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  • A Wolf in Waiting: A Time Travel Shifter Romance by Tina Talon

    0 out of 5

    His soulmate won’t be born until he’s been dead for decades.

    Life is good for Dalton Canis. He’s a professional athlete with money, fame, and the lifestyle that everyone dreams of. He even has a secret he can’t tell anyone, the best thing of all. He’s a werewolf. He’s got it all except for a woman to complete him.

    Does he have the courage to give it all up?

    The crazy witch has a way to send him to find his soulmate in the future. He’ll be a nobody with no money and no fame. But he’ll still be a shifter which is all he thinks he’ll need.

    The hunt begins.

    While searching for his soulmate, he learns that he is not the only one hunting. Humans in the future do not like shifters. He’ll need to survive the hunter, learn to live without his money, and, most importantly, overcome his soulmate’s own past.

  • The Cowbear’s Christmas Shotgun Wedding: Christmas Paranomal Romance (Curvy Bear Ranch Book 3) by Liv Brywood

    0 out of 5

    For years, Kate Wrangler refused to return to her family’s ranch in the small town of West Yellowstone. But after receiving a call that her good-for-nothing father finally dropped dead, she’s obligated to sell the decrepit property. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Logan Grant, the sexy heart-breaker who ruined her life, is hanging around the barn when she arrives. She’s only planning on staying long enough to sell the ranch. He can try all he wants, but Kate’s never going to fall for his heated glances and sultry kisses.

    Cowboy bear shifter Logan Grant takes one look at Kate’s curvy figure and makes it his mission to help her repair the ranch—and the bond between them. She still hates him, but that’s not going to stop him from claiming her as his mate. When he finds out she hasn’t shifted in over a decade, his bear decides to show her what it means to be feral. He only has one week to steal her heart, but with the magic of Christmas on his side, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to claim his fated mate.

    This is the third book in the paranormal bear romance series – Curvy Bear Ranch. This is a stand-alone book with NO CLIFFHANGERS. Love scenes are fully realized and at times include explicit language. Intended for readers 18+.

  • My Bear Marine: A Paranormal Shifter Romance by Jenna Wilde

    0 out of 5

    He’s the USA’s hybrid weapon and all he knows is war and fighting, but can an unappreciated beauty in a small town really teach him how to love?

    Alexander256 is a ‘Mal, the common name given to humans bred specifically with bears for the controversial ‘Artificial Government Military Program’. They’re made to fight alongside their full-blooded counterparts, but for Christmas he and his fellow bear Marines have been posted to the snowy town of Wild Creek to await further instructions. Their objective was always to stay low and keep their heads down, but Alexander hadn’t planned on saving red-haired beauty Rebecca and he certainly hadn’t anticipated the deep, uncontrollable feelings he’d develop for her or the tragic consequences that would follow putting the lives of both her and his squad in jeopardy.

    Rebecca knows that the unexpected arrival of AGMs in her small town can only mean one thing, trouble. Trapped in a relationship with a man who she despises, she finds herself pushed closer to the stranded Marines and into Alexander’s arms, but her forbidden romance spirals out of control when it triggers a dangerous series of events that results in their lives becoming entwined forever.

    Inspired by the timeless classic Westside Story, can Love survive through adversity?

    My Bear Marine is a 32,000 word standalone paranormal romance with no cliff-hanger.

    ***Bonus Terra Wolf’s ‘I’ll Be Bear for You’ at the end of this book.***

  • Bearly Able by Tina Talon

    0 out of 5

    Grayson Able is having a hard time separating civilian life from his post-war flashbacks. Part of a secret government shifter division designed to kill and destroy, Grayson is just trying to survive.

    Hailey Farmer is the psychiatrist assigned to Grayson’s case. Trained to keep her emotions out of her job, she can’t help but fall for the broken and damaged soul she sees in her sessions.

    Can the two of them work through the horrors of war and it’s psychological aftermath to find a tender love waiting to be shared?

