Historical Romance

  • The Questionable Acts of an American Gentleman by Ramona Elmes

    0 out of 5

    The wooing of the lady was just for his ruthless plan, nothing more or so he thought…

    Lady Mercy never imagined an early morning chance encounter in Hyde Park with Jack Kincaide would tempt her to betray her betrothed. The mysterious American ignites a passion in Mercy that leads her to question the practical arrangement she made with her dear childhood friend, the Duke of Peyton. Would she really give it all up for Jack? What she doesn’t know is Jack has a shocking secret and their chance encounter is really the first step in his ruthless plan of revenge against the duke.

    Jack is so close to getting his revenge. Still, he can’t deny his immediate connection with Mercy or his unexpected feelings for her that grow deeper as they continue to spend time together. The more time they spend together, the more Jack questions his ruthless choices and how Mercy will see them when his secret is revealed. Is he capable of being a better man? Can he walk away from his desire for revenge? As he questions his choices, his explosive secret is revealed, devastating Mercy and shocking all of London.

  • Murder By Dissent by Patricia M. Muhammad

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    Protests, riots and someone who hides under the flame that scorches the possibility of improving race relations in America during the Civil Rights era. Jacqueline Sadie Thompson is a detective in a coloured precinct in New York. Lieutenant Davidson assigns her and Johnson murder cases which occurred during protests. They visit the scene. Someone tosses a Molotov cocktail where they stand. The building collapses. Thompson’s British husband, William rescues her. Her partner suffers a coma. Johnson awakens. He recalls the disturbing notions his wife had concerning racial identity. Thompson faints at the station house and is put on leave. Her husband cares for her. Anderson, another detective, furthers their investigations. Johnson convinces one of his cousins to retrieve a book. The detective is aloof and does not disclose to anyone what he saw before the explosion. Jacqueline deduces a portion of it. Jacqueline is determined to solve the case. Her husband is determined to protect her. Who do they both need protection from?


    Mild note: The protagonist and her husband share intimate moments-often. Although there is only mention of legs, arms, embraces and kisses, the remaining descriptions I use allegory and references to nature to describe their intimacy. This may be considered mild to moderately “Steamy” depending on the potential reader’s inclination.

    Moderate to severe discretion (abridged): This book is a work of fiction. However, the author intended to create characters and settings historically accurate to the era it takes place in, the racially tumultuous 1960s. Certain terms used as racial descriptions now considered archaic, outdated or even offensive are used to reflect the past usage by both black and white Americans of that era.

    Additional note: A portion of the main plot revolves a pivotal scene in which a few people are injured due to an explosion which destroys a building. This notice is to advise those who may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”) concerning traumatic events based the recollection of certain sounds or the imagery which may encompass them both.

  • Hidden Secrets by Chantal Bellehumeur

    0 out of 5

    While cleaning out the attic of her deceased grandmother’s Victorian farmhouse, Alice discovers old letters and diaries she can’t help but read. Their romantic and emotional content end up revealing many shocking secrets that lead to a series of questions Alice feels the need to investigate.

  • Forever Devoted to the Alluring Duchess by Eleanor Banfield

    0 out of 5

    He would give his life to call her his, if only for a moment…

    Lady Abigail Stewart, daughter of the Duke of Cheylesmore, strives to win back her alienated mother’s approval. Constrained by duty and expectations, she must take to her grave the feverish passion she feels for her physician, the only man she ever wanted.

    Luke Bolton, is still haunted by his broken heart. Sworn to never love again, he devotes himself to tending and curing the sick. But his unmerciful fate traps him in a love he cannot escape. Lady Abigail is a wound into his soul he never wants to heal.

    Τheir forbidden attraction is forever damned in a world lacking emotion and their stolen moments soon prove perilous for Abigail’s life.

    Punished for a feud she never started, she is one step closer to her mortal doom. Luke is determined to save her, or die trying, only to realize that no one can escape death…

  • Wittingly Seduced by the Dashing Duke by Eleanor Banfield

    0 out of 5

    He is holding her in his arms, after losing her forever.

    Aching from her mother’s abandonment, Rebecca Atkinson, daughter of the Duke of Astonbridge, must be strong for the sake of her bereaved father. When a letter arrives, she has to travel north and collect the pieces of her mother’s mysterious past.

    Having lost his wife, the only thing that keeps Aaron Darry, the Duke of Forney, alive, is his daughter. But his mother’s sudden death unsettles his quiet life and forces him to confront an unexpected peril: a lady that arouses his utmost desires.

    Rebecca and Aaron fall for one another like a lightning bolt; instantly and catastrophically.

    Before long, secrets are exposed, an arranged betrothal is unveiled, and a series of attacks threaten Rebecca’s life. When Rebecca gets trapped in a burning building, Aaron is transferred instantly to the night his wife died. This attack might be the last…

  • The Sleepless Duke by Lottie Lucile

    0 out of 5

    A Duke disguised as a Cook. A Lady disguised as a maid.

    Dreading their impending marriages, they only have a few nights left in a creepy old manor. She thinks he hates her. He thinks she’s much too meek.

    Insomnia and a food thief lead to secret midnight trysts, where they treat and test each other. They discover a ravenous connection between them at night. With little time left together, they need to reckon with the lies they tell themselves.

    A Regency romance with honey and heat.

  • A Pocket In Time (Time Weavers, Inc. Book 2) by Lexi Post

    0 out of 5

    Katz Almira’s mission is clear—travel to the past, steal the note that ruins the world, travel back to the present. Easy. She’s the best pickpocket Time Weavers, Inc. has ever had. But when she picks the pocket of Lord John Byron, she finds more than she bargained for.

  • The Seduction of Mr. Yarnsby by Seduction of Hildie McQueen

    0 out of 5

    Alexander Yarnsby maintains his distance at social functions for a reason, his life is in turmoil and a woman in his life, would only complicate matters. It is maddening that he can’t help his preoccupation his Vivian Humphries and scares off any suitors. Until she can be his, she definitely will not belong to another.

  • Beneath a Savage Sun by Shady Grace

    0 out of 5

    Her love is his salvation . . . and greatest danger.

    Only a tough woman can survive in a town filled with cut-throat men, and Charlotte Phillips is no exception. She’s willful, fiery, and does as she wishes, yet nothing could prepare her for the consequences of saving a man from certain death. Her heart may be in the right place, but now her days are numbered.

    Avery Samms made an innocent mistake and pays with the flesh on his back. With the doctor out of town, he’s sure an agonizing death is his fate. Until a beautiful angel shocks everyone—especially Avery—by taking him home to heal. One blissful moment under the cover of night lures them to forbidden desire . . .

    But beneath a savage sun, they must fight for their love . . . and their lives.

  • Mail Order Bride: A Bride For Christmas by Hope Sinclair

    0 out of 5

    Ever since the day Terrance and Timothy Mitchell were born, they have been fighting. Ever at odds, but their mother hopes that by settling down, their squabbles will cease. But of the two brides she has organized for them only one turns up. Although Alice was meant for Terry, there is something about Tim that captivates her. Will she be able to make her choice without tearing the family apart?