• What Lies Beyond The Stars by Michael Goorjian

    0 out of 5

    “A spiritual/philosophical mystery about reclaiming your ATTENTION from the distractions of the modern technological world.”

    Returning home to Mendocino, CA, Adam Sheppard has a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, only to later realize that she is a long-forgotten childhood friend. The coincidence of their reunion only deepens as Adam discovers she has come back to town due to a recurring dream, eerily similar to his own.

  • Stellar Bliss One: A Journey Of The Dreamers by Jedaiah Ramnarine

    0 out of 5

    Discover A New, Thrilling, Sensational SciFi Romance Now

    Set in a forbidden world where the truth is confidential and all is not what it seems. A blacklisted psychic drifter code-named J finds himself sick and tired of the force-fed routine in his perfect town of Quietville.

    When he encounters a strange telepathic girl code-named C during his escape, their world becomes disillusioned, filled with danger at every corner as they come too close to uncovering the behind-the-scenes cover up that controls their world.

    Will they break free of the bonds that chain them to this endless, bounded dream or will they remain nothing more than silent, hopeful sleepers?

  • Cara’s Twelve by Chantel Seabrook

    0 out of 5

    Raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in. When it becomes clear that the heir to the Elbian throne has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess Annul, Cara is ordained by blood and required by law to take her cousin’s place as heir apparent.

    One man from each of the twelve provinces are chosen by the royal council to pledge their lives and swords as champions and consorts of the future queen. From these men, Cara must choose the future king of Elbia. Before she is able to take her place on the throne, Cara and her Twelve must visit each province and perform a sacred ceremony, one that will make Cara question everything she thought was real.

    Cara soon realizes that not all of the men who swore to protect her are what they seem, and there are those who would use her as a tool to gain power.

  • My Melancholic Diary by Iva Kenaz

    0 out of 5

    Lisa (14) is an incorrigible romantic obsessed with a hero from a medieval novel she’s been reading, honourable guard Tertius. Eventually, Tertius starts to manifest in Lisa’s life and she befriends him.The two melancholic souls begin helping each other with their romantic dilemmas. Lisa finds herself drawn to her scoundrelly classmate and Tertius longs to reunite with the love of his life despite the depressingly written destiny. Besides losing herself in fiction, Lisa also wishes to reconcile with her father, an erratic painter whose crazy mind always finds something out-of-ordinary to focus on.

  • Fahra Shaheen’s Monster: The Curious Tale of a Creature Born in Death by Gia Maria Marquez

    0 out of 5

    I scarcely can recount to you the sheer dread I experienced at the moment of my birth. It was an instant of pure pain, surmounted only by the shock and horror at the sight of my hideous body.

    You say it is unusual to remember so vividly the event of one’s birth? It astounds me that anyone could forget such excruciating trauma. What did it feel like? Like being struck by lightning, only the pain was a thousand times more agonizing. My nerves were zapped into cognizance by innumerable volts of electrical current—enough to return animation to that which had formerly been lifeless.

    My mind burst into being in an explosion of raw circuitry. My limbs flailed in all directions. After the distress of electrification subsided, the incisive sting of my many flesh wounds overwhelmed me. Suture scars seared the perimeters of my wrists and of my groin, where parts had been attached that were inorganic to my form. The agony of mere existence saw me howling like a wounded animal, for at that early point in my being I possessed no capacity for speech.

    It was only then that I beheld a human form hovering over me…

    Note: Fahra Shaheen’s Monster contains substantial violence and adult themes. Gia Maria Marquez’s corrupt adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

  • Prince Eli by C. M. Padilla

    0 out of 5

    This riveting fantasy adventure emphasizes the triumph of good over evil in a young prince’s journey of enlightenment and growth into the responsibilities of manhood. In the Empire of the Seven Kingdoms, the forces of evil test the faith of the royal bloodline in the peaceful city of La Ataviada. The warlock Eduen conspires with the evil King Jonaed to oppressively rule his subjects after winning a battle for the Seven Kingdoms. The surviving soldiers and generals of the Empire, loyal to the fallen King Alexis, hide in waiting for the day their Redeemer comes to lead them to victory. The plot revolves around young Prince Eli, Jhaveh’s chosen Redeemer, and his adopted brother Liam, as they journey from Paradise through many mystical lands, learning valuable lessons and skills along the way. With the help of Rolsta, Prince Eli’s winged lion, legions of angel warriors and the elusive Princess of the Waters, Eli and his soldiers victoriously reclaim La Ataviada and the Empire.