  • Return of the Grrr (10 Book Paranormal Shifter Romance Boxed Set) by Alannah Blacke

    0 out of 5

    Bear Shifters? Check

    Wolves? Check

    Lions? Check

    Leopards? Check

    This boxed set has ten sizzling, steamy and scorching hot tales of all your favorite shifters, just in time for the holidays! This complete collection, available for just $0.99 and for a limited time only, is the perfect stocking stuffer, guaranteed to keep you warm even on the chilliest of nights! Get yours before it’s too late!

    Contained within:


    Alpha Black

    Bear In Mind

    Mine to Bear

    Bear Down

    Look Before You Leopard

    Better Late Than Leopard

    A Leopard is Forever

    Keep It In The Den

    In Step with the Pack

  • Bad Boy Wolf: A Bad Boy Shifter Sexy Romance by Tina Talon

    0 out of 5

    Joshua is a love ’em and leave ’em type of fellow. That is until he bumps into Meagan and everything changes.

    Meagan isn’t used to shifter men and their lustful appetites and stormy tempers, but falls for Joshua anyhow.

    Can the two of them make a go of it, despite everything that could keep them apart?

  • Bearly Wed: A BBW Paranormal WereBear Standalone Romance Novella (Shifter’s Choice: Bride Book 1) by Tiffany Wilde

    0 out of 5

    Sometimes, love shows up when you least expect it.

    With a little help from her friends …

    Amber Daniels has just called off her third engagement. It’s not that she’s afraid of commitment; her best friends are both married, and Amber’s been desperately searching for her own Mr. Right.

    But the guys keep turning out to be Mr. Wrong instead. So Kara and Tammy make her promise she won’t get engaged again unless she’s ready to go through with it.

    And then–in the fine tradition of best friends–they set her up.

    And a little help from the Internet …

    Bear shifter Cliff Hanson knows it’s time to settle down with his mate. He’s more than ready–he’s even fixed up a house for his future bride. Now he just has to find her.

    Fortunately for him, there’s Shifter’s Choice–an agency that lets him search an online registry of shifter-friendly women. When he sees Amber and her luscious curves, he and his bear know she’s the one. What they don’t know is that her friends are making the arrangements.

    They still might need a little help from fate …

    After a week full of awful news, Amber’s planning a pity party for one. She’s completely unprepared for the big, burly stranger who shows up at her door, looking sexier than any man has a right to.

    He’s oh so tempting … but his timing couldn’t be worse. Will Amber send her HEA away, or can Cliff persuade his unsuspecting mate to give him a chance?

  • Leaping Through Time: A Time Travel Shifter Romance by Tina Talon

    0 out of 5

    William has the money to find his mate, but does he have the time…

    The crazy, old witch says she can send the wealthy, leopard shifter back in time to meet his mate, for a hefty fee. He’ll have one week to find her or lose her forever. In a foreign land and a foreign place where his money is useless, he’ll need his own wits and animal instincts to find the woman of his dreams.

    Constance is a woman in a man’s world…

    She makes armor for the gladiators in a world where the men are men and the women are their objects. Constance has long since given up on love when just getting through a grueling day is challenging enough. When the gorgeous, but wild eyed and crazy, fool in the silly clothes tells her stories of whisking her away to a future of leisure and money, all in exchange for one night of mating, she can’t help but want him to not be lying.

    Another suitor pursues William and isn’t willing to share…

    The beautiful and wealthy Fiona tries to distract William off the trail of his fated mate with her womanly ways and won’t take no for an answer. When William is forced to unleash his leopard to try survive, Constance realizes that she’s unknowingly craved a man like him all along.

    Will the two of them have enough to survive the past, escape to William’s present, and show Constance a future she never thought possible?

