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  • Watcher by Lydia Fyre

    0 out of 5

    When eighteen-year-old Lila ages out of the foster care system, she’s desperately lonely but unable to form attachments to anyone. Out of the blue, she finds herself in the apartments of her neighbors—unbeknownst to them—during their most intimate moments. What Lila sees in those private moments teaches her about life, pleasure, love, and commitment. Steamy, no-holds barred voyeurism at its best!

  • Beast: A M/M Bad Boy Romance by Roma Dark

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    Beau had it all. Connections, money, power, anything he could want in life. Except for a bond between him and his father. A state governor, his father has been distant for as long as Beau can remember. Desperate to forge a connection, Beau comes up with a wild plan.

    Jason is Beau’s best friend. They met at a summer camp in high school and have been close ever since. Despite their closeness, Jason took a different path in life, on the wrong side of the law, though he was never caught. Now, however, he finds that with Beau’s harebrained plan he may have actually stolen the one thing that will get him caught.

    When Beau’s plan goes awry in a hurry, neither of them expect the consequences that will follow. Placed on the stand, Beau must decide if he wants his trust fund, or Jason. With the pressure on, can Beau admit to himself that Jason is more than just a friend?

  • A Fighting Chance by C.D. Taylor

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    Former Marine Tyler Bradford just returned to his native Texas after a long stint overseas. As he’s driving home to see his family and meet his niece for the first time, another driver runs him off the road. When that car ends up in a pasture, Tyler’s rescue instincts kick in. He didn’t expect to find a sexy woman from Boston, and rescuing her wouldn’t be the only thing on his mind.

    Tiffani was called back home to Texas to settle her deceased mother’s estate. It was the last place on earth she wanted to be. She’d put thousands of miles between her and her horrible childhood memories, and didn’t think she’d ever find herself back in the Lone Star State. A twist of fate put her in the path of Tyler Bradford and turned her life upside down. Again. Can she finally forgive herself for her troubled past, or will the stubborn walls she’s erected around her heart keep everything and everyone she’s ever cared about at arm’s length?

    A Fighting Chance is the third book in the erotic romance Chances Are Series by C.D. Taylor.

  • The Professor by Natasha Ryder

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    Professor Aaron Knight is a highly educated, compassionate university History teacher. Though few of them appreciate it, he is always ready to go the extra mile to help any of his students that need it. Though he has more than enough money to never have to work again, he still comes in every single day, hoping to be able to teach at least one student something.

    Ken Rodriguez just might be that student. He is only in university at all because of a soccer scholarship, and he’s failing each and every one of his classes. He’s not stupid, far from it. He just has a hard time paying attention, and his time and energy is mostly taken up by soccer.

    When Aaron decides to take Ken under his wing, he has to come up with a way of making Ken pay attention. But when something that is just sex turned serious for both of them, what good can come of it? Any relationship between them would be completely forbidden.

  • First Time Tricks and Treats (26 Stories of Halloween Hotness) by Nicola Nichols

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    ~From Risque Reads~

    These 26 innocent, inexperienced good girls have been saving themselves for someone special—the problem is, it’s Halloween. The temptation of their first times might be too sexy to resist when shifters, ghosts, and hot humans come to the door for candy.

    These 26 men want to go where no man has gone before. They’re hungry to mark their territory and fill these fertile fillies with the fruit of their loins.

    26 filthy, forbidden fantasies will be fulfilled. 26 sweet, little princesses will get every naughty thing they have coming to them.

    This is the ultimate First Times boxed set—where all your naughtiest dreams and desires are about to come true. 26 darkly delicious tales that push all the right buttons in all the wrong places.

  • Through His Lens by Anna Bayes

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    Newly divorced and rediscovering her place in the world, Fiona found a strange solace in taking photos of herself. Next step: she hired a professional photographer to take her portraits. Modelling for him felt empowering. Would this be only a one-time thing or would she have the courage to pursue a relationship with Nathan, the photographer whose green eyes captivate and disarm her?

  • Welcome Home by Sherry Reid

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    The first title in the Ben and Jackie series, “Welcome Home” is an erotic short story. Jackie’s waited six long months for her solider husband, Ben, to come back from the Middle East. Now that he’s on the plane, she’s ready to welcome him home.

  • The Back Window by JD Duval

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    Roxanne Wills is a thirty something widow who for the last three years has wallowed in self-pity. She has not dated, has not been intimate with anyone nor has she visited her beloved New York City since the untimely death of her husband. To add some spice in her love life, she takes a few sips of white wine and daringly uses a new gift her friend Fred gave her.

    Trouble is, someone sees her using it.

    Dirk Hudson is a multimillionaire who has experienced a major heartache he does not wish to talk about. A wounded soul who is trying to get away, he picks a place in the suburbs to escape to for some peace and quiet. Peace and quiet is not in the stars when he encounters a woman enjoying herself in her bedroom window across from the home he is renting.

    The two of them are playing it bold by letting loose as they can’t keep away from each other. Will Roxanne’s bedroom window act lead to something more with Dirk? Can Roxanne finally open up to someone as tempting as Dirk?

  • Forgiving You by Ginnie Carmichael

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    It’s been ten years since Austin abandoned her.

    Sam still can’t get over it. He was her best friend and the first man that she ever loved. How could he throw that all away?

