South Africa

  • Sex Video: Sweet Revenge by Diane Ludlow

    0 out of 5

    We invite you to slip right into Sex Video: Sweet Revenge. It’s an exotic Kindle ride you’ll not soon forget!

    Lace Thunder Studios was Ridge Atwood’s baby. And he ran it with an iron fist…among other things.

    Priding himself on producing the most erotic and sexy adult films this side of the equator, Ridge was hands-on, out in the trenches. So most nights he could be found trolling the streets of Johannesburg…sampling the wares and scouting new and exciting flesh for his cameras.

    Until the night he spots the gorgeously driven siren destined to shake things up at Lace Thunder—and in Ridge’s life—forever!

  • Touched by a Princess by Deon Potgieter

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    Brad Winwood, a photographer long obsessed with Princess Diana finally gets to meet her on the minefields of Angola and was also there when she died on that fateful night in Paris. What was it that brought him there and did he play a role in it? Beyond their connection this is a story about a quest for love and understanding the why and how in life and relationships.