Arousing Consequences by Cam Johns

Exposing the truth…giving into explicit desire…finding love.
If you’re a fan of authors Zane or E.L. James, then Arousing Consequences is definitely for you! Book One introduces Karisma Washington who has just graduated college and looking forward to moving on with her life following the untimely murder of her father Blair Washington. If it weren’t for the constant support of her boyfriend, Kevin Matthews, there’s no telling how deep her depression would have taken her. Support she thought she couldn’t live without, which carried their relationship regardless of the discontent building between them.
Here it is a few years later, and she’s now ready to start her career at the top Rehabilitation Center of Seattle. The place where characters come into play compelling rousing desires, carnal elation and amorous internal struggles. Karisma is finally impelled to realize her life is worth more than Mr. Right Now. But was it really for the better? Lies told, truths withheld, and awakening sexual thoughts arise. Where all choices are forced to face consequences.

Targeted Audience: Adults over 21

Author Bio:
Cam Johns is a new to the self-published writing scene. Her first book, Arousing Consequences has received nothing but great feedback and is now looking forward to releasing the second book in the series, Arousing Secrets very soon.

Cam Johns started writing at a very young age, but it wasn't until she was an adult where she felt comfortable enough to release what she considered private. Starting with poetry and short stories, she eventually began writing a novel as the dramatic optical of real life became overwhelming. It was then that she found her salacious voice and turned it into her first five-star rated book!

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Reaper’s Promise by Kiki Leach

Colette: I woke up in Vegas married to my ex-boyfriend’s hot as hell biker brother. Not that I’m exactly complaining considering I’ve practically been in love with him since forever, but… Record scratch. Wait a second. I bet you’re wondering how the hell a kindergarten teacher got here, right? Well join the (biker) club, because so am I!

Roman: She woke up next to me in Vegas with a diamond cuff around her ankle and a matching ring on her finger, and is wondering how the hell she got here. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she only said yes to my proposal because she thought I was my inept kid brother. I didn’t have the guts to tell her that I’ve wanted to know the taste of her skin and the feel of her legs wrapped around my waist from the moment she was first introduced to me as his girlfriend nine years ago. But I DO have the b*lls to tell her that since she’s now officially been made mine, there’s no way in f*ck that I’m letting her go.

Targeted Audience: Women over 21

Author Bio:
Kiki Leach was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK where she still resides. As a child she was surrounded by books, pens, and notepads, all of which she quickly took advantage of from the time she could read and write. Her favorite past-time has always been telling stories and in college, was encouraged by her mother and professors to take her storytelling more seriously.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love reading MC novels and love writing about alpha males.

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Bullets & Blackmail by Mish Daniels

Don’t get involved with your target.
I repeat: Don’t get involved with your target. It’s the first rule of the trade.
What’s the trade? Part of it is cleaning up and taking out the trash. I don’t mean sweeping things under the rug or scrubbing out the laundry. I clean up the mess when things have gone so badly off the rails there is no other option. I make the problems go away, no questions asked.
The other part? I find things. Lost things, stolen things or those belongings of your wealthy banker buddy that you covet but can’t afford. Anything is available for a price, pay me what I ask and its yours by whatever means necessary.
One of those things was Emma Jones. The client paid me handsomely to find her, no questions asked.
I never imagined what would happen next.
Bullets and Blackmail. Some secrets should remain hidden.

Targeted Audience: LGBT, contemporary, romantic thriller, erotic, series, adult, steamy, mystery

Author Bio:
Mish Daniels lives in the heart of Texas. She likes to drive fast, listen to loud music, and do things different than everyone else.

She has always enjoyed escaping into a good book and now enjoys writing her own. Mish mainly writes contemporary lesbian erotica and erotic romance. She has a strong belief in tolerance and equality. She thinks everyone deserves a happy ever after.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I grew up reading mysteries and romance. It seemed like a no-brainer to combine the genres when I started writing.

