• Built to Sin by Natalie Haigh

    0 out of 5

    When Olivia attended her parent’s anniversary party she had no idea how much her life would change.

    After an unexpected meeting with a gorgeous, yet dangerous stranger, her usually quiet, dull life is flipped upside down as she suddenly finds herself pulled into a world she never thought possible.

    It’s a race against time to save herself and those she loves.

    The question is, will she be strong enough for the fight ahead?

    And can an ordinary girl handle the extraordinary life she has now become a part of, or will it spell the end for her?

  • STOIC by Eliyang

    0 out of 5

    Stoic Dokken, his name reflects his character. Impossible to read, always serious, always silent, difficult to reason with, tough like a boulder. The man is built like a beast, towering over the crowd like a true Norse God. His deep blue eyes piercing right through people’s souls. Stoic is the man that grown men fear, the object of every women’s desire, and the bastard my parents want me to marry.

    What should I do when I only have one month and two options? Escape from the clutches of the devil himself and lose my family, or live the rest of my life on all fours, breeding for a gigantic misogynistic asshole, and make my father proud?

    Time is running out and the words we don’t say out loud empower our mutually destructive silence.

    This book is intended for mature, adult audiences only and it’s not for the faint of heart. This book is strictly intended for those 18 years or older

  • Devil’s Temptation by Trish Heinrich

    0 out of 5

    I’m just a human, standing in front of the devil…
    …trying not to succumb to my darkest desires.

    The truth is, all a girl really needs is chocolate and a lifetime supply of AA batteries.

    Well, that and revenge on the ex that destroyed my career as an investigative journalist.

    Which is why the devilishly handsome dark angel that saved my life is nothing more than a means to an end. Getting close to him will resurrect my career.

    But when he looks at me like I’m his greatest desire, I can’t resist the temptation of knowing what forbidden fruit like him would taste like.

    After all, I’ve learned my lesson. This time it’s just pleasure, no attachment.

    Because men like him were made to break hearts, and mine can’t afford anymore cracks.

    Warning: This book has a wounded bad boy billionaire, a feisty heroine, steamy public displays of affection and a HOT HEA. If that’s your romance poison, then you may have to stay up all night to finish Devil’s Temptation. (This is a full-length novel with a dual first person POV and a guaranteed HEA. Recommended for mature audiences.)

  • Werewolf Breeding Academy: Steamy dark fated mates erotic romance short story by Beatrix Arden

    0 out of 5

    Newly turned Riley thought she could get her wolf under control by enrolling in a school for werewolves. Unfortunately it’s nothing more than a set up to encourage young werewolves to breed with each other.

    With nowhere to go, Riley has no choice but to stay, but can she avoid the attention of Elijah, a haughty pureblood werewolf.

    Riley wants nothing to do with his arrogant attitude, but her inner wolf inexplicably craves him.

    Can she get out in one piece? Or will she succumb to her animal needs?

    Paranormal fated mates romance short story for adults 18+. Contains plenty of hot adult scenes.

    Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

  • Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilic

    0 out of 5

    Slaves to Desire is a collection of short stories, the genre is technically romance/erotica since there is some sex going on, but I wouldn’t narrow it to that and I wouldn’t even call it erotica. If you are thinking 50 Shades and similar books, this is something completely different. I would say the sex in my stories is only an instrument to make serious issues more approachable. That is why Anna Karenina muses about the meaning of life only when she finds herself in hell; Hamlet and Ophelia escape Shakespeare’s scroll to find out is free will an illusion; Rasputin is very disappointed during one of his wild orgies; Baudelaire’s muse, Jeanne Duval, let’s us know how a kept woman feels; Van Gogh is torn between the desire for freedom and sadness due to loneliness; Dostoevsky and Polina Suslova show how a relationship between two headstrong partners looks like; George Sand reveals the problems a woman encounters when the love of her life is ill… Some stories are pretty explicit since their characters demanded that style. The most explicit one, about Rasputin, is actually about our modern fast society without romantic challenges, which leads to boredom and perversion. The others are poetic. And I tried to portray the background of all historical figures as accurately as possible.

