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  • Steam : Lesbian Erotic Romance by Women for Women by Alex B Porter

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    FREE ON KINDLE SAT 24th & SUN 25th OCTOBER 2015

    Four stories of romantic lesbian erotica, written by women for women. Seductive and adventurous FF scenes of love and lust await…

    The Gym: During a rare trip to the gym, Connie finds Mags, glistening with sweat and dodging punches. She soon finds herself balancing the world of underground boxing and high stakes with college work and first love.

    An Old Friend: Jade’s ex is about to get married. To a man. Furious and enraged, Jade travels back to the place that ostracized her as a teen. Would Miranda get a piece of Jade’s mind or a whole lot more?

    Women Seeking Women: After a drunk bubble bath, Kendra decides to immerse herself in the world of Women seeking Women ads on a private site. She is astounded at her reply rate and reminded how much she loves being with women. But will she end up with the woman that she really wants?

    Play: Just when she thought she was about to feel her last tremble, Mistress slapped her ass hard again, and another eruption occurred, this time causing Sylvie to scream in bliss. Shortly after she felt the straps loosen around her legs and arms, and then Mistress’s soothing hands massaging the taut muscles.


    Book includes a free excerpt from forthcoming steamy romance series. You can also download a free story from the Alex B Porter website.

  • Sorority Sinners #1: Lust by Kitty Alba

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    7 Wicked Sisters…

    Ashley is a good girl with a hot boyfriend–who has no idea his nerdy girlfriend has raunchy fantasies about the sexiest schoolgirls on campus. When she pledges Lambda Lamdba Pi, a notorious bisexual sorority, Ashley must bare more than her soul in order to join the sisterhood. It’s initiation night. Watch Ashley learn the price of:


    “Extremely hot.”

    – Harper Bliss

  • American Woman by Joanne Sexton

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    Rock chicks are more complicated than they look, especially when one is becoming her destiny, the other following a classical career, and the third wheel the steaming hot lead singer of the new big thing. Scarred hearts bleed pain when the pulse of love blurs to jealousy and rage. Between family, ex-lovers, and their own clashing issues, this complicated love triangle becomes a tangled mess, leaving the shy and the reckless reeling. The future is bleak, they’re isolated and misunderstood, and pride ruins passion.

    Drunken mistakes haunt Molly and Justine; their spiral into misery riveting. Strumming emotions more than guitar strings, the dynamic Justine, Tessa, and Molly, will keep you on tenterhooks of suspense in this lady-on-lady romance.

  • Eaten Out by Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin by Holly Cherrystem

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    As a successful lesbian talk-show host, Honey Fingersuck thought she had it all. Brains, beauty, and a bun in the oven, she was used to being the first in everything. But her world came crashing down when she came face to face with Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin. Soon, her life would be uprooted with intrigue, kidnapping, desire, and — yes — hot lesbian sex with one of the most historically significant innovations of all time.

  • Awakening (Sorceress of Desire, Part 1) by Aaron Abson

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    Sorcery and seduction…

    Sasha is finally ready to bond a spirit that will increase her powers and grant her the freedom she’s been seeking. As the only female student at the Imperial School of Magic, she’s endured years of discrimination and scorn. All of that is about to change when she meets Vi.

    Vi is the embodiment of desire, and she chooses Sasha to share her bond. The bond comes with rare power, but also a price – Sasha must generate the arousal of others, or she dies. Vi can teach Sasha everything she needs to keep them satisfied, but Sasha must be willing to learn.

    Sasha quickly discovers that Vi knows everything about her, and what turns her on. Vi wastes no time uncovering Sasha’s forbidden fantasies before showing her exactly how to go after the men – or women – she wants.

  • His Womanly Ways by K. Lynn

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    Alex is a womanizer. He makes no excuses for it. Yes, he picks up women at the local bar, leaving them with just a memory of a good night and a good lay, but he hasn’t had any complaints yet. That is, until he picks up the wrong woman. Not satisfied to be tossed aside as just another notch in Alex’s bedpost, she curses him, wishing he “knew what it was like for a woman.” And he’s about to find out what she means, embarking on a genderswap journey that he can’t stop.

    Alex starts slowly gaining secondary female characteristics. Waking up with his cock gone, replaced by a vagina, was bad enough. Then it gets worse, as his body becomes more like a woman than the man he used to be. Alex tries to hide the changes he’s going through, for fear that someone will discover his secret, but keeping this quite literally “under wraps” might be impossible before the curse runs its course.

    With the help of his female best friend, Eve, Alex tries to deal with who he is becoming. He feels like he’s lost his identity, his mind not matching the body he now has. But Eve sticks by him, and they become closer as Alex’s changes progress. What started out as friendship may become something more before Alex’s journey is over. Perhaps this curse was actually a blessing in disguise.

