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Big Bad Wolf (in the Dangerous Dozen Boxed Set) by Gennita Low

Out of the Darkness
Killian Nicholas Langley has spent most of his life as a member of a covert team, living in the shadows, working among people who accept danger as part of their lives. When an explosion nearly took his life, he thought he’d do well in construction, hiding among the transients, keeping a low profile. However, he hadn’t expected a boss quite like Jaymee Barrows.
Into the Sunlight
Jaymee Barrows knew the tall, dark stranger with clean hands and smart mouth looking for a job wasn’t a roofer. He was going to be trouble…just like the big bad wolf. Best to stay far, far away from him. But the more he got to know Jaymee, the more Killian was intrigued by his new boss. She had secrets he wanted to know about. Her light tempted the darkness in his life. And after tasting her, he wanted more….

Targeted Audience: general

Author Bio:
Gennita Low writes sexy military and techno spy-fi romance. She also co-owns a roof construction business and knows 600 ways to kill with roofing tools as well as yell at her workers in five languages. A three-time Golden Heart finalist, her first book, Into Danger, about a SEAL out-of-water, won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best Romantic Intrigue. Besides her love for SEALs, she works with an Airborne Ranger who taught her all about mental toughness and physical endurance. Gennita lives in Florida with her mutant poms and one chubby squirrel.

Read about spy agencies whose deadly operatives kill and love with passion and humor! To learn more about Gennita, visit www.Gennita-Low.com, www.rooferauthor.blogspot.com and www.facebook.com/gennita

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I like “dark” heroes, especially in my romantic spy suspense, but when I started out to write, there were very few that were true romance. I wanted my cake and eat it too–a hero who lives in the darkness who finds a way to love and perhaps come out into the sunlight.

It’s great to be working with my author-friends to make our stories part of this anthology because it showcases all the different romantic suspense stories in our genre. Big Bad Wolf is all about a spy who has to pretend to not be dangerous. But the heroine already knows he’s dangerous to her heart ;).

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Dangerous Dozen Romantic Suspense Boxed Set by Virna DePaul

KristinMiller_DangerousDozen_bundle2D200The Dangerous Dozen–heroes who make danger sexy… These alpha male heroes know how to protect their women–and how to love them. This romantic suspense boxed set stars TWELVE smoking hot heroes in TWELVE full-length novels by TWELVE bestselling authors.

To Catch Her Man by Charity Pineiro, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Investigative reporter Sylvia Amenabar must decide between friendship, love and discovering the truth behind a cop’s murder… Undercover detective Carlos Ramirez nearly lost his life protecting Sylvia, but knows it’ll be a fight to reach her heart. . . Can they learn to trust one another and find out the truth about a failed assignment that nearly killed Carlos? Or will the secrets of the past cost them the things they hold most dear.

I’ll Be Watching You by Tina Wainscott, New York Times Bestselling Author. Kim left her Everglades town under a cloud of scandal. Her grandmother’s murder brings her back to reclaim her home and unearth the truth…while a killer watches her every move.

Bedeviled by Maureen Child, USA Today Bestselling Author. A *faerie* funny paranormal.

Protective Custody by Paige Tyler, USA Today Bestselling Author. Someone is stalking reporter Paisley McCoy, and police detective Gray Beckham is the only man who can protect her. While the chemistry between them is undeniable, there’s no way he’s going near the captain’s daughter, and she had a hard and fast rule that says she doesn’t date cops. Can they both survive the stalker who’s coming after them long enough to realize how good they are together?

There’s a New Witch in Town by Tawny Weber, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Her magic, his town, their love… is it enough? Or will a witch just regaining her powers have to choose between saving a cursed town, or giving up everything she’s come to care about?

In His Control by Nina Bruhns, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. A rogue detective will do anything to catch the sexy international thief he’s fixated upon. When their titillating game of cat and mouse grows shockingly intimate, he must make the impossible choice between honor and duty…and the notorious woman he has unwittingly come to love.

Chosen by Sin by Virna DePaul, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. A wounded alpha werebeast bent on revenge… A female vampire trying to save her adoptive dragon-shifter family… Can they stop a group of rebel shape-shifters from unleashing every demon in hell? Only if they relinquish their secrets, face their fears, and open themselves to love.

Imposter: The Protectors Series — Book One by Karen Fenech, International Bestselling author. Chemist Dr. Eve Collins, wrongly accused by the CIA of developing a chemical weapon, learns someone has set her up as a scapegoat. That “someone” wants her dead. To save her life, she must join forces with CIA Operative John Burke–the man who doesn’t believe her claim of innocence and the man she’s falling in love with.

