• The Clouds Still Hang by Patrick C Notchtree @pcnotchtree

    0 out of 5

    A trilogy telling a story of love and loyalty, betrothal and betrayal, triumph and tragedy; novels that chart one man’s attempts to rise above the legacy of a traumatic childhood.

    The first book deals with Simon’s childhood friendship and eventually love affair with an older boy, the second the trauma of his teenage years and early adulthood, the third his struggle to maintain equilibrium and the consequences of his failure at one point to achieve that.

    It is a fictional biography, written because it tells a strong story which raises many issues over six decades, the post war baby boomer generation who in many ways never had it so good.

    His own experience is probably unique, yet will strike a chord with many others who have been through similar things, as well as those with an interest in such matters, either personal or professional, such as police and probation officers, criminologists with an interest in this field or those investigating the developing ‘queer theory’.

    It’s a varied, exciting, demanding, sometimes terrifying life story.

    It is not suitable for those under 18 years or who find explicit sexual narrative, including sexual violence, offensive.

    The first part was originally published in March 2012 under the title “The Secret Catamite Book 1 The Book of Daniel” which is still available separately in downloadable formats only.

  • The Knight’s Prisoner by Renee Rose@ReneeRoseAuthor

    0 out of 5

    Danewyn, a tavern prostitute, has always been cursed with the Sight–the ability to see into the unknown. It is a trait she has learned to keep hidden from others, but a moment of anger finds her blurting out a prediction about the Red Fox, the rightful king of Britain. Unfortunately, her prediction is overheard by one of the Red Fox’s men, putting her in grave danger.

    Captured and carried off for questioning, she finds herself prisoner to Sir Ferrum, an enormous knight who bears the scars of an old injury upon his face. She finds Sir Ferrum to be firm and unyielding, but his treatment of her also reveals a gentleness which she has difficulty reconciling with his harsh discipline. To her dismay, her feelings for him continue to grow, and Dani must decide whether to continue her plans for escape or accept her new role as Sir Ferrum’s woman and Seer to the Red Fox.

  • My Wife’s A Gangbang Addict by Elaine Shuel @ElaineShuel

    0 out of 5

    Kirsten’s the perfect mother and wife and neighbour. She never says no. Connor loves watching his wife get pleasured by groups of men. When beautiful black Denise shows up during one of his wife’s gangbangs, things take an unexpected turn.

  • GABRIELLA by ALAN HARDY @AlanWilliamHard

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    The novel deals with the theme of a young man’s sexual awakening. The male hero is Jim Collier, sixteen, shy and virginal. The female hero is Gabriella Blenkinsop, eighteen, experienced, beautiful.

    The setting is the annual cricket match between St Swithins Boys School and the local grammar school shits. Gabriella is the Head Girl of St Swithins Girls School; her boyfriend is Algy, Head Boy of the Boys’ School. Jim is one of the opening bowlers for the grammar school shits.

    Gabriella is an arrogant, upper-class bit of hot totty. She wants to see the lower-class grammar school shits taught their customary annual lesson. St Swithins have merely to knock off eighty-odd runs to win the match. It should be easy.

    Gabriella is discomfited by young Jim; usually so cool and self-confident, she feels and becomes clumsy and awkward before him. She is determined to see him, and his whole race and class, humiliated.

    Jim has developed two particular types of delivery in his fast bowling; he bowls like a devil and begins working his way through the line-up of upper-class wallies, to the fury of Gabriella.

    We also meet Jim’s parents, his dad obsessed with football and his mum forever reading celebrity magazines, and Gabriella’s parents, two upper-class decadents making their ravenous way through the supply of working-class sexual fodder rounded up for them by their man, Chivers.

    Gabriella gets her daddy to change the rules so that she can go in to bat and save St Swithins from the vicious succession of balls sent down by the low-born shit. She gets padded up in all her physical glory.

    There then follows the contest between Gabriella and Jim, he, with a mixture of different balls and probing deliveries, attempting to break through her defences and she, determined and rock-like, trying to block him out. The game of cricket, the hard red ball, the long-handled bat, and so on, becomes the arena for the sexual tussle between the two principal characters. It becomes an extended metaphor for the game of love, and all its intricacies, and also for the sexual act, from foreplay to actual fulfilment. It is also the arena for the growing realisation on the parts of both Gabriella and Jim that they are madly in love with each other; their hate for each other, whether class-based or personal, is an expression not just of the sexual tension between them, but also, eventually, of their love for each other.

    We meet other characters throughout the afternoon and evening, amongst others, the third-former Mary Collier, Jim’s sister, who has a crush on Gabriella, and whom Gabriella later realises is the child of her own father, Lord Blenkinsop, and therefore her own half-sister, and Fanny, a former acquaintance of Jim’s, who becomes a rival for Jim’s affections just when Gabriella thinks she has ensnared him. At the same stage, when Jim has to decide which girl he wants, the truth concerning Gabriella’s parentage is revealed to us (Chivers is her father), and helps Jim in his choice.

