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  • Billionaire Babes Club: Shh! The Secret Guide by the Wives and Girlfriends of the Wealthy on How To Land a Rich Man by Arabella R. Irvine

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    Billionaire Babes Club is the book the affluent society doesn’t want you to read. Learn how to lure a wealthy man into spending money on you, falling for you, and in the end becoming his Spoiled Girlfriend or Trophy Wife. Billionaire Babes Club lays out the practical steps to upgrade the everyday lady into becoming a high-value woman. Included in the book are guides on leveling up, etiquette, and personality. As well as the secrets to femininity, seduction, and manipulation. Learn online dating tips from how to set up your profile and take your photos, to scripts and scenarios for first dates, how to get a second date, traveling, and more. This book is the bible on freestyling and meeting men in real life. Get any man to approach you. We cover it all. You will have access to text message examples and real stories from the Spoiled Girlfriends and Trophy Wives you aspire to be.

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    Today’s women are victims of the commitment phobia, hookup culture, cheap dates, and cheap talk. Why are you hooking up with a man who hasn’t invested in you financially? Why are you playing by the obsolete rules of society’s dating game that don’t benefit you, but instead leave you heartbroken, used, and ghosted? Your kindness isn’t rewarded in this dating world. Spoiled Girlfriends and Trophy Wives of the rich are an Elite Group of women who know their worth, refuse to be manipulated, and never settle for a man that doesn’t rise up to their standards. This Elite Group of women know what they deserve and attain it by beating men at their own game.
    In Billionaire Babes Club, they spill the secrets to the life you want. By utilizing the secrets and strategies exposed in this book, the everyday woman is able to transform and in turn gain Love, Power, Money, and Status. Billionaire Babes Club teaches women how to seduce and lure affluent men into spending, spoiling, pampering, and falling head over heels for them. Billionaire Babes Club provides women with a sex-free master plan on how to have any generous benefactor eating out of the palms of your hands. Stop spending time and energy on men who have nothing to offer except conversation, false promises, and IOUs. Stop banking on potential and secure your finished product—a financially stable man. You’ve read vanilla dating books, now learn from the Elite Women who have the life you want.

  • Date Like A Woman by Kai Nicole

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    Date Like A Woman (DLAW) is for the 21st century woman who is ready
    for a new narrative about dating, romance, sex and life! DLAW helps
    women move from fear to freedom. It offers practical dating advice,
    teaching women to navigate through the often challenging and daunting
    dating world, while countering the sexist, stereotypical and, frankly,
    stupid “instructions” spewed at women by self-professed male
    “dating experts.”

    DLAW puts the FUN back into dating while also providing no-nonsense
    guidance that empowers and encourages women who have grown weary, been
    disappointed, and are still holding on to outmoded and unrealistic
    expectations about their dating choices. DLAW reminds women of their
    worth, helping them understand that they do not need to fit some
    antiquated model of being “accepted” or “chosen” by men.

    For women who are so ready to sever the cord – quickly, forcefully and permanently –
    that has kept them bound by dangerous dogma and silly, sexist “thought leaders,”
    DLAW offers fresh, funny advice for discovering themselves, deciding what they really
    want, and enjoying dating!