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  • Bearly Smitten by Misha Carver

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    Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t? Jed, my boss, is hot. I mean, smoking hot. But it gets worse. He’s also a womanizing jerk and a bit of a tyrant. He’d devour me if I let him. I know I should turn around and walk away, but I can’t. The heart wants what the heart wants, and it will do or endure anything to get it.


    There are rules in business. Never hire a beautiful woman and never fall in love with her. Rule number one comes back to bite me in the ass every single time. You’d think a grizzly shifter of my stature could find a suitable mate without picking off his employees one by one.

    Will Carrie meet Jed’s expectations to fill the role of a lifetime or will he have to pass on one of his engagements? Fur flies, stocks rise, and passion ignites in this paranormal shapeshifter romance.

  • Final Eclipse by McKayla Jo Schutt

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    The final book of the Legend Series is here!

    Falling in love with a werewolf is breaking the rules of Samara’s job but she can’t stop fate when she imprints with Devin. Samara has been raised to do one thing, find werewolves for the Devil Hunters. She carries gigantic secrets everywhere she goes and now they are about to explode in her face. His green eyes call to her along with the rest of his gorgeous body. Lying to her parents makes it all more problematic as she’s stuck between two worlds about to battle for their lives.

    Devin wants his luck to change and imprinting would bring him the missing piece in his life. Yet finding his mate hasn’t been easy since he has both a wolf and witch side. Meeting Samara is meant to be a good thing, a change out of his rut but she’s holding back secrets. As her mysteries come out, he’s faced with a choice. Run away with her and leave his family, pack, and coven. Or convince everyone he loves Samara isn’t their enemy.

    The planetary alignment is on the verge of a magical edge heightening witch powers to new levels and the wolves are on edge. With the human and magical side fighting to keep Devin and Samara apart, there is more at stake than just a newly mated couple.

  • Letorian Descendants- Casey Blane Series (Book 1) by Jodi Ann Fahey

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    Forced into an action-packed world of vampires, werewolves, and all things mystical, Casey Blane must quickly learn of the great power she possesses as she unlocks the mysteries of her nearly four-hundred-year-old royal family’s past to save herself and her coven as the next Letorian Descendant.

    Casey Blane Series:
    Over four hundred years ago, King Davalian, The Letorian King, protected the covens from the Pandions and townspeople during the medieval times of the black plague and the witch hunts. Two very gifted sorcerers were part of his army and fought alongside him. One was a woman named Lily who not only helped him to victory but won his heart. Lily was not at all interested in King Davalian. Her love was Connell, the other gifted sorcerer.

    During King Davalian’s reign, Lily discovered the secret to eternal life through a series of talismans, a reborn vampire, which she tried on herself. Connell was to be next, and they were to live out their lives, each generation, with each other. Except, that night, things went horribly wrong and even though both had been blessed with eternal life their bond was never completed. Instead, in a jealous rage, King Davalian cursed Connell and forced him to an entity of being controlled by the moon and to never forget.

    Connell was forced into a wolf, and after King Davalian’s death, Lily became their queen. That was when a devastating prophecy of her great-granddaughter was told. Her great-granddaughter would be slaughtered by the King to the Pandions, the talismans were to be found, and it would be the demise of the Letorian Coven. The Pandions were destined to be the new ruling coven and destroy everything on its way to get there.

    The series begins with Lily’s great-granddaughter, Casey Blane, who has been kept hidden her entire young human life for them to try to change the prophecy until one day when she’s discovered by the Pandions. What happens next will change her life forever.

  • Forbidden Fantaseis by Sai Marie Johnson

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    Araceli Nativa – sheltered and yet looking to expand beyond her small town Alabama raising, Araceli’s attending
    Vanderbilt University in Nashville but so far she hasn’t broadened her horizons in the least. A pretty and successful student, Araceli spends all her days studying, attending class and living a fairly boring existence. That is until her dorm mate peer pressures her to attend the biggest frat and Halloween party on campus and when Araceli finally breaks out of her closed up shell, the consequences might just be devastating.

    Abel Slaine – For centuries he has scoured the earth searching for her, the demonic queen who stole his beloved before they ever had the chance to thrive. She and all of her dark daughters have been his target for millennia and now there is a new one who will find her death at the end of his hands one way or another but putting plan to action may prove more difficult than Abel has bargained for when his prey becomes more than a deathly pursuit.