    Stuck in her hometown, Sam has been running the family bakery to support her widowed mother. Without Austin around, it quickly became her prison.

    Leaving Bluebell Valley seemed like the best thing that ever happened to the new billionaire, Austin Cole. His company, Cole Technology, has made the world a better place and he’s been rewarded handsomely for it. If it wasn’t for the never-ending loneliness in his heart, his life would be perfect.

    When he’s offered an opportunity to go back to Bluebell Valley, Austin knows it’s his chance to repair all the damage he’s done. One last chance to win back the heart of the girl he’s never stopped loving.

    Can Sam ever forgive him and let Austin into her heart again?

  • Scandalous: The Senator’s Secret Bride by Imani King

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    It was only supposed to be a one-night stand, a celebration of landing my new job with the campaign.

    We met at a bar. He was gorgeous. And no one had ever turned me on the way he did.

    In the morning, we said goodbye, and I knew it was the last time I would see him again.

    But when I showed up the next morning… I heard that voice. The same voice that had told me I was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

    He was my boss. The Independent candidate for Senate in the state of Virginia. Nothing could top my shame that day, the worst day of my life.

    But there were far worse days ahead. For a girl with no drama in her life, everything was about to explode.

    My one-night stand turned into something far more scandalous. And all of America was watching.

  • Yes, Chef by Simone Avondale

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    What do you do when what you want is pretty much forbidden, but, even though you know it will cause nothing but trouble at home, you can’t help but think about it all the time?

    In the case of Anne, controlling herself around the house, and even when cooling off around the pool (well, except for that one time, but no one was around… right?) is manageable, but when she soon finds herself working under her desire at his restaurant, Bliss, the temptation just might be too much. She needs the money to keep the man of the house and Lisa off her back, but what price will she pay if they find out just what she thinks about her new boss who happens to share the same roof as all of them?

    With the temperature rising, will Anne finally ask for what’s on the tip of her tongue or will she stay quiet because what she wants shouldn’t be on the menu at all?

  • New To This (A Hotwife’s Journey Book 1) by Ellie Cummings

    0 out of 5

    How do you light that spark in your life, when it’s just about to go out?

    Jennifer and Blake Simmons are a young, married couple living in Toronto. They have a good life together, but they’ve been finding themselves feeling bored, listless — as though something in their lives is missing, and they don’t know how to get it back.

    One night, at a party for Jennifer’s work, they meet a new couple, Desmond and Haley Belanger. These two seem happy, fulfilled — everything that Jennifer and Blake want. And it just so happens that Desmond and Haley know how to bring that spark back into this Jennifer and Blake’s life.

    Now these two are finding themselves at the start of a journey, one that will change their marriage forever — but not necessarily for the good. Join them in the first instalment of a new series by Ellie Cummings, A Hotwife’s Journey!

  • Food Lust by J.D. Lexx

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    For some, the kitchen represents a sanctuary of the senses—a mergence of soul and sustenance that licks at the flesh while teasing the mind’s pleasure. To others it’s but a steely hive of horror. Then there’s Jessica Ames, a canned soup kind of girl in a land of haute cuisine whose aversion to culinary adventure once seemed all but incurable. When she catches the eye of celebrity chef Marco Adriano at a pretentious rooftop soiree, his uniquely sensual take on food whets an appetite that may just prove insatiable. If only they’d had more time.

    Months later, when fate and mischief bring them together again for a dangerously intimate lesson, Jessica vows to jog Marco’s memory of that evening and repay his inspiration. But is she the only one their initial encounter left hungry for another taste or was that night a simple apéritif for the main course still to come?

  • Order of the Orchidarion by J.D. Lexx

    0 out of 5

    For years, one thing kept troubled young Christine Bexley on the right side of a life beyond salvation—the promise of a unique apprenticeship, as soon as she came of age, under childhood crush and world-renowned orchidologist, Richard Mitchell.

    After three years of flirtation and shameless attempts to seduce her mentor, Christine now stands at the eve of her twenty-first birthday, a gifted orchidologist in her own right. But is she truly ready for the fabled Orchidarion? An exceptionally cruel test of skill and concentration, it can only be administered by those who have already mastered it. Success would place her among the absolute best in the world. But can Christine overcome this final obstacle to complete her ascendance, or has Richard’s opportunity just blossomed for a long and hard payback?

  • Two-Way Glass by J.D. Lexx

    0 out of 5

    True love, a beautiful family, and hordes of adoring friends. Morgan Parker didn’t give a damn for any of it. For as long as he could remember, all that mattered was his one-way climb up the partnership track. That is, until the day he made it to the top and finally stopped to enjoy the view.

    Now, with the biggest case of his career looming on the horizon, the young attorney finds himself increasingly enamored with the flirtatious “Sirena” in the window across the way. But when a harmless voyeuristic game escalates toward obsession, will Morgan see the challenge through to the end or cave to the rising intensity, accepting the most frustrating defeat of his life? The jury is still out…

  • Fired Up by Misty Kuntz

    0 out of 5

    I am sure I’m going to get fired. That’s the only reason Mr Hunter would call me into his office. But the look in his eyes tells me something else. As does the way he orders me to take off my skirt…

    NOTE: This is an erotic short story of approx. 5000 words. It contains adult content, sexy-times spanking, and one hot as hell billionaire boss.