• The Secret About Time by Kathryn K. Murphy

    0 out of 5

    Austin Brooks is almost one hundred-years-old, but he, like all of the residents of Brightrock Island, doesn’t age normally. The tight-knit community off the coast of Massachusetts has a closely-guarded secret—they’ve discovered the fountain of youth. In an effort to escape his painful memories of World War II, Austin has settled into his job at Brightrock’s only school as the funny guy, Mr. Fix It, on track to becoming a principal. Then new teacher Caitlyn Landry arrives from the mainland, throwing all life on Brightrock—especially Austin’s—into chaos. 

    After suffering several major losses, Caitlyn is looking for a fresh start. Brightrock doesn’t take kindly to outsiders, but Caitlyn was a necessary hire, and when Austin is tasked with mentoring her, he discovers keeping his lips sealed is easier said than done. With her own regrets and mistakes haunting her, Caitlyn is hardly looking for love, but the more time she spends with Austin, the harder it is for either of them to keep their distance. But what no one on Brightrock knows is that someone is on to their secret, someone who poses a threat to everyone on the island, leaving Austin to decide between his loyalty to Brightrock and his desire to fight for the woman he can’t live without. 

  • Eriq: A Shadow, Inc. Novella by Cass Alexander

    0 out of 5

    “Now it’s your turn, Kitten. I want you to watch us, pretend it’s you under me.”

    Eriq Marcellus is good at his job. As House Dom at the East Coast’s premier sex club, he trains immortals for their new roles, to ensure they know the ins and outs of everything the club has to offer. With his employees, he is compassionate, protective, and everything a good Dom should be. He loves all the perks that come with his position. The last thing he wants is to be tied down.

    While on vacation in Barbados, he meets Sofia, the beautiful daughter of an acquaintance. He tries to stay away, but Sofia’s draw is too powerful. He wants to keep her, but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word monogamy. When he pulls inexperienced Sofia into his world, he is surprised by her willingness to explore the carnal side of life. She might be fine with sharing him, but Eriq’s no longer sure he can allow someone else to bring her pleasure.

    Eriq is the third book of the Shadow, Inc. Series. Each book is a standalone novella.

    ***This quick and dirty read is a 16,600-word erotic romance novella, complete with lots of steam, erotic voyeurism, a pinch of BDSM, and a HEA. Recommended for 18+.

  • Tarq by Cass Alexander

    0 out of 5

    “What do you need, Petal? Tell me and I’ll let you have it,” he promised, ignoring the impulse to dominate her, to tell her what to do and how to please him.

    Lily Travelle is a walking wet dream. When Tarq Marcellus was first introduced to her, he lost his mind in want of her delectable body, right in the middle of a business meeting. When he tries to use his power of persuasion to wipe her memory of his major faux pas, it doesn’t work. Humans aren’t supposed to be immune to the powers of immortals.

    The next time they cross paths, it’s shortly after he’s been buried deep in a multitude of women, trying to get Lily out of his system. Not one could satisfy his new craving for dark hair and green eyes. This time, Tarq is going to have her in every way possible—and she’s going to love it.

    Tarq is the first book of The Shadow, Inc. Series. Each book is a standalone novella centered around the Marcellus Family.

    ***This quick and dirty read is a 15k-word novella, complete with lots of steam, MFF erotica, a pinch of romance, and a HEA. Recommended for 18+.

  • Luna Proxy #1 (Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn

    0 out of 5

    The dull, boring life of Leila Ulric stretches into the horizon. Little does she know that a new moon rises in the dark skies and brings with it a world of terrible and fantastic creatures known as werewolves. An insatiable curiosity drives her to learn more about these monsters, and so she travels on a journey that will redefine who she is and what she knows.