  • From Nathan to Nanako: Changed into a Cheerleader by T.F. Wright

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    Nathan’s an awkward, gentle giant: a big, shy, oaf of a man who crushes hard on the head cheerleader at his school, Daniella. Nathan tries out for the football team to impress her, but even though he doesn’t make the cut, he manages to get invited to one of Daniella’s famous parties. Little does he suspect that it’s a party for two, and Daniella is bent on satisfying her gender-bending, exotic tastes…

  • Sex and Soco by Allyson Starr

    0 out of 5

    Lacey and her friends Randa and Missy will do anything to get their hands on some booze for the night. Anything. Even Darren from the Friendly Fillup.

    When their new sponsors suggest hanging out at an abandoned amusement park that’s rumored to be haunted, the night takes a turn so sinister it threatens to bring the girls’ never-ending party to a screeching halt.

    SEX AND SOCO is an adults-only polyamorous party featuring hot girl lovin’ and angry ghosts. If that’s not your thing, this probably isn’t the story for you.

  • Bisexual Beauties: 10 Sexy Stories of Girls Who Love Girls… and Guys! by Giselle Renarde

    0 out of 5

    What could be better than ten scorching tales? How about ten bisexual shorts and novelettes by an award-winning queer author?

    In Bisexual Beauties, eroticist Giselle Renarde assembles an eclectic cast of characters to arouse and entertain you. Girlfriends share their first taste of man in “Felicity’s First” while frisky folk singers take Winter along for the ride in “Forbidden Folk.” A curvy girl joins the action when she walks in on her co-worker crush seducing a sexy stranger. A proudly bisexual building super fixes more than just leaky pipes, and a concerned BFF helps her married friends break down barriers when she jumps into bed with them.

    New fiction and fan favourites team up in this threesome-packed anthology. Whether you’ve always been a little bi-curious when it comes to erotica or you’re a die-hard fan of girls who love girls and guys, dive between the covers with these bisexual vixens! You won’t regret it.

  • Clique (Book Two) by Gem Edward

    0 out of 5

    Things are finally looking up for Abby. Now, with a full-time job at Clique, she is exposed to a new side of life that has captured her curiosity. She finally has the upper-hand with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, who desperately wants her back, and with Sheridan and Gia constantly fighting, Abby knows it’s only a matter of time before Gia is completely out of the picture. Though on the verge of getting everything she wants, Abigail Winston soon finds out that things are not always how they seem.

  • Clique (Book One) by Gem Edward

    0 out of 5

    After finding her husband to be unfaithful, straight-laced Abigail Winston finds herself facing a divorce from the only man she has ever been with, jobless, and living on the couch of her best friend and local club-owner, Sheridan. In need of a job Sheridan agrees to give Abby a try at the club, much to the dismay of her partner and ex-lover, Gia who Abby despises. Soon, Abby discovers that not only is she attracted to the club life, but also to Sheridan.

  • Fifty Shades of Tinsel, Vol. #1/Heartthrob by Kirk Alex

    0 out of 5


    Jimmy Riff, a well-endowed preacher’s son whose life is adrift, stopped off in Hollywood on his way to Oregon in search of a lost love––instead found himself trapped by LA’s sleazy underbelly.

    Now he’s a gigolo, dubbed James Kidd by his tough-guy manager Benjamin T. Styles and forced to do the pimp’s bidding by sleeping with Hollywood honchos, both male and female, to further Styles’ agenda of scoring a serious movie role. Jimmy is his meal ticket to stardom, and he intends to exploit him.

    A life of debauchery, encountering an endless parade of kinky users and sadistic abusers, leaves Jimmy unfulfilled. He desperately seeks a way out. A beautiful young woman at a sleazy Valley party just might be the answer to his dreams…if only he can get the relentless Styles off his back.

    Intended for mature audiences.

  • My Boss’s Wife by Kenneth R. Calloway

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    By the time they made it to the bedroom Rachel had shifted her attention to Alexis’ pussy while Tommy took her from behind. The metal rod in Rachel’s tongue sent shivers up and down Alexis’ spine as it traced her labia and dipped inside of her. She had already had two orgasms by the time Tommy pulled out of Rachel and switched to her. With Alexis on her back, Rachel rocked herself on Alexis hips to provide Tommy the opportunity to enter whichever mound he wanted.

    Rachel ran her fingers between the two of them and massaged Alexis’ clit while Tommy thrust into her. Periodically Tommy switched from one pussy to the other but Rachel only stopped massaging Alexis’ clit to add more lubrication from her own mouth or one of their twats. Alexis couldn’t believe how attuned was to her own needs. She seemed to know instinctively when Alexis could take no more and needed just a moment of rest before she should start again.

    Tommy pulled out of both of them and lined up to slide his tool right between the two of them without entering either. Rachel retracted her hand and used it to support her above Alexis on the bed. As Tommy’s shaft slid between their two pussies and bumped against their clits together both of the women began to shudder. As they climaxed together Alexis felt Tommy’s warm wet load splash onto her stomach.

