• Lydia Bennet’s Lusty London Lark-About by Cleo Boudreaux

    0 out of 5

    When Lydia Bennet runs off to London with Mr. Wickham to have fun, the last thing she expects is what he expects.

    Torn from the pages of “Pride and Prejudice” because they would have been too embarrassing for Jane Austen to write, here is the could-be-true story of what happened to Lizzie’s sister, Lydia Bennet, when she ran off to London with the randy Mr. Wickham and his swagger stick.

    For Adults Only, this short story is a send-up, a parody, a bit of fluff, much like what’s contained in Lydia’s head, and shows what happens when a girl just wants to have fun.

  • From Stardust To Babylon by Amanda Bruce @AmandaBruce5

    0 out of 5

    A gripping love story with an extraordinary twist, From Stardust To Babylon chronicles a doomed teenage love affair that transforms into an unbreakable bond between a woman and the spirit of her former lover.

    From the moment Simon and Amanda meet, they are struck by a shared sense of déjà vu. Head over heels in love, they try hard to make their relationship work, despite inner voices telling them their happiness isn’t meant for ‘this life’. After parting broken-hearted, Amanda eventually marries someone else but, in 2001, she learns via a telepathic messages that Simon has died. This heralds the start of a series of supernatural events that will bring them together again. Transgressing the normal boundaries of human existence, it is a story of love – a love that survived bodily death.

    “Unputdownable. This is the most incredible love story I have ever read.” – Jan Vance.

  • The Drive by Rain Ryder

    0 out of 5

    Short Story Erotica-

    It was just like any other Saturday…

    A couple’s simple afternoon drive turns into an afternoon of role-play, power play and fantasy.

    The drive to excitement, fear and desire begin when the car stops and the questions begin. Who are they? What do they want and ultimately how will they get it?

    Come along for thet ride and experience mystery, dominance and passion for the unknown.

    Writer Rain Ryder intertwines a couples desire to have uninhibited weekends consumed with erotic action at its hottest. A sizzling, no-holds-barred short story in which twosomes transform their deepest desires into flesh-on-flesh reality.

    Look for:

    The Cruise

    The Train

    Coming soon…

    The Plane

    Note: This Erotica contains scenes of a very graphic and adult nature, and some profanity which some may find offensive.

    [email protected]

  • Bounty for Hunter by AJ Wiliams @AJ_Wiliams

    0 out of 5

    Keylee isn’t your typical bounty hunter. She’s young, petite, and has a Doberman pinscher as her personal bodyguard. Just as Keylee returns to town from a month long assignment, she’s asked to protect a man named Hunter, who has jumped bond and is on the run from other bounty hunters and the police. The mere fact that she knows who Hunter is and why the police are after him, places her life at risk. Now, Keylee has a limited time to save Hunter and herself.

  • Christmas Blend by Evie Lester @evielester2

    0 out of 5

    A cup of smooth, rich coffee and the joy Christmas—what could be better?

    Beth Ross finally pulled her life together, opening a coffee shop in the small Minnesota town where her special Christmas blends have become a local sensation. For Beth, the holidays promise to be a season of fulfillment.

    But when handsome, mysterious Chad Parker walks into her shop to place an order on the day after Thanksgiving her carefully constructed world begins to unravel.

    The chemistry between them is impossible to deny. But they each have more baggage than Santa’s sleigh and an out-of-control business rivalry that could stop any budding romance in its tracks.

    I am a reader of romances and chick lit who decided to try my hand at it. This is my first effort.

    With the holidays coming and all the seasonal beverages appearing in the local coffee shops at this time of year, I always begin to get in the holiday mood. I love coffee. And I love a pumpkin spice latte. And, of course, I love Christmas. So I decided to write a short, sweet romance inspired by this special feeling at this special time of year.

  • Deathless Love by Renee Rose @ReneeRoseAuthor

    0 out of 5

    Kate has always had a crush on Dominic, the handsome owner of the club where her band plays. When she finds out one night that he is a vampire, her interest only grows, and when he sniffs out her need for spanking and brings her deepest fantasies to reality, she falls head over heels. The trouble is, Dom is allergic to relationships, or so it seems.

    Dom loves knowing how to turn Kate on and taking her in hand comes naturally to him. But he believes he likes Kate much more than is good for either of them. In his mind, he can never be the man she needs, and the best thing he can do for her is to stay far away. But when a powerful vampire targets Dom, Kate gets tangled in the dangerous web and Dom finds himself prepared to sacrifice his own life to save hers. Can he get her back alive? If so, will they find a way to be together?

    Renee Rose is an author of erotic romance. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Creative Writing from Knox College, where she was trained to write poetry and literary fiction and was the recipient of the Lorraine Smith prize for short fiction.

    Upon graduation, she took a gig writing instruction manuals (yawn!) and sales and marketing copy for an engineering firm. After thirteen years numbing her mind and allowing her creative juices to evaporate, she read her first romance novel and was hooked.

    Because she believes no romance is complete without spanking, she is thrilled to be incorporating her fantasies into fiction, publishing soft core spanking romances with Stormy Night Publications and Blushing Books. She lives in the southwest with her husband and young children.

    I love vampires and I love spankings, so what better to do than combine them?