    Their sexual sparring, on and off the pitch, entails various activities with ball and bat. Jim writes poems about Gabriella in between overs, Gabriella taunts him with her provocative dress and behaviour, and strange things occur with the hard red ball which, at times, smashes into Gabriella’s body or gets rubbed frenetically near Jim’s cock. Jim hits her with such a succession of venomous rearing balls that she is slowly divested of articles of clothing, and their love-hate affair culminates in a final over of frenzied bowling and batting which mirrors the sexual act of penetration and annihilation itself.

    This is a sexual comedy, where the game of cricket, and who will be the winner or loser, is used as an image of love-making, romantic attachment and sexual intercourse. It is, ultimately, a love-story between two characters from opposite ends of the social stratum, a young innocent man’s first experience of sex and a young very experienced woman’s first experience of love. The ending is happy (or so, at least, it seems).

  • Seduced by the Boss 1: Pent-Up Passion by Jenn Roseton

    0 out of 5

    Jemma Jones has been secretly in with her boss, Adam Sinclair, for the last eighteen months, ever since she started working for him. When he invites her to lunch one day, she’s worried she’s going to be fired. However, Adam has a different proposition in mind. When he seduces her in the office that afternoon, their pent-up passion overtakes them both!

  • A Perfect Fit by Tory Richards @ToryRichards

    0 out of 5

    Just released on 1/5/13

    Marissa Lambert is furious with her agent for hiring a security agency to protect her. The last thing she needs is some Texas cowboy following her around, and telling her what to do. Just because two plus-sized models have turned up dead in a month doesn’t mean she’s at risk. And besides, she can take care of herself.

    Beau Evans owns and operates Evans Security, and he’s the unlucky one who gets to babysit the beautiful Marissa. The moment he watches her strut her stuff down the runway, in a revealing corset that hugs her generous assets, he gets an itch that doesn’t go away. Their first encounter ends with an angry exchange and a battle of strong wills, but once they succumb to the lust in their blood there’s no turning back.

  • The Cruise by Rain Ryder

    0 out of 5

    It was just like any other Saturday…

    A couple’s evening cruise turns into a sea adventure of show and tell, power play and fantasy.

    This cruise will leave you wet and hungry for more. Not every journey is what you expect when you are the main act. The performers skills are put to the test while emotions and sensations that have been dormant awake on the rocky seas. Sail along on this, the opening act of seduction and a couples venture to one of the hottest destinations on the high seas.

    Writer Rain Ryder intertwines a couples desire to have uninhibited weekends consumed with erotic action at its hottest. A sizzling, no-holds-barred short story in which twosomes transform their deepest desires into flesh-on-flesh reality.

    Look for:

    The Drive

    The Train

    Note: This Erotica contains scenes of a very graphic and adult nature, and some profanity which some may find offensive.

  • The Train by Rain Ryder

    0 out of 5

    It was just like any other Saturday…

    A couple’s evening train ride turns into an evening of role-play, power play and fantasy.

    This is no ordinary train, for there are rules and expectations of compliance. Each train car opens a door to a couples appetite for fantasies fulfilled. Multiple courses are served and it’s not just for the couple.

    Join in on this short journey to pleasure, pain, power and performance.

    Writer Rain Ryder intertwines a couples desire to have uninhibited weekends consumed with erotic action at its hottest. A sizzling, no-holds-barred short story in which twosomes transform their deepest desires into flesh-on-flesh reality.

    Look for:

    The Drive

    The Cruise

    Note: This Erotica contains scenes of a very graphic and adult nature, and some profanity which some may find offensive.

  • Becoming Aware. (The Abriya & Clarence series.) by A. T. Ebanks @LeeshaMcCoy

    0 out of 5

    After years of bulling for being fat and different from nearly all the other students, Abriya is only a few months away from finishing school. She won’t miss a thing when she leaves – except Clarence.

    Out of the blue he kisses her, making her feel special and… different.

    He keeps his distance after that but after a few months, they’re alone together again.

    After talking to her through her mind, he says he has to leave her, so she can live her life. He says he’ll come back for her though, when she turns 20 – to help her through her change.

    Unknown to Abriya, she is more important to Clarence and their kind than she could ever imagine and as her old life ends, a new one is about to begin. One of love, passion, discovery and devastation.

    An Erotic Paranormal Romance

  • Lydia Bennet’s Lusty London Lark-About by Cleo Boudreaux

    0 out of 5

    When Lydia Bennet runs off to London with Mr. Wickham to have fun, the last thing she expects is what he expects.

    Torn from the pages of “Pride and Prejudice” because they would have been too embarrassing for Jane Austen to write, here is the could-be-true story of what happened to Lizzie’s sister, Lydia Bennet, when she ran off to London with the randy Mr. Wickham and his swagger stick.

    For Adults Only, this short story is a send-up, a parody, a bit of fluff, much like what’s contained in Lydia’s head, and shows what happens when a girl just wants to have fun.