Dark Tide Rising by Kristin Miller, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Police Sergeant Mark Thurgood is all work and no play, but he’s harboring secrets that tie him to the vengeful sea. Free-spirited Emily McAllister is haunted by premonitions, and the latest shows her death in a dark coastal cave. Can they put their desires aside to focus on the task at hand and find the killer before he finds her?

Big Bad Wolf by Gennita Low. On the run from shadowy enemies, a secret agent finds sunlight and love while working undercover for a female roofer.

Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb. She’s been on the run for 14 years. He’s been sent to bring her home, dead or alive. A boy’s life depends on what happens next. Can they overcome betrayal, lies and violence to find what they’ve always wanted?

High Tide by Maureen A. Miller. A couple locked in a struggle to protect the coast…and their lives.

Targeted Audience: General Adult Romance Readers

Author Bio:
Bio: Virna DePaul is a USAToday and New York Times bestselling author of steamy, suspenseful fiction. Whether its vampires, a Para-Ops team, hot cops or swoon-worthy identical twin brothers, her stories center around complex individuals willing to overcome incredible odds for love. Bedding The Wrong Brother is a #1 Bestselling Contemporary Romance, and is followed by Bedding The Bad Boy. Her PNR series with Random House launches on April 1, 2014 with Turned. She loves to hear from readers at www.virnadepaul.com

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Love of fast paced romantic suspense with unusual paranormal characters and exotic locations.

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The Great Game by James Vachowski by James Vachowski

b224The Great Game is the tale of a British spy and his missions in the secondary theaters of World War I. Now an aging pensioner, he recounts his exploits with boastful tales of magic and the supernatural.This book is a collection of seven individual stories, all of which originally appeared in Cast of Wonders. Each story includes a link to the audio versions online so the reader can enjoy the excellent narration as well.

Targeted Audience: 22

Author Bio:
Hi, my name is James and for everyone out there who’s been considerate enough to advise me not to quit my day job, don’t worry– I haven’t. I currently work as a quality assurance technician for an independent traveling circus, where I strive to ensure that your next ride on the Cyclone is in full compliance with most, if not all, applicable state safety regulations. When I’m not living my dream of seeing the great people of this great country from the parking lots of local shopping malls and Moose lodges, I write fiction.

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Lucia’s Lessons of Love by Lucia Demasi

b154“Lucia’s Lessons of Love” has been called the “love manual” for single men and women. This is not your typical relationship book with long, drawn-out or complicated answers. Lucia gets to the point immediately and bottom lines each answer in a fun, easy-to-read “Q & A” format. Think of it as the “cliff notes” for love, dating and relationships.“Lucia’s Lessons of Love” answers questions like: Why is it that whenever I like someone they don’t like me, and the ones I don’t like are crazy about me? (pg.27)
What does, “I love you but I’m not in love with you” mean? (pg.58) Shoud you compliment a woman, especially an attractive woman, when you first meet her? Ignore my advice on this at your own peril. (pg.50) What do men want? No, it’s not sex. (although they want that too) (pg.38) Where is the most romantic place on earth? (you’ll be surprised) (pg.20) Does “the one” really exist? (pg.13) Do I have to play hard to get? (pg.48) Why do I always attract the wrong people? (pg.26) What’s the fastest way to connect with someone? (Bill Clinton does it all the time) (pg.28) What does it mean when someone says they “need space”? (pg.63) What are the top three dating mistakes? (pg.31) What does it mean when a woman says “nothing” is wrong? Is it really true? You’ll stop a lot of fights by finding out the answer to this. (pg.66) When does a woman know if she wants to sleep with a man? (pg.34) What are the reasons men don’t ask a woman out? (even if they’re interested) (pg.41)

Targeted Audience: 22

Author Bio:
Lucia is an internationally known dating/relationship expert and TV personality. She hosts “The Art of Love” on L.A. Talk Radio, is a keynote speaker and syndicated columnist. She hosted “The Art of Love” TV show for 3 years in Los Angeles. Born in Italy and raised in Canada, this modern day Renaissance woman has enjoyed a whole host of careers. As a teenager, she had a stint as a truck-driving soldier. After 2 ½ years in the Canadian army she moved back to her native Italy to pursue a modeling career.

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Sleepless Curse of the Blood Fox Trilogy, Book 1 by Sera Ashling

b147Curses are not subtle.They are things of pain, and for a very long time Santo has been caught in one. She haunts the roads of the country of Kurdak as a mercenary, fighting back sleep every night so that she won’t have to face the horror that comes for her when she rests. Weary, with sanity almost gone and no end in sight, Santo doesn’t know who did this to her or why.As the mythical Week of Colors arrives, she receives a visit from Traken, a sharp-tongued sorcerer with a sadistic streak. He comes bearing an “invitation” from his master, a secretive lord who has been watching her for far too long. Santo isn’t thrilled, until she receive an ominous prediction: following the sorcerer will mean the answers she wants, but she’ll likely die in the process. That’s fine with Santo, though, because she isn’t searching for a way out…she’s searching for revenge.

