secret baby

  • Splinter of Hope by Jody Kaye

    0 out of 5

    I want that.
    It was the first thought that entered my mind when I laid eyes on her.
    Kimber is all creamy skin and vibrant red hair. The fiery kind that makes a man understand there is strength in her convictions. She’ll stand by the ones she loves, no matter the cost.
    And it fuels the desire to make her mine.
    The biggest choice she made left her arms empty.
    I’m searching for a flicker of hope she’ll let me fill them again.
    I want that.
    For her.
    For us.
    Today is the day.
    Four years is a long time for any man to wait.
    But if Kimber’s heart hasn’t mended yet, mine will splinter. Because it means I haven’t given the woman I love everything she needs.

  • Dealing with the Viscount by Clair Brett

    0 out of 5

    The last person Viscount Devon Renwick would expect to meet in Scotland is his estranged wife, because he was under the impression, he had buried her.
    The agreement set four years ago was fulfilled. He never wanted a wife or family, but does he know, enough to prove he can be the husband and father he would want to be?
    Will Ella, after having a taste of independence be interested in a new deal struck? Ella doesn’t have time for Devon’s matchmaking, between keeping her bakery running smoothly while, fending off blackmailers claiming to know something, but what?
    Ignoring Devon’s advances is impossible. The last thing she needs in her life is a man to take care of.
    Between blackmailers and unfortunate news of his wife’s lineage, the question is do either of them deserve a love to last a lifetime?

  • Florette by Ann Sepino

    0 out of 5

    “She didn’t want to find love… until he found her.”

    Florette doesn’t believe in love, especially the kind that involves magical beings with butterfly wings on their backs. She is content to sit in her cottage and finish her clients’ ballgowns in time for the Fall Gatherings. But a stranger comes knocking on her door, and suddenly her convictions about romance and magic start to shatter.

    Blayze knows that because of an existing treaty, he can attend a run of the Fall Gatherings only once, and woo only one woman during that time. But instead of choosing a bride there, he finds himself falling for a reluctant seamstress outside of Flutterfae Grove. However, he soon learns that loving Florette is not so easy, especially when he realizes that her convictions are tied to a cruel past.

    Before the Fall Gatherings end or her past comes back to hurt her, Blayze must convince Florette that their love is real, and she must find the courage to believe him.

    In this standalone novel by Ann Sepino, experience a fairy tale set in the fictional village of Harowe, where an ordinary seamstress might just learn to believe in the magic of love.

  • Climbing The Walls (Hart & Cole Book 1) by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné

    0 out of 5

    Kris fell, head over heels over hormones, for the damaged b*tch who became his power-woman sex-goddess wife.

    All Nicole wants is to be a better mother, and a wife more worthy of the husband she loves with every fibre of her body, but she is constantly yanked away by her job and her overbearing boss Darren Hart.

    But Darren has marital problems of his own – and, when he confides in her, Nicole realises just how easily a happy marriage can crumble.

    …Can she keep her own from doing the same?

  • King Size by Lexi Whitlow

    0 out of 5

    What happens when your Tinder date is the prince of a small European country? Well, usually nothing. Certainly not super hot s*x. And definitely not a fake marriage offer. But it was just my luck that Owen clicked on my profile… and his big brother just happened to abdicate. I’m helping him out of a jam in exchange for a million euros. That’ll get my family out of debt and my ex off my a$s. But what happens when I fall in bed with him again? I’m knocked up. And there’s not just ONE royal heartbeat. Just my luck, right? And this king-size jerk is starting to melt my heart… everything is feeling a lot more real than I ever intended.

  • Muscle by Lexi Whitlow

    0 out of 5

    There’s only one girl in this town that’s off limits, and I just crossed the line.

    They call me Muscle because I’m strong, hard, and I make the rules.
    I was a SEAL. Now I’m a star.
    The hottest director in Hollywood wants me.
    All I want is his daughter.
    Hourglass figure. Legs that don’t quit.
    She’ll take my commands, then I’ll take her to bed.
    Too bad her daddy hates me, because Winter’s pregnant.
    If the tabloids get hold of this, I’m done.
    If her daddy finds out, I’m dead.
    But Winter’s mine. And SEALS don’t quit.
    Screw the fame and fortune.
    I’m about to show my muscle, and this display ain’t for the cameras.

