Maggie Tideswell

  • Interview With A Seducer by Maggie Tideswell

    0 out of 5

    He was her 30th birthday gift, but her husband objected. Only, he didn’t have a say…
    Her best friend gave her an unusual birthday gift – a night with a professional seducer of women.
    What was meant to be a turning point to get her out of her rut, Rachel turned into something more palatable to her that would also keep Jane off her back – an interview.
    Faced with the man across a table a perfectly public place, it could only go from bad to worse – for her. The more questions she asked him, the more she liked him. Only, he knew too much about women, and she didn’t want to be part of his harem. And he had no idea how to be faithful to only one woman.
    Then he realized the danger she was in.

  • Finders Keepers by Maggie Tideswell

    0 out of 5

    An Almost Gothic Love Affair.
    A bride is sent off into the unknown to marry a stranger on All Hallows Eve, October 31, 1749.
    What she finds on her arrival is enough to make her skin crawl.
    Limping footsteps, blood-curdling screams, smoking torches, and a house on a cliff… A man she only sees in the dark, his breathing labored behind a mask.
    “A betrothal is as good as the wedding vows. You cannot leave.”
    “Am I your prisoner?”
    “You shall stay here until you bear me a child. Then you can stay or go, the choice shall be mine!”