  • Guardian Cougar (Finding Fatherhood Book 2) by Kit Fawkes

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    In the Finding Fatherhood series, these shifters become daddies in unconventional ways.

  • Fated for the Lion by Lyra Valentine

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    Newly fired, Lena Jeffries ducks into the lobby of a nearby development firm to avoid a brewing thunderstorm. Worried about her next paycheck, the last person she expects to see is Ethan Sanford. Grown up and successful, he filled out his suit to perfection. What happened to the skinny and aloof Ethan from high school?

    When Ethan Sanford catches a whiff of the curvaceous Lena, he stops in his tracks. Forbidden from touching her all those years ago, he and his big bad lion aren’t going to let her escape again. Unable to deny the burning attraction any longer, he invites her upstairs with more than a drink on his mind. Overcome by his desire and with a flash of canines, Ethan takes Lena as his mate.

    Lena never thought she’d be the type of woman to sleep with her soon to be boss, and makes a quick exit in the morning. Pining over Ethan, she heads to a diner with her best friend to talk it over. Soon, her sudden cravings for meat puts her friend in the war path of a first time she-cat shift.

    Ethan is not happy to find his mate missing when he wakes. Will Ethan manage to find and calm the new lioness before she puts the entire city on the menu?

  • Bucking Bearback by Becca Fanning

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    Sun Valley is being threatened by an evil werewolf corporation that has its eye set on destroying the place. Jeanie Buchanan is a pawn in this game of greed and revenge. Sent to Sun Valley to do a survey of the land, she is ill prepared for what she finds there.

    Mixing personal and business has never been Jeanie’s style but when Ryan Hunt comes to her aid, she can hardly believe her luck. In him she finds not only a hunk but a kindred spirit. Things heat up as the evil master minds of the plot to destroy Ryan’s home come to Sun Valley to seal the deal.

    But will Ryan and Jeanie be able to stop the council from selling the land to Petersen-Snow? Will they have to lose their friend to Petersen’s mad desire for revenge? When it all comes down to a duel, Jeanie has to face the possibility that she will lose the love of her life.

  • John by Becca Fanning

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    Meg Baker wanted for nothing growing up. The best schools: she attended them. The best instructors: she learned from them. The best talents as a violinist: she was born with them. A pampered life of chauffeurs and private jets. So why was she now on the run, trying to hide herself in the one place she knew her father would never look for her?

    John might have the last name of Saint, but his family swears he made a deal with the Devil. Not one person from Ozarks to the Appalachias could strum a mandolin like him. And while he loved the harmonies he helped his family achieve on stage, he always felt something was missing inside. Until that night she came into The Fiddler’s Cave, and for the first time in his life he thought there might be someone who felt like he did.

  • Spurred Bearback by Becca Fanning

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    Sun Valley is in jeopardy. An age old debt has come due and the residents are in danger of losing their home. This weighs heavily on Valerie Rousseau’s mind. She was sent to Sun Valley by a company, interested in buying up the land.

    At first it’s just another job, just another corner of the land that this machine she represents wants to eat up. But then she meets the people and falls in love with a Bear Shifter named Kyle. This changes everything for her. Now she has to work to keep her job, save Sun Valley and try to win the heart of the man she’s seriously falling for. But time is running out and there are no easy fixes as darker secrets come to light.

    Will Valerie and Kyle find a way to save the beauty that is Sun Valley before time runs out?

  • Desert Hunt by Anna Lowe

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    Rae has a secret — one she can’t allow any wolf pack to discover. But with an old enemy hot on her heels, she has no option but to trust Zack, the man from the wrong side of the tracks. Taking off on the back of Zack’s Harley seems like good idea at first, but when she lowers her defenses for the captivating coyote shifter, she might just be risking it all.

    The new she-wolf in town may be strictly off-limits, but Zack just can’t keep away. When the thrill of the chase gets his blood pumping in more ways than one, he’s ready to overstep every boundary and break every rule. Destiny says she’s his—but the pack’s ruling alpha says she belongs to another.

    There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.

  • Noble Wolf (A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) by Amelia Jade

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    Wolf shifter Bryce Holland has been under pressure his entire life. Heir to one of the ‘blueblood’ shifter families, his parents have been after him for some time to settle down and continue the lineage. The glamor, spotlight and fame, such as it is in the shfiter world, don’t matter at all to him. Bryce wants love. For that, he needs a mate, not a political arrangement.

