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  • Unfaithful: The Leather Satchel Paranormal Romance Series, Book 2 by [email protected]

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    A Paranormal Romance Story

    Amy and Matt’s relationship was never meant to be. The

    evil forces at work are bent on eliminating love on Earth.

    Couples are being mismatched in order to create chaos.

    It is Valtina’s mission to help Amy find her soul mate and

    repair the damage that is being caused by the dark forces.

    Kyle lives in the apartment upstairs. He was meant to be

    Amy’s soulmate.

  • Secrets Revealed: Obsessed Bounty Hunter Romance Series, Book 1 by Carla Coxwell

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    A New Adult Romance Story

    Jacqui Schneider couldn’t help it. Every time the memories of her family’s brutal murder haunted her, she had to escape. The only thing that could replace her sorrow was sex…and lots of it. So Jacqui developed a pattern of self-destruction by sleeping with random men that she picked up.

    Read how Jacqui turns her life around.

  • Horny in the Storeroom: and other stories by Charlotte Roberts

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    Four erotic stories

    Lose yourself in a world of guilt, pleasure and ecstasy.

    With a unique and quirky adult twist, Charlotte Roberts intrigues and arouses with this titillating, sizzling anthology of erotic stories guaranteed to keep you up late into the night.

    1. Hostage

    An American soldier is taken prisoner in a middle eastern country. How can he persuade the woman guarding him to help him escape?

    2. Horny in the Storeroom

    Neil and Laura work together. They’re just friends. Then they get given the task of tidying up the storeroom and they’re not just friends any more.

    3. Prim and Proper

    A young woman who thinks she is a paragon of virtue accidentally stumbles into the guys’ changing rooms at the local gym.

    4. Home Stay

    Thibault goes to the UK from France to stay two weeks while studying English and has a really good time!

  • Seventeen Shades of Love by Olga Toprover

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    This book is a collection of romantic, sentimental short stories. It is a collaboration with artist Larissa Makeeva. Her fascinating art helps to color up the narrative and the characters in charming bright tones.

    The stories range many genres from comedy to drama. They are nostalgic and dreamy but by no means they are fantasy or fairy tales. These stories center around ordinary people who are swept away by love and passion. It is all truth. Adventurous and glamorous things might happen to everyone. They happen to all of us although sometimes we just don’t realize.

  • Dancer: A Billionaire Romance by Lexi Larue

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    Guilty pleasures aren’t so guilty if nobody’s watching…Alena Roberts loses her inhibitions when secretly filling in for her best friend one night as a belly dancer at an upscale Moroccan restaurant. She meets a man who charms her into bed and may have something far more sinister in store for her. When the friend she covered for her goes missing, she must choose between love and money and will end up risking her life to find her.

    Your’e not rich until you have something money can not buy…Devon Forrester is a billionaire who can have his way with any woman he wants until he meets the alluring “Nadia”. She dances her way into his heart and mind. She is a woman who will haunt him until he sees her again.

  • Valentina’s Redemption: The Leather Satchel Paranormal Romance Series, Book 1 by Darla Dunbar

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    A Paranormal Romance Story

    Valtina has a chance to redeem herself in order to move onto the Afterlife. She is called upon by Ladaya to help rid the world of evil and replace it with love.

    For her very first assignment, she needs to breathe love back into the marriage of Samantha and Joshua.

    Read the book and find out what Valtina pulls out of her leather satchel to help the couple along.

  • Seasons of Love by Annette Evans

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    Delve into this collection of six romantic short stories that are perfect for any season.

    Second Chance: After a tragic childhood, Miranda Larsen cuts herself off emotionally, but can Tom Wilson break through the wall that Miranda has built around herself?

    The Good Guy: Josie spent her childhood summers with best friends Trey Wheeler and Adam O’Brien until the death of her grandparents. When she moves back to town all grown up, who will she choose — Trey or Adam?

    The Rancher & the Lass: Holden Campbell promised Bridget Monaghan’s father that he would take care of her if anything ever happened to him. But how can a man tame a fiery Irish redhead especially in the wild west of 1885?

