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  • The Rejected Writers’ Christmas Wedding by Suzanne Kelman

    0 out of 5

    Southlea Bay’s favorite sweethearts, Flora and Dan, are getting married and the members of the Rejected Writers’ Book Club are excited to help. Especially the group’s head honcho, Doris Newberry, who, much to Flora’s frustration, wants to control every detail, attempting to strong-arm Flora into accepting ridiculous wedding vows, wayward bongo players and into wearing a huge, old-fashioned wedding dress. But when a new resident arrives in town with information about Flora’s past that threatens her chance of happiness, the overwhelmed bride-to-be disappears overnight. To find her, The Rejected Writers set off on yet another zany road trip adventure, this time to a make-believe Bavarian town. Where they meet lederhosen clad, young men, are entertained by oompah bands, go on wild sleigh rides, and sing in a yodeling competition. But when they eventually find the bride and the bridegroom learns the truth about her, will he still want to marry her or will all the wedding plans be in vain.

  • Heart-shaped shackles by Julie Sanford

    0 out of 5

    Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Olivia, but occasionally I use the name, Melissa. I’m a trainee teacher and a mum to two beautiful girls. My useless husband managed to get himself locked up at Her Majesty’s pleasure. That means I’m left to deal with my children’s upbringing alone. It’s a struggle; times are hard and money is short. Fortunately, I have found a way of making money. It’s not conventional, but it works for me. Occasionally under the cover of darkness, I share my body with strangers. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so. Can I confess something? I’m more worried about how bad I would become if I didn’t do it.

    Olivia Wake has a façade to maintain, she is the head teacher at an excellent school. A pillar of society. Except this was not always the case, years ago in another life, she would sell her body, partly for money, but mostly to fulfil her insatiable need. A need that refuses to go away regardless of her now formidable position in society.
    Fortunately, Olivia finds someone to help her with her addiction, giving her, a fix when the urge calls. That someone is not all he first seems. Convincing Olivia she is a “freak” Follow Olivia’s journey as she battles her addiction into dark and dangerous sex, see how she refuses to let her lover’s accusations overcome her.

    Soon she realises the only way to take back control, is to lose it.
    An erotic suspense thriller, that will keep you reading way past your bedtime.

  • A Convenient Arrangement by Maggie Marr

    0 out of 5

    Billionaire tech genius Leo Travati is the ultimate playboy–complete with the bad boy persona. He’s the poster boy for bachelor life…literally. The launch of his new app The Convenient Arrangement solidifies his rank as the #1 most eligible bachelor–and he plans to stay that way.

    Gwen Fleming knows all too well that Leo has no intention of ever changing his single status. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fantasize. And she does. After one electrifying touch, the fire that burns between them ignites into an undeniable need. Now, Gwen and Leo are uncertain whether they’re building something convenient or real. Could this be an arrangement that lasts forever?