womens erotica

  • The Decision by T.G. Wright

    0 out of 5

    Grace Newell has never been touched by a man before. Many desire her, but she wants her first time to be special. She won’t allow just anyone to take her innocence. However, the man she longs for has never shown any interest in her. Offering herself to him is rife with complications. But in the end, the only thing she fears worse than rejection, is him saying yes.

  • It Doesn’t Always Rain: A Collection of Literary Erotica by Tess Mackenzie

    0 out of 5

    Melissa is surprised when her boyfriend wants to watch her perform oral sex on other men. Naomi’s boyfriend asks her to have a threesome with one of his friends. Bec moves back to her family farm in rural Australia, and is lonely and horny too, while Michelle moves to the suburbs, a long way from everyone she knows, and feels the same. Anna masturbates out of loneliness and boredom, and gets unexpectedly caught, and Nina flirts with her masseur and doesn’t. Sophie and Josh are the couple who still whisper together and kiss in public long after everyone else they know has stopped, until they meet another couple who are the same.

    Twelve stories of erotic possibility and confusion.

    Sharing Melissa’s Mouth

    Sharing Melissa

    Sharing Naomi

    How to Hit on a Bartender

    Coming Home

    Being Home


    The Washing Machine

    The Massage Guy

    Pick-ups and Helping Hands

    Date Night

    Four Together

    A collection of erotic short fiction about people. People having the most extraordinary moments of their lives, doing brave and sexy things, encountering one another, and changing one another, and sometimes suffering for their actions. These are stories about the complicated, complex, wonderful place of the erotic in everyday life.