Targeted Audience: 22

Author Bio:
Sera Ashling is a debut author and a graduate of the University of South Florida, with a B.A. in Creative Writing. She spends her free time reading, playing video games and learning new things. Her specialties lie in fantasy, sci-fi, and action/adventure stories, with a focus on dialogue and characters. She enjoys the everyday mixed with the fantastical, and finding a little spark of happy in anything. She’ll tell you she’s an artist too, but that part is questionable.

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Daughter of the Demimonde (The Demimonde Trilogy, Book 1) by Carrigan Fox

Custom-Book-Cover-Carrigan-Demimonde-1-Official-EbookIt is 1910, and the city of Butte, Montana is on its way to becoming one of the wealthiest cities of America. The success of the silver and copper mines has drawn a number of young men in search of fortune and glory. Not surprising, a number of women followed these men in search of their own fortune, and thus the Demimonde was formed.
Cathleen Ainsley grew up admiring the strength and independence of her mother, a powerful madam in the red light district of Butte. And when the newly formed Bureau of Investigation sends the irresistible Kane Malone to Mercury Street to investigate allegations of human trafficking in the parlor houses, Cat is eager to prove her mother’s honest heroism. His charm and conviction capture her heart, and she agrees to assist with the investigation. It is her close and personal look at the underbelly of the red light district that causes her to question everything she thought she knew about herself and her mother. And in an effort to protect her mother’s innocence, she may end up sacrificing her own.

Targeted Audience: 18+

Author Bio:
I began writing my first novel when I was thirteen, and I have dreamed of my life as a writer ever since. I dreamt of a house on a bluff overlooking the ocean with large windows and an airy solarium with comfy leather sofas on which I would lounge and write. For breaks, I would walk my dogs and small child to the nearby beach.
At some point, I decided to take a more pragmatic approach to life and began teaching high school English. These days, I do live on a bluff, but I overlook the cornfields in the rural Midwest. And I do go for walks with my child, but I have developed an allergy to dogs that typically leave me battling an asthma attack. And for 40% of the year, it’s too cold in the Midwest for leather couches to be comfortable and for solariums to thrive.
Nevertheless, after thirteen years, I am now able to do what I’ve always loved by taking advantage of the self-publishing revolution. And I still have dreams. Currently, for example, I dream of growing a lavish vegetable garden on our bluff. Unfortunately, dreaming about it doesn’t make my thumb any greener. In the meantime, I take great satisfaction in the fact that the survival of my protagonists is dependent only on my imagination rather than my ability to avoid over-watering them.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I stumbled upon an ad on Yahoo for the Dumas Museum in Butte, Montana. The Dumas was the longest running brothel in the U.S. After reading the article about the colorful red light district in Butte, I began looking up other articles and stories. It was a fascinating story that began when the miners moved into Butte and the working women followed. Nearly everyone was seeking fortune, and many of them found it. During my research, I also discovered that the FBI was formerly the Bureau of Investigations (BOI) and one of their primary tasks was to investigate corrupt madams who were entrapping and trafficking young women (forcing them to prostitute themselves). After a couple of hours of reading, I began taking notes and developing the story of Cat Ainsley, the innocent daughter of a prominent madam and her romance with a BOI agent on a mission to find the local brothel owner guilty of human trafficking. And as her story began to come to life for me, I began toying with the idea of telling three stories in Butte, one of a madam’s daughter, one of a high-class prostitute, and one of a progressive young woman fighting against the corruption and sins in her city.

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My Secrets Discovered by Layla Wilcox

My-SecretsDiscovered-mockup“Like many secrets, mine began innocently.”
So begins the transformation of an average American housewife.

Jen Hauser loves her accountant husband, Mark, but after twenty years of marriage, she finds their sex life about as exciting as one of his spreadsheets. Things start to heat up after she discovers Secrets, an adult entertainment store in a quiet suburban shopping plaza.

At Secrets, Jen is introduced to the tools of sexual pleasure as well as a mentor, Blondie, who guides her to a total makeover. Together they hatch a plan to seduce Mark. Jen risks everything to find out if her marriage is over or just on ice.

Will a new hairdo, Brazilian bikini wax, and sexy lingerie heat up a dormant love life, or will Jen face a final rejection when she surprises Mark with her new discoveries?

