Yasmine Nash

  • Her Secret Scandal by Yasmine Nash

    0 out of 5

    Former heiress Alexa Morland has a secret hidden in her past. She’s resolved never to marry because she’s sure no man could ever want her. Then she meets Henry Northam and wonders if perhaps he could love her, secret scandal and all. When an enemy of hers begins sowing discord between the two, Alexa and Henry will have to fight harder than ever if their love is to survive.

  • Tempting the Duke by Yasmine Nash

    0 out of 5

    A Man Who’s Gaining Everything
    When the Duke of Devonshire unexpectedly becomes guardian to 18-year-old Louisa Kellynch, his plan is to send her off to boarding school the first chance he gets. But after he meets her, his desire begins warring with his sense of duty.

    A Young Woman With Nothing to Lose
    Since Louisa is unable to inherit her family’s entailed estate, she comes up with the next best plan: seduce and marry the duke so she can regain what’s rightfully hers. Only she’s soon at risk for falling in over her head…