suspense romance

  • Eyes in the Dark by Rowena Dawn

    0 out of 5

    She looks for peace of mind. He looks for revenge. They both get what they want but with a twist.
    Diane’s an artist and a city girl. She inherits her aunt’s ranch house and land and moves there in a journey to rediscover herself. But first, she discovers her inheritance comes with strings attached and people are willing to kill over it.
    Adam, former soldier and mercenary, wants to avenge his brother’s death. Diane is his only means to achieve his purpose. Or that’s what he thinks. When things get bad – and they do, Adam finds out that some people just sneak into one’s soul and haunt them for eternity.
    Eyes in the Dark is the stand-alone second book in the Perfect Halves Series. Another tough guy hits the ground. If you like suspense and romance, then this is the book for you. Strong characters and suspense are waiting to fill in your afternoons.

  • Double-Edged by Rowena Dawn

    0 out of 5

    She was just humoring her friend. She got adventure and a soul mate.

    Double-Edged joins Kate, a small, independent shop owner on her quest for romance and happily ever after.

    Against her better judgment, against her wishes, she allows her friend to push her into the world of online dating, where she encounters the most infuriating, stranger, and yet most interesting man she has ever come across.

    Over several intense months of correspondence, Kate becomes embroiled in a global adventure with a man she knows either too little or too much about and discovers the truth behind the old saying, ‘What the heart wants, the heart gets.’ Or was that how it went? If not, maybe it should be changed.

    Discover this sun-drenched romance, the first in the inspirational and wedding series Perfect Halves, which depicts contemporary relationships, love, adventure and conspiracies.

    As a reader said: “Interesting romance. Plot develops nicely and actually held my attention unlike some recent romance out there. The story itself has something for more than just one age-group. Good for a wide audience. Female lead is amusing and plays along nicely with the rest of the cast. Fun, quite short book for some distraction.”

    If you love a sizzling romance, then buy this book and dive in Kate’s adventure.

  • The Fitzgerald Family Boxed Set by E.B. Walters

    0 out of 5

    ONLY $0.99! For just one day! The Fitzgerald Family Boxed Set includes Books 1-3, sexy, sensual, contemporary romance) Discover the sexy bestselling contemporary Fitzgerald Series by USA Today Bestselling Author E. B. Walters. This boxed set contains three full-length, stand-alone contemporary romance novels:   SLOW BURN: Ashley Fitzgerald and Ron Noble’s story, MINE UNTIL DAWN: Jade Fitzgerald and Vince Knight’s story, KISS ME CRAZY: Baron Fitzgerald and Kara Michaels

  • Dark Menace MC by Tory Richards

    0 out of 5

    Rachel offers herself to Stone, the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, as collateral for her family’s debt, and becomes the target of a rival club. Wildman, president of the Red Devils, wants her, but so does Stone–and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from the evil bastard who calls himself her step-father.

  • Hot Alphas and Bad Boys by Diana Bocco

    0 out of 5

    This bundle contains three novellas (short novels) LUKE Walker fell in love with the one she cannot have. The one her sister married. Billionaire Luke Blackwell made the biggest mistake of his life when he married the wrong Walker sister, but that’s one mistake he intends to rectify. Cailin’s stayed away for the past three years to fight what she feels. But all it takes is one drunken mistake for passion to ignite. Now that they’ve tasted the forbidden, there’s no turning back. They’ll either have to fight the passion threatening to consume them or take a chance and risk losing everything. Losing it all might just be worthy. WICKED Women are disappearing, and NYC police investigator Laurie Cole is sure Alex Volman knows something about it. Unfortunately, he’s not talking — that’s part of the territory when your family tree is loaded with magic and warlocks. But when Alex learns that the perpetrator has something even worse up his sleeve, he can’t stay silent. He’ll help Laurie, but she’ll have to give as much as she gets. One night. One ritual. Passion can change everything.

    THE LYING GAME Riley Wellman has a secret. That night she was supposedly lost in a dark street in the middle of nowhere? She wasn’t. She was running away from her future; an unwanted future arranged by her rich family. Private investigator Evan Sager has a secret too. So when he has to rescue Riley from the bad guys he’s been pursuing for months, he’s not amused.

    Now Riley is making him feel things he’s not supposed to feel anymore, and if he can’t manage to keep his hands off her, it might destroy everything he’s worked for. Again.

  • Love for Dessert by Kate Goldman

    0 out of 5

    When Anastasia Emmott learns of her best friend’s engagement, she hopes that her own boyfriend of three years will propose. But instead of giving her a ring, he breaks her heart by leaving her for another woman two weeks before their anniversary. If that wasn’t bad enough, Anastasia receives news that she may be demoted to a terrible position in her accounting firm. She decides that finally, she needs change in her life. She quits her job and, much to the chagrin of her mother, starts up her very own bakery. After several disastrous dates, Anastasia begins to realize that the dating game is much harder than it used to be. But when Anastasia’s best friend, Ariana, pushes her to enter a baking contest, she meets Darren King, a handsome baker who has just started at the competing bakery across the street. Anastasia is swept away by his dashing good looks, charming personality and masterful.