Content Warning: This steamy romance novelette of 13,500 words is for adults only! Contains graphic sex scenes too explicit to include in this blurb. For readers 18+ only!

Themes in this book: female masturbation, sex toys and enhancements, aphrodisiacs, seduction, hot marital sex

*** If you loved Sex & the City and Desperate Housewives, then you’ll love My
Secrets Discovered, book 1 of the Secret Lives of Housewives series.***

*Don’t miss any of the books in the Secret Lives of Housewives series!*
Each book continues the story, but there are no cliffhangers.

The complete series includes:
My Secrets Discovered (Book 1) amzn.to/18sj2Xl
My Secrets Revealed (Book 2) amzn.to/1cDrsbz
My Secrets Shared (Book 3) amzn.to/1buWLsh
My Secrets Collection (Books 1-3,
plus 2 bonus stories) amzn.to/19fwPLG
My Secrets Bared (Book 4) amzn.to/1idHv3t
My Secrets Exposed (Book 5) amzn.to/1eiQboI

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
romance. A native New Yorker, Layla writes about mature women who like all things hot: weather, food, and men–and not necessarily in that order.

When not writing erotic romances, Layla enjoys watching entire seasons of old television series on Amazon Prime while eating homemade vegan pizza, followed by dark chocolate.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

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Nurses’ Romance: Laurie & Andrew by Jane John-Nwankwo

b220This is a great start to a unique story. It moves quickly and the characters are easy to relate to, so it’s a great read if you aren’t looking for an epic adventure to hold your attention for days. And it looks like there are future books to grow the plot.One thing I love about this book is that the main character has had an exceptionally rough life. She is struggling to raise twins born following abuse by her uncle. She kept the children and lived with her parents who were very supportive. But after a failed relationship—the first time she opened herself to love—she decides to escape her hometown and strike out entirely on her own. It’s after taking this giant leap that she meets Andrew. It doesn’t get much harder for the leading lady than that in the romance genre. I really appreciated that a book has such a strong character with such a difficult past. I’m not someone that can get into the flimsy damsel-in-distress stories. I need characters with substance. The leading man has some depth as well.

Targeted Audience: 22

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Extra Credit by Caelyn Alba and Sean Gerard Leah

Extra-Credit-—-CoverI was in a place I’d never been before. This wasn’t a fantasy of mine in any way, shape, or form. What was happening here wasn’t based on any risque daydream or unspoken nocturnal desire I’d ever had. In all my years of knowing Mrs. Kristensen in high school, I’m pretty sure I’d never looked at her in a sexual way, even for a minute.

But was I ever looking now…

A college student back home for the summer is forced to take on part-time babysitting jobs in order to make ends meet. But then a chance encounter with a homemade sex tape sees him caught up in the exquisitely erotic extracurricular activities of a group of his former high school teachers — and learning a few lessons in sexuality and swinging beyond anything in his wildest dreams.

This 28,800-word erotic novella is a graphically detailed exploration of romance and sexuality. It is meant for adults only.

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Caelyn Alba is a pseudonym responsible for the writing of erotic fiction and memoirs, much of it in conjunction with husband Sean Gerard Leah. In real life (when she can figure out what that is), she teaches humanities in the Pacific Northwest.

Sean Gerard Leah (though he more often works under a cleverly similar name) is a Boston-born, Seattle-based novelist, poet, journalist, and editor. With his wife Caelyn Alba, he is a founding partner of the erotic-lit publishing house Muse of Shadow.

MUSE OF SHADOW is a producer and purveyor of no-holds-barred erotic literature — couple-friendly and written for people who believe that the imagination is the most important component of human sexuality. Our books are written to provide a workout for those most sensual muscles of the mind.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A desire to create thoughtful, funny, no-holds-barred erotica of the kind that we as a couple love to explore. All the best stories have real people at their heart — even sexy stories.

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Riding Bareback by J.S. Harper

RidingBareback1800After breaking up with her boyfriend Andrea is readying to move on. A chance meeting with an old friend sets Andrea down a dangerous path of sex, bad boys and their motorcycles. Eric is polite, enticing and knows what he wants. Will his charm win Andrea over? Will Eric’s current situation hinder things? Andrea is a nice girl but will she be lead astray and get involved in things that nice girls should not be involved in?
Book 1, Riding bareback from the Ride Hard Series is sure to take the reader on a wild ride.
Part 1 – Available Now – Riding Bareback
Part 2 – Available Now – Riding Hard
Part 3 – Available Now – Riding Fast

Targeted Audience: 25

Author Bio:
Author loves to write steamy books

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