  • The Confidence Man: A Broken Hearts of Bridgeport Novel by Alice T Boone

    0 out of 5

    I thought we agreed to be strangers. I broke you as much as I broke myself, but maybe I was never meant to stay away. I owe him money now, Lynn, and you’re the only one who I can trust— the only one I ever trusted.
    I would have killed for you the moment I met you; I would have died for you when learned of the angel beneath it all. I need your help more than ever, but all I can see is red.
    You broke us.
    I’ll do what I have to, do the thing I’m good at. I’ll run one last con, steal a fortune from a mob boss, win you back. Then, I’ll do what I’m best at: I’ll remind you why you left me in the first place.

    The Confidence Man is a stand-alone romance novel in the Broken Hearts of Bridgeport series. Happily ever afters, no cheating, and plenty of brooding bad boys guaranteed. If you love fierce female leads, second-chance romances, and a splash of suspense, this is the book for you!

  • Daisy Chains by Samantha Evergreen

    0 out of 5

    After a wild night of partying on the last day of spring break, three seventeen-year-old friends Rose, Lily, and Violet wake up to find their best friend Daisy Young is missing and in the small town of Watkinsville, Georgia in 1975 that’s not normal.

    As the days go by, everyone starts to wonder how the girl who spent her days with her head in the clouds and had no enemies could go missing. Rumors start that she ran away; that’s until Rose, Lily, and Violet find bones in a riverbank.

    Watkinsville descends into madness as Chief Thompson and the newly instated 21-year-old Officer Mark Hollow look into what had happened that night. But only more questions arise as men from around town start to confess for no reason, all with the same story. So Rose, Lily, and Violet and Officer Hollow take it upon themselves to find the killer.

    But little do they know they’re running against the clock and things may not be quite what they seem.

  • Draoithe: The Ruiri Complete by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Griz was drugged and kidnapped, but the dream walker reached into the dream for help. His life mate, Melody, heard him, flew to him, and took his awareness away. She found a way to rescue him, but he was changed. Griz regains himself. A reckoning against the perpetrators had to happen. When the prophecy they lived by seemed likely to finally come true, Ash led the dragons to Draoithe. But when he found the maned wolf that had been turned without consent, he knew he would stop at nothing to save Raven. Raven thought the sexy dragon man was crazy. Can an offer she can not refuse and a chance to keep the dragon all to herself finally convince her to stay? A wildly dangerous and brazen romance balances a sensual, passionate, and charming affair. (Sex while flying isn’t bad either!)

  • Draoithe: A Pack Forms by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    When Luke meets Eli he just knows she is the one that was meant for him. Eli likes Luke, but her past makes it hard for her to trust him. When a series of events leads Luke to try to link with her, both their secrets have to be revealed. He is a direwolf shifter, and she is a tiger.
    In order for them to have a real relationship, something has to be done about her ex, but Luke likes the man. His inner direwolf wants a pack beta, but when a lowlife thief comes around looking for information about Luke being a shifter, it’s Eli and Javier who pay the price. Can he save his mate and her ex who has become his friend? If he can, how can he fight back against those who would hurt the ones he loves? It’s time to build a pack! A brazen tiger and a lonely direwolf get involved in an explicit love affair!

  • Draoithe: Dragons Come by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Ryker had gotten involved in something he had no business being in and knew it. His former military commander just might have the help he needed, but he never made it to Luke’s house.
    Lily was a fierce black panther who was kidnapped and forced into a nightmare experimental drug slave system. She escaped but ran into Ryker hurt and fearful. She mauled him.
    Could Ryker survive? Luke hunted the poor panther and offered her sanctuary, but when she saw Ryker again she claimed him for herself. Ryker had to save Lily from fading, but raising the Ri ruirech had called dragons. Life got complicated.
    A taboo magic and an attraction too hypnotic to avoid. The allure is forbidden, but Ryker uses it anyway.