• Draoithe: A Pack Forms by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    When Luke meets Eli he just knows she is the one that was meant for him. Eli likes Luke, but her past makes it hard for her to trust him. When a series of events leads Luke to try to link with her, both their secrets have to be revealed. He is a direwolf shifter, and she is a tiger.
    In order for them to have a real relationship, something has to be done about her ex, but Luke likes the man. His inner direwolf wants a pack beta, but when a lowlife thief comes around looking for information about Luke being a shifter, it’s Eli and Javier who pay the price. Can he save his mate and her ex who has become his friend? If he can, how can he fight back against those who would hurt the ones he loves? It’s time to build a pack! A brazen tiger and a lonely direwolf get involved in an explicit love affair!

  • Draoithe: Magic Calls to Magic by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Luke and Eli realize that they need to build the pack and Luke has decided that he is willing to entertain the idea of immortals who are not shifters when the vampires, Mihaela and Andrei, must flee their home and seek refuge among the Druid pack. But a Phillipine Eagle and a Kodiak bear arrive also seeking sanctuary. The magic of the mor tuath that raising the Ri ruirech invoked began to build a diverse kingdom calling the kings and queens it needed to build the kingdom the way Luke and Eli needed it to be. Magic flies and sparks go with it. Can two lonely lost vampires find a new home, a new position, and real love in two shifters? Maybe it is possible at Draoithe. Hypnotic and thrilling and that’s just the relationship between the eagle and the vampire. The dreamwalker’s craving for a vampire leads to danger.

  • Draoithe: The Council by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    One sly old fox and his mate, Artie, save a friend, but the trouble that brings forces them to run from their home. Luke and Eli are their best hope, but their friend is not ordinary. She is a legendary phoenix shifter. She is hurt and needs a safe haven to heal.
    Javier sees her and barely contains his anger that she was obviously beaten. When his inner direwolf jumps for Isabell, Luke makes him responsible for her care.
    Fox makes the newly formed Druid pack an offer they can’t refuse when he asks his old friend to be raised as the Ri ruirech, the overking so he can be fully Ruiri once again and set his queen free. Innocence and forbidden love make this a sinfully steamy romance for adults only!