    **This is a standalone novella set around the Soul Mate Bureau and features five men searching for their forever loves**

  • Junkyard Bear (A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Bluff Bears Book 4) by Amelia Jade

    0 out of 5

    Bear-shifter Andy Hawes is great at fixing anything with an engine. As the resident mechanic in Bear Bluffs, he runs a tidy business that he takes pride in. The one thing he can’t seem to fix, however, is his love life. After being burned in his past by supposed ‘loved ones’, Andy is convinced he was meant to be alone. That is, until a battered old truck pulls up in front of his shop…

    Robyn Mills has fallen a long, long way. Once considered one of the best demolition derby drivers in the country, she now competes for scraps with a travelling fair. Her drive and her focus, once the things that propelled her to the top, are now working against her as they distract her from what really matters.

    After so long out of the dating game, neither are sure how to proceed amidst the rising tension between them. Can Andy learn how to open his life up to another, before someone else swoops in to steal away his mate? Will Robyn be able to see the bigger picture in time, and concentrate on the man who wants to spend his life by her side?

    After all, the fair is only in town for a few days…

    This is a STANDALONE novella with NO CLIFFHANGER and a Happy Ending.

  • Rogue Bear (A Paranormal BBW Shape Shifter Romance) (Bluff Bears Book 1) by Amelia Jade

    0 out of 5

    Calan Winters wants a woman. A mate.

    He’s tired of skinny, platinum blonde girls with fake tits. He’s looking for someone with shape, who is all curves and all woman. He intends to make her all his.

    In search of his mate, he’s returning to to Bear Bluffs after being gone for fifteen years. He’s back to reclaim his old family land, find his mate, and to settle down and have some cubs with her. He swears up and down his wandering, rogue-like past is behind him. But can he convince himself that it’s the truth?

    Harley Hammond is new to town. She fled an untenable situation several years earlier, coming to find the only family she has left; her dad. She’s just started to feel comfortable in town, when in walks a mysterious bear shifter, who has an instantaneous effect upon her. In fear of betrayal and more pain than her still-broken heart can handle, Harley does her best to keep him at a distance.

    As it turns out though, Calan may be the only one who can save her from trouble of her own making. Will his efforts be enough to convince her that he’s for real?

    This is a 25,000 word STANDALONE novella with NO CLIFFHANGER.

    Note: This book was edited and re-formatted Nov/15, but the story has not changed.

  • Saved by the Bear: BBW Paranormal WereBear Shifter Standalone Romance (Pine Ridge Shifters Book 3) by Tiffany Wilde

    0 out of 5

    She was everything he wanted … if he could keep her.

    A damaged woman …

    Brin Moretti has been scarred, body and soul, by her grifter of a father. Her art supports the family, but she’s kept a virtual prisoner. Love, respect, trust … those things are alien to her. But her will to survive and escape the hell created for her is undaunted.

    A hungry man …

    Grizzly shifter Chuck Kirkland has the life he wants. He enjoys the solitude of working as a craftsman, then retreating to the isolated cave he’s transformed into a luxury home. Only one thing is missing: his mate. Both man and bear feel the urgent need to find her, and soon.

    A race against time …

    When Brin seizes a chance to get away, fate brings her to the Pine Ridge bear shifters. In Chuck’s arms, she can finally begin to heal … but her father won’t let her go so easily. Can the bear shifter keep his mate safe, or will she be lost to him forever?

    Saved by the Bear is the third standalone novel in the Pine Ridge Shifters series. It contains dark and gritty moments that may be disturbing to some readers, as well as steamy hot scenes and adult language.

    For a limited time, the first novel in the series: Flight of the Eagle, is included as a bonus. Buy this book, get another free!

  • Rebel Wolf (A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (The Wolf Wanderers Book 3) by Terra Wolf

    0 out of 5

    Ethan Clearwater has trouble following rules. Born a leader, he prefers to do things his way.

    When a rival claims the woman he knows to be his mate, Ethan must make some hard decisions. Especially when his Alpha, trying to avoid trouble, forbids him from seeing the the woman.

    Joanna Pitton finally has things on track, having secured a job she both enjoys and excels at. But when a charming stranger walks into her life and awakens long forgotten desires, everything changes.

