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  • Snow by Erzabet Bishop

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    Fairytales can bite…
    To look to the future, sometimes you have to unearth the secrets of the past.
    Snow longs to find a true love of her own, but when her father returns from war with a new bride, her carefully planned out life slips through her fingers. Her new stepmother, the Queen, harbors a dangerous secret. One malicious kiss sends Snow tumbling into a sinister landscape of dark desires and a new manifestation that can save her or destroy everything she’s ever held dear.

    Darkness can hide the most sultry of nights.
    Gideon and his men guard the king, but even they can’t protect him from his murderous new bride. When the castle falls prey to the Queen’s ire, they find themselves under the spell of the moon. Can they harness their new reality to protect the newest target of the Queen’s wrath, or will they once again be victims of her unholy power play?

  • Shadow King by Lynn Landes

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    Sequel to Fae Queen (Novella)

    Fierce, Immortal, Lethal. He is the Shadow King…

    A sinister darkness is seeping in from all corners of the Earth. Gifted with phenomenal powers by the Fae Queen, Reese leaves the realm of the Fae as the first Shadow King. His orders, to protect humanity from this new threat.

    Myth. Legend. Queen…

    Ariana is of royal lineage. She sacrificed everything in order to protect her people, but who would protect her? Wounded and weak she hides in the shadows, evading the demons who once called themselves, Fae. The poison is spreading and she is on the run, sick and lost in the obscurity of the night. Her only hope is to fade before they catch her and use her blood to enter the Vale.

    But fate has other plans…

    The Shadow King has caught her scent! Will he get to Ariana in time? Can he stop the Dark Fae from igniting a war? Will this Fae- tale have a happy ending?