    The Road Home: Sara Damalio returns home after eight long years and encounters a modern day hero in Dean Merritt. But how will Sara react when she finds out who Dean really is?

    Never Too Late: Denise Emerson has spent the last twenty years married to George, but yearning for Mark Patterson. Will a chance encounter with Mark end Denise’s marriage or strengthen it?

    Love & Football: Sofia Grimaldi is still mourning her dead fiancé when she meets the handsome Erik Collins. Can a winning season carry the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory and bring Sofia and Erik together?

  • Something Slightly Sinister – Short Tales With A Twist by Rebecca Hall

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    A collection of spooky, suspense-filled and sometimes sinister short tales, all with a surprising twist. The Watcher – Alex has been watching people for a very long time now but his latest project turns out to be more complicated than he originally anticipated. The Domestic – Patrick becomes very worried when an argument with his wife goes a bit too far. The Journey – Public transport can often be uncomfortable with so many people on board but nobody thought it would end like this. All In A Dream – Anita can’t escape the nightmare that keeps on coming back to haunt her. But what is it trying to tell her? What Friends Are For – Most people will do anything for their friends but, had she known, Stacey wouldn’t have volunteered for this favour. Housemate From Hell – What starts as a frustrating evening soon takes a rather sinister turn. The Chase – Annie only wanted a trip out round the shops but this one turns out to be a little more tense than she expected. Dinner Date – Marjorie always tries to cook the best for her husband. But sometimes his requirements can cause her to go to some extraordinary lengths. The Netball Game – Three beautiful girls with less attractive personalities engage in a game that will leave them bitterly disappointed. A Walk In The Park – A simple stroll through the local park can sometimes lead you to some surprising revelations.

  • Nine Loves by Hayet Brach

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    Nine lives, nine loves, nine tales of passion and desire. Some sweet and romantic, bubbly like champagne. Some hot and juicy, directly addressing body regions south of the waistline. Meet lovers, strangers, unexpected guests and accidental roommates, and read about artful seduction, powerful attraction and opportunities just too hot to miss.

    This book contains 9 stories previously released in four separate volumes, now bundled and offered at a discount price.

  • Coffee Break by Hayet Brach

    0 out of 5

    A girl putting herself on display. An unexpected guest. A couple overwhelmed by desire. Three new tales of love and lust – enticing, enthralling, and exciting.

    Includes the stories ‘Coffee Break’, ‘The Guest’ and ‘Something In The Water’.

  • Emotional Moments (short stories about life) by Ani Alexander

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    The short story ”Stars” features in Paulo Coelho’s blog.

    ”Emotional Moments” features 23 short stories.

    Each of them represents its unique shape of emotion.

    Each of them tries to reach your soul.

    Stories reflect life in different shades of colors. All of them evoke feelings or provoke thoughts.

    Some even do both at the same time.

  • Invasion of Privacy and Other Short Stories by Jim Liston

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    Invasion of Privacy

    If you’re the person who murdered my wife and think you’ve gotten away with it, think again. I’m looking for you, and I’ll eventually find you.

    Is it wrong for me to try and find the person who ruined my life, even at the expense of stealing a few moments of someone’s privacy? If I invade a person’s privacy without them knowing it, what’s the harm? I guess it all comes down to the question of whether I’m willing to risk the consequence of going to jail if I’m caught. I am. What do I have to lose?

    The other stories included are:

    The Tourist Attraction

    I’m sick of it. Every day there’s a group of them tourists, standing by my fence watching us, pointing and whispering. I don’t know what started it, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put up with it much longer.

    A Novel Murder

    “I’m going to kill her today,” he said, “I’ve had her tied up in the basement for three days; it’s time to end it.”

    The Doctor’s Pet Fly

    A fly only lives for about a month. It seems like a waste of time to train a fly and then have it die after only a month. Maybe he’s found a way to keep them alive longer. He is a doctor, after all.

    The Show

    Rita looked around at the crowd of smiling, excited faces, concentrating on every detail to commit it to memory; she didn’t want to forget any of it. She shouldn’t have worried; she would remember this for the rest of her life.

    Carl and Tabitha

    Carl hated his boss and was determined to find a way to get even with him.