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On The Run (Men Of Honor book 1) by Rhonda Lott

Alexandrea Harding was on the run from a killer. Alex had hopes of becoming a singing superstar, until the death of her sister made her the target of a murdering drug lord. Now she is surviving day to day, trying to keep herself and her remaining family alive.
David McAdams built a multimillion dollar company from nothing but hard work and determination. He has no room in his life for complications, until at a party he hears Alex sing. He knew he had to have her, but having Alex meant his life was about to get more complicated than he could ever imagine.
With the killer closing in, can David convince the beautiful song bird he is more than a pretty boy in a suit and that he has what it takes to keep her safe or will her fear force Alex to run yet again?

Targeted Audience: Adult, over 21

Author Bio:
Dreaming of stories was my passion growing up and after raising two beautiful children, owing my own Day Care for twenty years, and being a foster mom, I'm now living my dream. I write about people who are taking the exciting, breathtaking, and sometimes dangerous journey to find true love or at least stumble upon true love in the process of running for their lives. I love action movies and romance so why no combine the two things I love into tales, that I hope, make reader's heart beat faster and take them away from their day to day drudgery. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my husband and huge family.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The story of Alex and David rattled around in my brain for quite a long time. I sat down after having my son and wrote madly for a month or two, then put it away because life just kept intruding. After years and years of life doing it's thing and my two children were all grown up, I got back to what was my dream and wrote On The Run. I'm glad I gave a voice to Alex and David after all this time.

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Seduce me again. Mary Rydes. Confession: Second book by Jess Ford

Mary, in pursuit of her dream to become a couturier, moved to Paris, the capital of fashion. But not only the desire to be in demand by a cloths designer motivates her. The girl also tries to escape from relationships with the charismatic and dangerous Kyle, her former boss and lover.
Continuation of the book about Kyle Myles and his beloved Mary. In this story you will learn how their romance ends and what other experiences they have to endure.
The story of the all-consuming passion and the consequences that it can lead to.
If you are looking for a non-standard love story based on real events, you are very lucky. You hold in your hands a true confession that will not leave you indifferent.
This is another way to look into the keyhole of other people’s relationships, to try to figure out who is right and who is guilty. So enjoy!

Targeted Audience: 21-80

Author Bio:
My creative path began when I was twenty years old. That time I was working in a firm that was engaged in the development of sites and their promotion. I was holding a position of copywriter and created professional selling articles. But at some point I realized that writing "by order" is too hard for me and I do not get the proper development. I began to look for a way out. Among the dust and unnecessary documents, I dug up my diploma as a philologist and resumed my studies in this direction. Refreshed my knowledge, I realized that I want to more accurately understand the human essence, which led me to courses in psychology. Having finished them, and also deeply engaged in yoga and spiritual self-development, I felt a sufficient basis for my own creativity.
But my training is not over yet. With each new paragraph, page, article or book, I'm still learning and developing.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wrote this story, when I got one mail from a person, who survived the similar situation. All names and characters are fictional, but the main idea came from the true life.

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Burn (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 5) by Ophelia Sexton

After losing his mate in a tragic accident a decade ago, Texan sabertooth shifter Justin Long believed he’d lost his one shot at happiness. But when he glimpses a lovely bear shifter at his daughter’s wedding, he can’t believe his eyes. Could this be a second chance at love?

Elle Swanson is beautiful, strong, mature, and sexy—everything he craves in a mate. He knows she’s wary of sabertooth shifters, but vows to court her and claim her.

But just when he thinks he’s won her heart, his past—and vicious sabertooth politics—catch up with him. Suddenly, Justin finds himself fighting not only for his life, but for the future of his kind. Can Justin defeat the sabertooth threat or will his and Elle’s happily-ever-after come to a swift and violent end?

Targeted Audience: Women 24 – 50

Author Bio:
Ophelia Sexton has previously published historical romance under a different name, but has always loved reading about were-creatures, vampires, and other supernatural beings. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Interracial Cuckold Honeymoon by J.R. Williams

John was just beginning to accept the fact that his new bride, Khloe, would forever belong to her superior lover, Calvin, who was John’s superior in every way. But when the three of them travel to Jamaica for the honeymoon, and Calvin realizes he can make more money as Khloe’s pimp than as her lover, John will have to grapple with the idea of sharing his wife with more people than ever.