    Can I convince Winter’s dad I’m all she needs… or will this be our last take?

    Muscle is a 60,000 word romance novel with lots of steamy second chance scenes, love and redemption, absolutely no cheating, and a bit of well-cooled revenge. Enjoy!

  • Knocked Up… Again! A secret baby second chance romance by Lilian Monroe

    0 out of 5

    How could this happen?
    This was supposed to be a quiet town, with quiet people, and a quiet hotel that needed a new owner. It was supposed to be my fresh start.

    Instead, in walks the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop myself from running to her again and again.

    Before she even flicks those eyes in my direction I already know I’m in trouble.

    How could this happen…again!
    I don’t even know anything about him! All I know is he’s stupidly rich, he’s incredibly sexy, and he’s definitely running away from something.

    The first time it happened to me, I was sixteen, alone, and terrified. This time I’m almost thirty, and I’m still alone and still terrified.

    No matter how much it scares me, I can’t ignore it. Those two little blue lines don’t lie: I’m pregnant.

    What happens when love, sex, and hidden secrets collide?

    Knocked Up… Again! is Book 3 of the ‘Knocked Up’ series, and is a steamy standalone secret baby romance with exclusive bonus content. All of Lilian Monroe’s books have absolutely no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!

  • I’ll Always Love You by Lorhainne Eckhart

    0 out of 5

    It was the hottest night of sex he’d ever had. Jeremy Friessen had heard the whispers that he was just like his father, with his looks, his bad ass attitude, and arrogance, and he’d never forget the night he’d spent with his best friends sister until she up and left, one day just three years ago.

    But now she’s back, he’d caught a glimpse of her at the traffic light again at the store and when her eyes connected with his, she pretended as if she didn’t know him, and that made him angry until he realized she couldn’t hide her reaction to him.

    But what Jeremy doesn’t know is why she left, whatever her secret is–whatever her reason was for disappearing, Jeremy is determined to find out everything, and when he does he may wish he’d never found her.

  • Knocked Up by the Single Dad: A Secret Baby Office Romance by Lilian Monroe

    0 out of 5

    He comes out of nowhere and steals the breath out of my lungs.
    Everything in my head is screaming no, no, no!
    Everything in my body is screaming yes, yes, yes!

    My past has haunted me for far too long. Could he be the one to make it all better? My fairytale fantasies seem like they’re coming true until eight little letters change my life forever:


    This business trip just took a turn for the better. The instant I see that red hair and those picture-perfect curves, I know I need to make her mine.

    Oh yeah, she’s mine.
    Pretty soon she’s carrying something else of mine, too. I don’t care how many times she tries to shut me out, I’m not letting her do this on her own.

    Knocked Up by the Single Dad is a steamy standalone secret baby romance which includes exclusive bonus content. All of Lilian Monroe’s books have absolutely no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!

  • The Baller’s Secret Baby by Normandie Alleman

    0 out of 5


    I’m nobody’s baby daddy.

    I don’t care how many stunning women throw themselves at me,

    looking to turn one hot night into an eighteen-year paycheck.

    Ball is life, and basketball is my first priority.

    I’ve got a championship to win.

    But when I see that familiar face shaking her pom-poms on the sidelines,

    I’m transported back to childhood,

    Back to the days before a fiery plane crash ripped us apart,

    forcing us to grow up overnight.

    Those were the days when Eden Evans stole my heart.


    I have no interest in a man who comes with groupies.

    With a rock legend for a father, I’ve seen the toll fame takes on a marriage.

    So when Nick Barnes dribbles his way back into my life,

    my heart and head go into battle.

    I can’t fight my desire for the sexy baller with his eight-pack abs

    and panty-dropping charm.

    And when that little stick shows an unmistakable plus sign,