    Tag, You’re It!

    We looked across the valley at a breathtaking scene of red lakes and forests of blue and orange that were alive with activity.

    Before They Come Back

    Running his claw-like hand along my spine while making an odd whistling noise that I surmised to be their way of communicating, I began to realize they were preparing to cut me open.

    Justin’s Love

    When Justin first saw Lucille, it was love at first sight. He knew that she was perfect for him. All of his friends and co-workers were envious; she was beautiful.

    Ronnie and the Smoke Bomb.

    I didn’t tell Ronnie the police had found him sitting on the curb near the car, crying. They said he was sitting there mumbling, “It’s only a smoke bomb.”

  • Interludes, A Short Lusty Satire by Ida Tornovski

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    In Interludes, Ida Tornovski shares short satirical stories about one woman’s trysts and tribulations with love. Some of the men are losers, some are boozers. Others are lawyers and cops, with the odd prince thrown in. They all play musical chairs on the stage of Life, Lust and Love.

  • Cursed Ever After by A.C. James

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    Ruler – [Arie]

    Arie is having a bad night but what else is new? When vampires deal with demons nothing less can be expected. He heads to the Hellfire Club to report back to his sexy boss, Tessa Green, anticipating that she’ll be less than satisfied with the details of his night. Instead he finds a hot new hire waiting in her office. Alone in the office, she offers him an intriguing opportunity to improvise.

    This quick, dirty read contains profanity, voyeurism, DIY BDSM, M/F and F/F situations. Not for the faint of heart and intended for audiences over the age of 18.

    Bound – [Luna]

    Luna is always tied up in difficult situations. Obsessed with someone she can never have. From the moment Luna first met Victoria, she knew she was different—hot, dangerous, and unlike anyone she’s ever known. Luna can’t stop thinking about her. Can’t stop fantasizing about her. Can’t stop craving the one thing she knows she can never have. The one she wants—the vampire she wants abstains from blood and sex.

    To distract her from her obsession, Luna begs Tessa to find an appropriate diversion. Bound and gagged in her dungeon at the Hellfire Club (HFC), Luna gets an unexpected visit from a sibling that leaves her feeling conflicted and heartbroken. Arie steps in when Luna is vulnerable. Is there more to this hot alpha vamp than his hard-ass facade?

    This M/F erotic story contains profanity, sex, & DIY BDSM and is intended for audiences over the age of 18.

    Burned – [Victoria]

    Victoria has a sordid past and this macabre tale is woven with lies, blood, betrayal, and vengeance. In the far north of France in the 1700s she took care of a young girl and her ailing mother. She never planned on falling for Henri in the process—except she fell in love with the wrong man. She fell in love with a monster. Sometimes evil hits too close to home. And when you trust the wrong person you might just get burned.

    Chained – [Tessa]

    Tessa Green is the most famous dominatrix in Chicago and rules the notorious Hellfire Club. She also happens to be a vampire. And the senator is just another toy for her amusement. Sometimes the power and authority that comes with leadership can be a strain. He relishes her dominance, her demands, and her control. Sometimes being free happens only when chained and who better to keep his secret than Tessa.

    This M/F erotic story contains profanity & BDSM and is intended for audiences over the age of 18.

    Eternal Ever After Preface

    Eternal Ever After is the Gothic Cinderella story of 22-year-old Holly Ellis, a barista, who meets her unwilling prince charming. Arie, our prince, is an ancient vampire and Chief Justice of the Council of Sanguis. He serves the notorious Tessa Green. She’s the dominatrix queen of Chicago’s underground Hellfire Club. The unlikely pair entangle when a powerful force threatens Holly’s life and compromises exposing their world.

    “Rich and dark, a supernatural and sensual delight of erotic passion.” —Kathy Kulig, Ellora’s Cave Award Winning Author

  • The Chronicles Of An Angry Bitch – The Marriage Files by Dominique Mahon

    0 out of 5

    The Chronicles of An Angry Bitch- The Marriage Files is a series of three short fictitious tales from the encounters of the wives. These stories do not depict real-life events and all the characters are fictitious. These stories contain adult language and themes!

    Can’t say you haven’t been warned!