romance adult contemporary

  • Forgotten Past Her Secret Powers by Dominic Sciulli

    0 out of 5

    A new threat by the name of Layton Prenter escapes from prison, and Liam finds out his family have been hiding some important information from him and his twin sister for many years. He has to get to the bottom of this mystery before it’s too late. At the same time he has to get ready for his first year at Greenspan Academy, and he couldn’t be more excited. Liam is looking forward to learning about a variety of spells, conjurings, potions, and even rituals to summon an amplitude of ghastly spirits and other world creatures. However before he embarks on his trip to the grand academy he is forced to deal with two of his best friends fighting for his love. Even when he ends up finding himself in love with one of them it doesn’t end the feud between the three of them. Meanwhile Andrea has to deal with the fact her father finally moved on. It’s been almost a decade since she lost her mother, but she wasn’t ready to move on, but not that much time passes by until she reunites herself with a woman that changes the course of her life forever. This sets her father and her whole family down a different path, and in the end she may have a happy ending. That happiness wouldn’t last forever.

  • A Perfect Mess by Zoe Dawson

    0 out of 5

    I know what you did last summer.

    Aubree Walker, the perfect girl most likely to succeed, is sure there’s only one person who knows what she did

    Booker Outlaw, one of the three Outlaw brothers–all identical, all gorgeous, all from the wrong side of the tracks, and all pure bad boys. He was always the unpredictable one, the one who would be brash enough to make it big self-publishing horror novels on the internet. He promised never to tell, but everyone knows you can never trust an Outlaw.

  • Swimming in Love: Ariel & Eric by Sultry Reads

    0 out of 5

    Olympic Swimmer Ariel Sirens has always had a crush on Navel Captain Eric Vasser. There’s just one problem. He’s her brother Triton’s best friend and commanding officer.

    Eric is fresh from a tour of duty and readying to start his business as a yacht designer, when his best friend asks him to complete one last mission. Protect and watch over his little sister, until his tour is finished.

    Ariel thinks she’s woman enough to handle everything on her own. She’s just set a world record and is on top of the world until rumors swirl that she’s using enhancements.

    Just when she needs him most, Eric shows up ready to protect her honor and reputation, even if it means fighting off the desire he feels every time he’s around her. Because there’s no way that the girl he used to tease and call Little Fish can have such a magnetic hold on him, right?

    Eric and Ariel are in for one hectic water ride as they stave off modern-day villains and the fear of exploring unnamed crushes to see if it can blossom into true love.

  • If The Shoe Fits by Chandra Trulove Fry

    0 out of 5

    They were never supposed to be, but fate is a funny thing…

    Charmaine Princeton takes pride in his work, even if some people treat him like he is on the bottom wrung of everything.

    Enter a new customer, the stunning Ella Cinders who is looking for her missing pair of perfect shoes – glass slippers picked out for a ball.

    Charmaine knows she is out of his reach, especially when he finds out just how opposite her position in the world is from his, but as he embarks on a mission to find her missing shoe order, he discovers feelings he has never had before.

    Fate intervenes when, on the eve of the ball, Charmaine finds her shoes and must rush them to her in time for her to make the impression she is dreaming of.

  • Going All In by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley & Wayne J. Keeley

    0 out of 5

    Three mismatched suburban couples, Steve and Katie, Marty and Erin, and Scarlett and C. Thomas, have been neighbors and friends for years. During a pummeling Connecticut Nor’Easter, the members of the bored triptych engage in a friendly game of Texas Hold’em in front of a fire and over more than a few bottles of Merlot. The impromptu get-together eventually leads to the institution of alcohol-driven, bi-weekly poker nights.

    One evening on a lark, someone suggests an alternate payout – instead of pocket change, the winner may choose a player (other than his or her spouse) with whom to spend the night. The proposition takes shape, but complications arise as these things will.

    All too quickly, friendships are strained and relationships begin to crumble. Lies are told, truths are exposed, and feelings are hurt. In the end, can anyone bear the weight of this wanton self-indulgence? They are six fully consenting adults, and after all, it’s only a game. Or is it?

  • Walk With Me, One Hundred Days of Crazy by Ernesto H Lee

    0 out of 5

    Laugh, Love & Cry – At forty years old, Mark Rennie was the man that appeared to have it all. As a successful commodities trader with one of the leading London trading houses, he was happy, healthy and engaged to be married to the woman he loved. Then came the devastating news that would change his life forever. Less than two years later, his health is in tatters, his fiancée is gone, and his life is reduced to nothing more than a series of difficult choices and harsh realities. In search of answers and in search of a drink, he walks an unfamiliar part of London. He doesn’t find the answers he is looking for, but he does find Karen. With Karen, he finds hope. With Karen, he finds love. With Karen, nothing is ever going to be the same again.

    “Walk With Me, One Hundred Days of Crazy is a novel with a powerful tale of romance and one that explores the deep longings of the human heart.” Ruffina Oserio for Readers Favorite.

    “Walk With Me, One Hundred Days of Crazy by Ernesto H Lee is a fascinating book packed with craziness, emotions, family, and love (lots of love).” Ankita Shukla for Readers Favorite.

  • The Proposal: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire Proposal Book 1) by J.J. Smoke

    0 out of 5

    She never thought her boss was capable of making such indecent proposal.

    Twenty-two-year-old Ellen Davis is so efficient in her work that made her neglected her personal life. Since she started working for the sexy and mysterious Patrick Stevenson all she has done is working. She never let her personal life get in the way of her work. Even though she did fantasize about him from time to time. When she overhears a conversation of her boss that might lead her to unemployment, she has no idea that her life is about to change.

    Patrick is a man who always get what he wants. He doesn’t take a no for an answer. When he learns that the ambitious Henry Gabe is trying to steal his company away from him, he knows just the person to help him stop Henry’s plans. With a fake marriage proposal to his secretary, Ellen Davis, he makes a move that allows him to keep his billionaire empire. What both didn’t expect when going in their lie was for it to become the truth.

  • When a Man Loves a Woman by Anita Louise

    0 out of 5

    As the eldest of the nine Adler children, Michael Adler has already helped raise his younger brothers and sisters. As far as he’s concerned, marriage is an outdated institution and totally unnecessary in today’s world. When he meets Analese Martin, she seems to be a perfect candidate for the position of “significant other” in his life.

    Analese is highly successful in an industry viewed by many with skepticism or even scorn. Her husband left when their two-year-old son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Since then, she’s made it a habit to steer clear of men. But when Michael Adler comes to her house to discuss designing and building her dream home something changes.