    Natasha Ellis is new to town, having been recruited from her previous job. The newly minted general manager of The Silver Bullet, a new restaurant on the east end of Moonlight Canyon, she quickly comes to realize that there is something going on behind the scenes. Something that nobody will reveal to her, not even the ultra-hot Bryce, whom she can’t seem to get off her mind.

    One thing she is confident about, is that there is something going on between her and Bryce. The only problem is that he works for her. The last thing she wants is to put her brand new job in jeopardy. But sometimes love works in mysterious ways, and the harder she fights, the stronger her feelings become.

    But what Natasha doesn’t know, is that change is coming to Moonlight Canyon, and no matter how hard she resists, it’s going to take her with it. The only question is, will her and Bryce emerge from it unscathed?

    This is a STANDALONE story with a Happy Ending, no cliffhanger.

  • Shifter Seasons: 10 Paranormal Shifter Romances by Tina Talon

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    Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we’ve got a shifter for them all! 99cents for a limited time!!

    Dive into 10 spicy paranormal romances for a sweet price. There are three M/M selections in this mix and seven M/F selections. There is something for everyone!!

    Bad Boy Wolf by Tina Talon

    Bear Back Mountain by Artemis Wolffe (M/M)

    Bearly Able by Terra Wolf and Tina Talon

    Heart Laid Bear by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven

    Howl for Me by Artemis Wolffe (M/M)

    Snow Leopard Bound by Artemis Wolffe (M/M)

    Little Red Riding Wolf by Wednesday Raven

    Rodeo Wolf by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven

    Secrets of the Snow Leopard by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven

    Shifter Undercover by Wednesday Raven

  • Bearing His Burden (A BBW Billionaire Shifter Romance) by Jenna Wilde

    0 out of 5

    For bear shifter billionaire, Sebastian Lindthorpe, life couldn’t be more perfect. With a beautiful home, more money than he can spend and a stunning wife who he adores more than anything else in the world, he’s lulled into a false sense of security until a pack of wolves hell bent on revenge turn up at his mansion throwing the tranquil life he worked so hard to build into jeopardy.

    When curvy beauty Kim married her perfect man after a whirlwind romance she had no idea about the secret he harboured or who he really was but a shock attack sends them both on the run and threatens to unveil everything she thought she knew about the man who has her heart.

    He’s determined to protect her, but afraid of the beast he might unleash and she’s promised to love him unconditionally, but will his hidden secrets be more than she can bear.

    Was previously released as A Burden To Bear

  • A Time To Bear: A Time Travel Shifter Romance by Tina Talon

    0 out of 5

    Is it possible to have a better future in the past?

    Time hasn’t healed Gregg’s wounds. When given the opportunity, the widower jumps at a chance to travel back in time to find his soul mate. He better hurry, though. He’s only got seven days.

    Finding his soul mate is the easy part…Keeping her alive in London during the murder spree of Jack the Ripper is much more challenging.

    Lilith is shocked by the strange man that walked into her life. The hunky bear shifter knows her in ways she can’t begin to explain, as if they had met in a past life. If Lilith is to find out the truth, she must help Gregg fit in, in a world that is both old and yet filled with familiarity.

    Will he learn how to manage life in Victorian London well enough to protect his soul mate with only his wits and his ability to shift into a bear to protect them both?

    The clock is ticking mercilessly onward…

    Will Gregg and his soul mate have another chance at their happily ever after, or is time not on their side?

  • Stranded With The Bear – Part One: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance (Scotland Shifter Series Book 1) by Jenna Wilde

    0 out of 5

    Not even the snow can cover some secrets…

    In snow-covered Scotland, American Ana Clarkson’s car loses control and crashes. The only place for miles is the large and lonely Claddenthorpe Manor with its mysterious owner and his forbidden room. He’s everything she imagined a strong, Scotsman to be and being stranded in the middle of a storm with a handsome stranger can’t really be that bad… can it?

    Wealthy Eric Macleod lives hidden away in the Scottish Hills with a secret, one that all the men in his family have kept for generations before him and he’s also prepared to take it to the grave until a beautiful woman stumbles into his Manor during a snow storm and he realizes that she’s the one person who could change everything for him, only, he can’t force her to stay, especially when she doesn’t know the real reason she can’t leave her room at night…

    With only the snow keeping them together, will he be able to keep his inner animal a secret or will the early morning knock at the door unravel everything she thought she knew about her mysterious Scottish lover?