erotic comedy

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  • See What You Get? by Leon Kastel by Leon Kastel

    0 out of 5

    Do people fall in love with looks? Looks can be deceiving. Between deception and a transitional figure situation Donald and Paula can make a funny kind of love! This book is a Romantic, Erotic, Comedy novelette with psychological themes. American culture adores visual presentation – whose breasts are “perfect”? Makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, car – where does it stop?

  • Weird and Wild Taboo Smut Box Set by Lexi Wood

    0 out of 5

    Want it weird? Want it wild? Lexi’s got you covered!

    In this collection of wonderfully wacky erotica, a sexy Easter Bunny needs help from the man of the house to lay her eggs (yes, her eggs!), a teddy bear takes charge of the college girl who shares his bed, a science teacher shows his geeky student the time of her life, a GILF puts her brand new implants to good use, and the piggish mayor of Hogtown gets pegged by a group of very creative sex workers. All this and more!

    If you like your erotica tame and safe, keep walking—this is not the box set for you. If you prefer your smut a little odd, a little off, a little quirky and strange, grab yourself a copy of Lexi Wood’s Weird and Wild Taboo Smut today!