    When tensions between packs boil over into outright conflict, Ethan needs the others by his side. Can he rein in his rebellious ways, or will his inability to change doom the lovers? And forgotten among it all, is the secret of his true nature…

    This is a 37,000 word STANDALONE with NO Cliffhanger

  • Cinder Wolf (A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (The Wolf Wanderers Book 1) by Amelia Jade

    0 out of 5

    Jake Jeffries is a wolf shifter in search of the other half of his soul. Literally. He’s travelling the country with his pack of friends in search of the one to call his, as part of a rite of passage.

    He is also quite possibly the single most charming, intelligent and gorgeous person to ever walk into Harper’s life recently. Which is exactly what she needs, because the day leading up to meeting him was one she would rather forget. Broken mirrors and crumpled fenders were the start, but her luck managed to cap it all off with a declined mortgage.

    Of course, that all happened before the campground she owned burnt to the ground. Five years of her life, down the drain because some idiot forgot to pour water on a campfire. When she flees her burning dreams, desperate for a drink to numb the pain, she runs right into Jake.

    Things couldn’t possibly be this easy for him, could they? Did his mate really just walk in, throwing open the door to the bar, and his heart?

    But despite their bond, Jake hasn’t told Harper everything, and when she finds out, it could burn everything he’s worked to build between them.

    This is a 25,000 word STANDALONE Romance Novella. It has NO CLIFFHANGER.

  • Something Shifter this Way Comes (9 Book Paranormal M/M Shifter Romance) by Artemis Wolffe

    0 out of 5

    These 9 sexy stories are the perfect choice for those who love M/M shifter paranormal romances. Slip inside these pages for some of best stories from the top authors of male on male love.

    This bundle includes:

    Bear Back Mountain by Artemis Wolffe

    End of Shift by Z. P. Jenkins

    Choosing the Omega by Angel Knots

    Ferocious by M.H. Silver

    Snow Leopard Bound by Wednesday Raven

    BorderLine by Pop Cherry

    Striped and Bear by Mercy May

    The Alpha Bear’s Heart by Bellamy Warren

    Omega’s Aria by Lana Summer

  • His To Bear: Bear Wardens (Paranormal Shifter Mystery Romance) by Scarlett Grove

    0 out of 5

    A grieving grizzly …

    Bear shifter Brody Oberon is stunned to find his best friend near death, the victim of foul play. Filled with rage, the last thing Brody expects is to meet his fated mate at the hospital. The curvy doctor is everything he’s ever wanted … at the worst possible time.

    A wounded surgeon …

    Millie Tanner’s stellar medical career was ruined by a vengeful administrator. Now, starting over in the backwoods of Montana, she’s completely unprepared for the depth of her attraction to Brody. The mysterious, sexy game warden is dangerously intriguing–and sets her senses alight with a single touch.

    The heat is on …

    Caught up together in a murder investigation, Brody and Millie must balance their professional duties with a desire that threatens to run wild. With Brody’s bear roaring that the sweet, sassy surgeon is theirs to claim, can he woo his mate while finding justice for his friend? And can Millie accept the realities of belonging to a bear shifter?

    His to Bear is a 20,000-word novella with lots of steam, no cliffhangers, and a HEA. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature themes and explicit content.

  • Possession: Dawnclaw Alphas #4 (A Bad Boy Paranormal Menage Romance) by Athena Wright

    0 out of 5

    All my life I’ve heard shifters are savage. Primal. They’re ruled by their instincts and take what they want.

    Logan is no different.

    He says I belong to him. He says he’ll have me whether I want it or not.

    There’s only one problem.

    I’ve just been mated to Logan’s twin brother. And he’s not giving me up without a fight.

    Possession is the 4th book in the Dawnclaw Alphas Paranormal Romance Series, featuring Alpha Males, Bad Boys, Werebears, and lots of explicit menage romance. Some books may end in cliffhangers.