Targeted Audience: adults 21+

Author Bio:
J.R. Williams writes red-hot erotica.

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Be Mine: Ten Erotic Romances for Valentine’s Day by Shoshanna Evers, Geri Foster, Cathryn Fox, A.C. James, Nina Lane, Caridad Pineiro, Jan Springer, Denise A. Agnew, Monique DuBois, Krystal Shannan

“BE MINE — Ten Erotic Romances for Valentine’s Day features contemporary romance, paranormal romance, military romance, and BDSM romance from today’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. This boxed set is ONLY available for a LIMITED TIME so get your copy before it’s gone.

So…won’t you Be Mine?

~Ten Complete Stories, Professionally Formatted, Limited Release~

Snowed in With the Tycoon by Shoshanna Evers
When they get snowed in together on the same piece of land they’re each fighting for, unexpected desire sparks.

Wrong Bride by Geri Foster
Short, sexy, fun…

Crashing Down by Cathryn Fox
Will the fire they created turn to ash when truths come spilling out?

Eternal Ever After by A.C. James
BDSM and HOT alpha Vampires… Oh, my!

The Erotic Dark (A BDSM Erotica Novel) by Nina Lane
A downright dirty book!

Stay the Night: A Navy Seal Erotic Romance by Caridad Pineiro
He was the kind of man that every woman would want…

Marley’s Ménage by Jan Springer
Single, soon-to-be mom, Marley Madison’s latest cravings are downright…naughty. She wants a menage, and she needs it bad.

Heat Wave by Denise A. Agnew
He’s one hot man she can’t resist

Romance Quickies (Encounter 2) by Monique DuBois
Brooke is determined to have a one-night stand, but will the sexy stranger let her ride him on the subway?

Morgan’s Match by Krystal Shannan
The biggest catch to being a matchmaker…you can’t work a spell on yourself.”

Targeted Audience: 21 and above

Author Bio:
Ten Erotic Romances for Valentine’s Day features contemporary romance, paranormal romance, military romance, and BDSM romance from today’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

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Seasons of Love by Ginnie Carmichael

Elsie seems to be the only person Alex is willing to let into his life. She wants to be with him more than anything, and is ready to give him the space he needs to confront his demons. What she doesn’t know is that the man she is slowly falling in love with might need more time than she can give.

Alex has been at rock bottom for far too long and Elsie seems to be the only person who can put some sunshine in his days. That is, until he realizes that she wants commitments he’s not yet ready to make. Dealing with his past is harder than ignoring it, but he’s going to have to face it if he wants to be with Elsie.

They both deserve a happy ending, but are they willing to put in the effort to make it work? Is their love for each other stronger than everything that tries to break them apart?

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Ginnie is a French-Canadian author who decided to follow her dreams and live a creative life. She’s been writing since she was fourteen years old and it’s not a surprise that she chose this path. Being an author also allowed her to travel full-time with her boyfriend. Both her childhood dreams came true and she is ready to do whatever it takes to keep writing and traveling. If you want to know more about her lifestyle and where she currently is, check out her travel blog: FarmBoy and CityGirl

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
It’s my first romance novel. For me, it’s all about telling a story that’s been in my head for so long. I just want to spread it to the world and let people enjoy it!

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Sleepover Seduction by Kaylee Mason

When her best friend invites her for a sleepover, Hannah quickly accepts. The young woman has had a crush on Mr. Harrison for months. Ever since seeing him without a shirt at a pool party for her 18th birthday, she knew she had to have him.

Armed with only a cute pair of pajamas, the younger woman knows this is her chance to seduce the older man. She may be inexperienced, but Hannah knows that if her seduction works, she’ll be in for the ride of her life!

Will she be able to convince the much older man, using only her cute looks and charm?

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
I grew up in the Midwest and currently live in Pennsylvania. I’ve been married for a few short years. When I’m not writing, I love spending time with my husband and our dog, Max. We bought an old farmhouse that we’re currently trying to restore, but it’s a huge work in progress.

Like everything in my life, I love to keep my writing light and fun. I often realize that I’m putting a little of myself into each of my characters, but everything is 100% fictional. Hopefully you find something you like. Happy reading!!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

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