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  • Fancy Lady & the Desperadoes by Dee Dawning

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    Well-bred and genteel, Valerie Johnson travels from Boston three thousand miles by train and stagecoach to join her husband in Virginia City, Nevada, only to discover she is a widow. Out of money, unable to find respectable employment, she accepts a temporary position as a courtesan at Rosie’s Parlor—an elegant Virginia City brothel.
    Ultimately she is rescued from the ‘Sporting Life’ by Duke Dugan, a rebel captain who, along with his two brothers, is on a desperate mission for the despised Confederacy.
    She would tell the authorities, except there’s one problem—she’s fallen in love with him.

  • Gator Man Lover -A Monster Erotica by Martian L. Beast

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    After the death of her husband, Nelly went deep within the bayou. Consumed by sadness she spent her days thinking of what could have been . The bayou has many secrets and Nelly has been noticed by one of those secrets. Nelly’s darkness is about to end and the bayou is about to bring her a light from an unexpected friend.

  • Insatiable Devotion by Laurel Linsey

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    Laurel and Caleb go out to dinner, and she hopes that tonight will be their first time. He hypnotizes her and she becomes more devoted and insatiable as time progresses. Lots of sex. Mild BDSM.


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    CARIBBEAN CONCUBINE is an erotic romantic comedy. VERY EXPLICIT SEX with SUN, SAILING and BEACHES. WHAT SCANDALOUS ADVENTURES DOES ROSITA HAVE IN MIND FOR HER UNSUSPECTING BOYFRIEND? See it all through Rosita’s eyes. Add flirting, teasing, playing, humor, excitement and romance for a great erotic adventure in the Caribbean. Sail from the island of Vieques on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico to Martinique in the French West Indies. They stop at some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean to explore the towns and see the beaches. They experience new sexual experiences together, in a most playful way. The names have been changed for reasons that don’t need to be explained. Did this actually happen? You be the judge. Approximately 39,100 words of laughter and sex.