• Jessica’s Baby Bang by Kitty Laporte

    0 out of 5

    It was not an easy sell. How do you tell your husband of four years that you want him to watch you with a bunch of strangers and that one of them will be the father of his child? But that was the sell, and frankly, it was the best I had…

    Jessica and Jim are happily married but Jessica desperately wants a baby, when Jim is unable to make one with her, they both come up with a plan to impregnate her that will push their desires to the limit.

    Readers should be warned that this story contains highly explicit and graphic sexual descriptions.

  • Loving Cuckold: Dominant Bull for Her Birthday by Darius Night

    0 out of 5

    Sarah expected her locked, submissive husband to treat her with a mind-blowing birthday present. But what she got exceeded even her wildest dreams.

    Sarah and Michael had been living in a loving femdom relationship for a long time. She held the key to his chastity belt and he worshiped her every chance he got. They had dabbled with cuckolding but something was still missing.

    Sarah didn’t want just a new lover. She wanted to be taken and used by a strong, dominant bull. She wanted to be made to submit to an alpha male who knew how to lead and bend her to his will.

    Sean was exactly what they had been looking for—an assertive dom with experience from cuckold couples. There was only one problem. Sean wanted full authority over them both.

    How far was Michael ready to go to treat his mistress? Deep down, he knew this was what Sarah yearned for. If he wanted to make his wife’s fantasy come true, he would have to let Sean take charge and put him on his knees.

  • 10 Erotic Short Stories Vol. 1 by Goran Radanovic

    0 out of 5

    10 Erotic Short Stories Vol 1 is a collection of the best stories from the blog It contains various erotic themes such as BDSM, exotic dancers, MILF and cuckold.

  • NOW SHE’S MINE by Hayden Ash

    0 out of 5

    I feel a hot sensation when I see my fiancé’s best friend walk through the door. I love my fiance, but his best friend Trey is just magnificent. He looks so strong, so rugged, so alpha, and just so wrong for me. He’s the type of man I’ve fantasized about in the dark thousands of times, and now that he’s actually here in my face, I can’t help but want to act on this dark fantasy, this secret of mine.

    I know it’s so wrong, but I can’t stop feeling these feelings. I want Trey to take me to places I shouldn’t go…if only for one night.

  • Dawn of the Jungle Goddess: A Cuckold Odyssey by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    The jungle is about to get a whole lot hotter…

    Respected college professors, Julius Stevenson and his sexy young wife Natalia have a dream: to be the first scientists to mount an expedition to study the natives on the unexplored island of Molonga. But money doesn’t grow on trees. They had almost given up their dream when a mysterious conglomerate unexpectedly approves their funding.

    When unforeseen events leave them stranded in the jungle, Julius finds his beautiful wife impersonating the natives’ deity to save his life. But what seems like the perfect solution quickly turns into the stickiest of situations. The goddess she pretends to be is no ordinary immortal, but a vengeful cuckoldress, come to earth to get even with her philandering spouse.

    With their lives on the line, will Natalia be able to play the role that the Molongans expect of her? Or will the couple confess their deception in order to preserve their marriage vows? One thing is certain, their lives will never be the same again!

  • Giving Away My Bride: Kim Honeymoons With Another by Buck Hammer

    0 out of 5

    Kim and Kevin were happily married, but needed something to spice up their marriage.

    When Kim agreed to test the waters of her husband’s hotwife fantasies, she never expected to love it so much, and love cuckolding him with new men so much.

    And Kevin never expected to feel the sweet pain of giving her away to his boss, who has plans to give her a honeymoon baby. Will Kim commit the ultimate act of cuckoldry?

