• The End of Summer Part One by Alex M Smith

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    Part One ***New Version*** … Part Two is also available on

    The End of Summer is a forbidden love affair between Richard and Rebecca, A collage student and a housewife. It’s a delicious encounter filled with joy, lust, heartbreaks and new beginnings. Romantics will love it and the fast pace will keep them turning page after page all night long to see what awaits their favorite characters. The writing is a reflection of the male perspective in a relationship. This point-of-view is not something you see very often in romance novels. We not only catch a glimpse into the male psyche, we feel the raw masculine emotion and passion.

    Part One

    Introduces us to Rebecca, a beautiful and sexy woman, a wife and a mother of a teen-aged daughter with a troubled marriage. During a summer visit to New York City to spend a few days with her daughter. Rebecca met Richard, a handsome college student and a friend of her daughter. Immediately, Richard and Rebecca fell in love and begin a lustful secret affair. A strike of fate asserted their forbidden relationship. As their love grew so did a late summer storm and it threatened to snuff out the flame of their love.

    It also takes us through Richard’s turbulent past. An exciting adventure through time, something that he kept from Rebecca and the rest of the world. Will revealing his deepest, intimate and emotional secrets with two of his best friends, Lyn & Vanessa, alter the course of his life forever?

  • The Wicked Wives Playbook by Ali Clark

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    Leah Evans is a Chicago lawyer. Claire Forrest, her closest friend, lives in New York with her husband John.

    Leah has always wanted to explore her wilder side, but when she marries the conservative Michael, the door to that part of her life seems to have slammed shut.

    However, when work brings Leah to Manhattan, one wild night with Claire and an exotic man, may have opened Pandora’s box.

    Convinced that this is the only way to open-up his mind and unshackle herself, Leah asks her friend to seduce her husband. The consequences carry Leah, Michael, Claire, and John on an extreme, erotic roller coaster.

  • Shattered Blue: A Romantic Thriller by Jane Taylor Starwood

    0 out of 5

    2013 RONE Award Nominee, Romantic Suspense

    This is quite the enjoyable and impressive debut novel! The book contains a good solid plot line, an entertaining and believable story, and a realistic romance…. [T]he story is a winner, leaving the reader satisfied and looking to more from Ms. Starwood in the future. ~InD’Tale Magazine

    She thought she could escape her dark past by running away, changing her name. She thought her tormentor was dead. She was wrong.

    Shane MacKinnon used to be somebody else…

    Hounded by scandal and haunted by a terrible secret, Shannon Malone fled Manhattan for the mountains of New Mexico and a new identity. Five years later, she’s met a man who loves her in spite of her troubled past, a man who’s leading her into a world of sensual pleasure she’s never known. One morning a voice from her past threatens to shatter her new life. Someone thinks she has the missing millions from an investment scam, someone who also has a far more sinister reason to find her. The monster who tormented her childhood is after her again, and Shane must find the courage to beat him at his own sadistic game.

  • Drums (Southern Seas Series) by Gwendoline Ewins

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    1825, Polynesia: Amelia Yorke is a destitute teacher with a petunia in a flowerpot outside a dingy Sydneytown cottage. Guy Richmond is a botanist searching for orchids in the rainforest and heir to vast lands in New South Wales. They should never have met yet come together on the deck of a sailing ship overlooking a spectacular tropical lagoon. They can only watch as a man paddles desperately towards them and freedom. He is overtaken by pursuers. Soon aquamarine water is stained by his blood.

  • Remember Our Song: A Billionaire Romance by Emma South

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    Beatrice Holt seems to have it all. She’s got a passionate and loving marriage to the perfect man, billionaire Jeremy Holt, and all the opportunities and financial security that comes with it. However, life wasn’t always so wonderful. When a tragic accident results in amnesia, she is effectively transported back to a time when all her emotional wounds are still causing her intense pain. She can’t remember how those wounds were healed the first time around, she can’t remember her marriage, she can’t remember the man behind the money at all. All she sees in Jeremy is the very kind of man she swore she would never fall for.

    Can Jeremy find a way to make her fall in love with him all over again and make lightning strike twice? Can he help Beatrice remember their song or has their one chance for happiness slipped through their fingers?

  • Sexual Health – 7 Simple Things That Smart People Need To Know About Sexual Health by Jeff Carter

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    Sexual health awareness and achievement is recently gaining popularity as our society steps toward brighter futures for all humans. Respect for each individual is reinforced, expression of sexuality is encouraged, and reproduction made safe. This book tackles all aspects of sexuality a human needs to be aware of: from teenage curiosity to the unconventional sexual practices and preferences that are being recognized nowadays. This book is to help every individual learn and accept the different colors, shapes, and methods by which sexual health can be obtained.

  • MANGROVES AND MONSTERS (The Stolen Nickel Series, #2) by Sharon Cupp Pennington

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    In this sequel to Hoodoo Money, Charlie Cooper is a reluctant teacher by day and broken-hearted wanderer by night – and a man desperately in love with a dead woman. But is Angeline St. Cyr really dead? The supermodel fell victim to an auto-pedestrian accident in New Orleans. Police reports and medical records substantiate the severity of her injuries. Cosmetics mogul Mathieu Fournier, her former boss, orchestrated a cremation and memorial service. The paparazzi swarmed celebrity attendees. Fans mourned.

    Call it gut instinct, call it what you will, but Cooper is convinced Angeline’s death was an elaborate scheme Fournier sold to the world. He isn’t buying it, nor is his heart. A tenuous lead draws him to the Caribbean island of Jacqueme Dominique. Only he isn’t alone in his quest. With the unsolicited help of Angeline’s brothers, Nick and Brent, and by chasing his dream of rekindled love, Cooper becomes embroiled in murder, treachery and abduction at the hands of his old nemesis Willem Voorhees – a merciless killer.

    For five long years Cooper’s love survived while he searched for Angeline. Will finding her cost him his life?

  • HOODOO MONEY (The Stolen Nickel Series, #1) 2nd Edition by Sharon Cupp Pennington

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    Things are not always as they seem in the Big Easy…

    After her almost-wedding to a bigamist, successful children’s author Braeden McKay has given up on love. She’s content to live vicariously through her imaginary heroine, Platypus Pearl, and a gaggle of adventurous, web-footed cohorts — until a working vacation in New Orleans shakes up her quiet, structured world. Had she known that souvenir nickel stolen from the grave of a hoodoo woman would catapult her into a nightmare of betrayal and murder, she would have insisted her friend put it back.

    Cursed nickel or unfortunate happenstance? Sanderson Montgomery isn’t one to discount the supernatural beliefs of others. This is the Big Easy, after all, Mecca to the spiritual and the superstitious. As a veteran detective, neither does he ignore cold, hard fact. And the fact is, someone or something is bent on harming Braeden McKay, and it’s up to him to protect her while keeping his heart out of the mix.

    Can love, the very thing Braeden wants no part of, be the one force greater than any adversary — even a hoodoo curse?

  • Stealing Abigail by Chloe Glint

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    When Abigail discovers a thief in her manor, she threatens to go fetch the police. The man, horrified at being caught, tells her about his daughter, Mary, he must feed. He begs her to let him leave. There is something strangely trustworthy about the way he speaks, and despite her better judgment, Abigail lets the man go. Little does she know that the thief will be back in her life before long. Not to steal the manor gold, but her heart.

  • How to Talk to Girls in Night Clubs – Get Her Number without Saying a Word (Dating, Pick up, Seduction, Flirting) [Kindle Edition] by Amanda Jones marketing

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    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to grab a girl’s attention, make a good impression and finally get her number-all without having to talk so much.