfriend, a respectable job as a teacher, and the world’s most comfy couch – that is until he gets fired and his girlfriend kicks him out.
    Forced to move back in with his parents, he slowly begins to pick up the pieces of a life he’s realizing he never even wanted.

    Back in his hometown Gibson reconnects with his high school best friend, Dempsey and his former lover, Gail. The trio gathers their meager savings and risks it all on opening a restaurant.

    But things spiral out of control as they confront drug dealers, Dempsey’s growing attraction to Gibson’s sister, and Gail’s engagement to a long-haul trucker.

    Can the trio of never-beens put aside their past failures, face the challenges of the restaurant industry, and find a place where love, friendship, and even hope, can bloom?