  • The School Reunion by Paul Garland

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to No Angels – the hottest new series of erotic novels based around those people who have a hidden, darker, more sexual side than anyone who knows them would ever believe. The women in No Angels, are just that – and our stories will show them embrace that side of themselves.
    THE SCHOOL REUNION: My wife and I have been married for ten years and I know everything there is to know about her. So when she gets an invite to a school reunion from an old school friend, I have no reason at all to stop her going. Do I? Imagine my surprise when I find out that she has a dark past that she’s kept hidden from these years, and as it unfolds, this new knowledge takes me on a journey to places I never thought I’d go…

    NO ANGELS novels include explicit sexual scenes with cheating, themes of cuckoldry, liberated and strong women, and the powerful partners and friends who love them.

  • A Cuckold’s Tale: Jessica’s Interracial Cheating Obsession by A.I. Robertson

    0 out of 5

    In the past, Frank’s wife Jessica had a thing for black men and shortly after they were married he caught her in the act of cheating on him in their own house. Even though it scarred him deeply he forgave her and they made it work. But now, years later the signs of her infidelity have returned.

    The questions come at him hard and relentless. Is it all in his head or is there something to his suspicions? Is she cheating on him and if she is why does it make him feel more aroused than jealous? Why does he feel excited rather than hurt? Is it the end of their marriage? Or could it be the beginning of something more? Frank’s decision of whether or not to confront his wife and what comes later will change their lives forever.

    A heated tale of an interracial cuckolding relationship and how one couple deals with it when their fantasies become real.

  • Forbidden Thoughts: A Book of Erotic Shorts and Poetry by A.I Robertson

    0 out of 5

    This book is filled with steamy erotic stories and poetry that explore a common thread; dominance, and subjugation.

    Sometimes the thread is a subtle one as in the short story ‘Game of Hearts’. Where a wood-be suitor confronts his queen and lays his life on the line in hopes of winning her affection. A sweet story with characters you may have run across before. Or in the cuckolding short story ‘Not what I was expecting’ that deals with an unfaithful man who, returning home, discovers his wife has been carrying on her own affair for some time. How he deals with their newfound roles and the unique twist that lies therein definitely fits the thread.

    Then again, sometimes it’s more apparent and direct as in the poem ‘Stalker’ that details the inner workings of a mild-mannered man’s psyche as he plans to dominate the striking young woman he sees at the coffee shop. Or in the vignette ‘Anticipation’ where the lead character must undergo a regiment of psychological and emotional trials as an initiate of an inner circle of demanding and frustratingly teasing mistresses.

    All of these stories and poems fit together, woven just so, to create a patchwork quilt of erotic power plays and domination. Forbidden thoughts is an anthology and contain the following stories and poems:

    – Stalker
    – A Game of Hearts
    – Taking Him, Home
    – Stalker
    – Not What I Was Expecting
    – Sounds
    – Anticipation

  • Passion of the Jungle Goddess: A Cuckold Odyssey by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    He doesn’t want to watch, and yet he can’t look away…

    Professor Julius Stevenson has a problem. Several, to be exact. Not only is he being held prisoner in a native temple on the remote, uncharted island of Molonga, but he has also been replaced in his wife’s bed by an enormous native man named Boda. And if that weren’t bad enough, that bed is separated from his own by nothing more than an iron grate.

    Try as he might, the fledgling cuckold just can’t resist the urge to spy on the smoldering action next door, and the conflicting emotions he experiences shake his self-image to the core. Night after lonely night, he is treated to a front row seat as his enthusiastic, surprisingly adventurous wife sinks further and further into her role as the Molongans’ cuckolding goddess, Tara’ana, discovering proclivities of her own along the way.

    The couple’s journey of self-examination takes an unexpected turn when Natalia takes her husband to the village’s witch doctor for a checkup. There, a golden bauble from another time, an unbelievable tale, and a mysterious gift will change their lives forever.

    Will Julius be able to make peace with his own aberrant desires? Will Natalia halt her descent toward debauchery in time to salvage their marriage? And will they be able to unravel the mystery that seems to haunt this savage island? Find out in Book 3 of the Jungle Goddess Series.