  • Taking My Naughty Neighbor by Helen K. Knight

    0 out of 5


    “Umm…your hands feel so good!” Sarah moaned as Linda released her suction from Sarah’s warm, wet lips. Linda wanted to get a quick taste of Sarah so she slowly slid her hand down Sarah’s stomach until she reached her clean shaved, slippery, wet pussy lips.

    Linda softly ran her two middle fingers up and down Sarah’s juicy pussy lips until her fingers were coated with Sarah’s sweet juices. Sarah moaned in ecstasy from the soft gentle, rubs of Linda’s fingertips gliding softly over her swollen, wet clit.

    Just as Sarah was about to open her legs wider to allow Linda’s silky fingers to enter her throbbing wet pussy, Linda brought her hand back up to her mouth and slowly licked and sucked all of Sarah’s sweet pussy juice from her dripping wet fingers.

  • Lesbian Virgin by Skylar Dove

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    She shudders as her heart thuds against her breastbone, teasing her brain and mind into submission. She can’t take her eyes off the semi-nude muscular male form dancing before her hungry eyes. She barely hears the gasps from the audience, mostly female but a few males are peppered amongst them.

    The bass from “Light my fire,” vibrates the audience’s feet as all eyes are glued to the screen.

    Cadence drops her hand from her popcorn bucket to her skirt. Seconds later, she slides her buttery fingers along the outside of sopping panties and lets out a moan. Oh God, I hope no one heard me.

    Glancing around at her closest neighbors, Cadence grins as she spots two women grasping each other’s breasts and licking their lips. Their eyes never leave the man’s gyrating hips on the screen.

    His bulge is larger than normal. Cadence stifles a giggle as an image of a sock in his crotch flashes through her brain.

    The young man on the screen yelps, as he slides his hands through the velcro on his tight leather pants, releasing them from his sweaty legs. Swinging them over his head, he tosses it to one of his admirers in the audience.

    For a second, a dozen hands fly up as each woman in the theater is sure he’s tossing them to her.

    It takes Cadence ten seconds before she realizes it’s just the damn 3D glasses doing their job. She snickers and goes back to munching on her popcorn.

    “Are we going to party tonight, or what?” he calls.

    “Hell yeah,” a female voice on the screen and in the back of the room responds.

    Cadence glances back over at the two women just as the larger one slips her hand down the blonde’s pants.

    The blonde gasps and leans into the reclining seat allowing the bigger woman better access.

    I came to watch the movie. Cadence finds herself unable to take her eyes off her neighbors.

    Blondie squeezes her breasts together before letting out a row of soft whimpers. Her hips gyrate against the woman’s pumping hand.

    Letting the popcorn bucket slide to the floor, Cadence slips her own hands into her panties. Her eyes slant as she lightly slaps her lovebud just as the blonde gasps with the first of several orgasms.

    The blonde clutches the seat while biting her bottom lip, daring not to scream out in ecstasy.

    Bright colors flash before her eyes and inside her brain, Cadence whispers yes as her own orgasm overtakes her mind, body and soul.

    Seconds later, a small hand slides along Cadence’s thigh.

    “Ah!” Cadence brings her seat upright, as her hands rip from her underwear, tearing the soft fabric. Her face is inches from Blondie’s. The woman’s blue eyes look deep enough to swim in. Cadence’s heart skips a beat before racing wildly. Small beads of sweat swim down her cheeks and splash down her blouse.

    Blondie tweaks Cadence’s hardened nipples.

    Cadence groans and leans back. Make her stop, you’re in public. Make her stop now. She grins as these protests race through her brain. She reaches over and slides the blonde’s hand closer toward her crotch.

  • It’s Not My Favorite by Rue —

    0 out of 5

    An irreverent, modern-day, romantic comedy.

    The Hutchinson sisters grew up under the piercing, pious stare of a preacher’s wife. Plagued by her ever-disappointed refrain, “Well, it’s not my favorite.” Their search to find their own way in the world has not been a screaming success.

    Gwenn is a good girl, a responsible girl…a miserable girl. Her steady diet of vivid fantasies is the only part of her life she enjoys. She daydreams of new parents, a more exciting job and an actual love life. She struggles to run a business as The Organizer, while she stacks relationship carcasses in the closet of her own completely unorganized life. Her only real friend is her younger sister, Rachel.

    Rachel is outgoing, risqué and happily gay. The only people who don’t know this little secret are her judgmental parents, Pastor Ed and Shirley. Rachel struggles mightily to dodge her mother’s constant attempts to set her up with “nice Christian boys”; while holding down a job at the bakery and keeping up with her rock-star girlfriend!

    Gwenn uncovers a photo that brings her imaginary world careening into reality. She’s forced to ask herself if wealthy artist, Daniel Gregory is the answer she’s been seeking or a grand delusion.

    Break-ups, meltdowns, family secrets, wild nights and finally a journey of self-discovery to exotic New Zealand keep Gwenn and Rachel stumbling toward independence.

    So grab your parka and join the Hutchinson girls, as they experience the Lake Effect in Duluth, Minnesota!