wife sharing

  • Annie Awakened, Volume 1: A Hotwife Adventure by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    Some fantasies are too hot to remain in the shadows…

    Jim and Annie have been married for 10 years. They have a storybook, white-picket-fence life with a house and two little ones. They also have a secret fantasy that would shock the daylights out of their respectable, suburban neighbors.

    For some time now, they’ve both been obsessed with the idea of Annie seducing another man. It’s a deliciously naughty idea that has resulted in some pretty steamy nights behind the bedroom door. But it’s just a game, something to spice up their love life. It’s not real. Until Annie’s boss begins to flirt with her at work…

    When Jim encourages her to flirt back, the wheels are set in motion. Annie soon realizes that reality can be even more exciting than fantasy. After all, there’s no bigger boost to a married woman’s ego than the desire in a strange man’s eyes. She soon finds herself wondering just what it would be like, if she were to take that final, forbidden step.

    Will Annie be content to keep flirting with her boss, or will she tempt the fates and seize the opportunity to live out their mutual fantasy? Does she dare? And once that line has been crossed, what then?

  • Jenny Unleashed, Volume 2: A Hotwife Story by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    Things in Florida are heating up. Ken Wilson’s fantasy of watching his beautiful, raven-haired wife, Jenny, with another man has led them down an unexpected path, one that ended in her being taken by not just one, but two men. And in the cold light of day, he realizes that she seems oddly at ease with everything that has happened. Almost as if this isn’t her first time being shared…

    When he presses her further, he soon finds out that he is not the only one who has been harboring a secret. His wife reluctantly bares her soul and confesses to an adventurous past that she has kept hidden from him all these years. The shocking tale she tells him of her college days takes his breath away and leaves him reeling, trying to reconcile the Jenny he knows with the one she has just described. As crazy as her story is, it only heaps fuel on his already white-hot obsession with exploring her naughty side.

    When Jenny gets a text from her new ‘friends’, requesting a repeat, Ken is eager for her to accept. Will Jenny finally turn loose and show Ken the full extent of her wild side, the one she has carefully kept in check this whole time? Exciting as their first experience was, will Ken be able to handle the reality of his wife’s newfound liberation? And when an unforeseen phone call threatens to derail their plan, what will the couple do?

  • Shaken in her Boots, Volume 3: A Hotwife Adventure by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    In yet another first for the kinky couple, Bill’s wife decides to spend the weekend with her wealthy, new, cowboy lover, Lance. Too late, they realize that her timing could have been better!

    Now, Bill and Elizabeth find themselves swept up in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions as they are forced to face the reality that she may have come home from her illicit liaison with one souvenir too many. And as they wait to see if Lizzie is indeed pregnant, they realize that through the clouds of worry and dread, what began as a flickering spark of nervous excitement is steadily growing into a bright flame of perverse arousal.

  • Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.1-5 by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    What happens when a wife who feels neglected in her own marriage starts to receive attention from other men? She might enjoy a bit of harmless flirtation. But what if things go a bit further than she intended? Most wives wouldn't want to risk their marriages. But sometimes her husband might give her subtle clues that he wouldn't mind. What's if he is open to the idea of sharing her as long as he gets to watch? Might even a sensible and loyal wife be daring enough to find out?

  • What’s My Wife Doing With That Guy? by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    Middle-aged suburbanite Sam Jacobs thought this would be just another warm, lazy Saturday afternoon spent relaxing on his back patio in the shade with a good book and a glass of cold iced tea. But his peaceful plans were disrupted when Anne, his beautiful wife of twenty years, came bustling in, full of excitement to tell him she had been invited on a date with two younger guys. Surely she didn’t mean a real date? She was a married woman after all. But when Sam saw the revealing outfit she was wearing, he started to have doubts. And when Anne brought the two eager suitors home later in a gale of drunken laughter, Sam and his neighbors watched from the darkened patio to see just how far Anne would go to relieve the boredom of her and Sam’s stalled love life.

    This and nine other another amusing stories are on offer in Gustav Jorgenson’s latest collection of cuckold tales. It’s all in good fun as various wives enjoy carnal relations with other men while their dumbfounded husbands look on and discover that they find the sight somewhat titillating, naughty as it is. These are tales of couples pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Tired wives finding new excitement in fresh lovers and confused husbands torn between stomach churning jealousy and kinky arousal. Dive in and give these tales a try, you will laugh, you will cry, you will hopefully reach multiple climaxes.

  • Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.3 by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    These are stories about loving couples who are seeking out that transgressive spark to reignite the desire between them. The women do this by granting strange men access to their sexuality, which is normally reserved for their husband or boyfriend. They are breaking the rules and bringing novelty and mystery back into their stable, predictable relationships. They are shaking things up and renewing themselves as objects of desire.

    The first section is about dominant women who are confidently journeying into unexplored erotic territory with new men. The second section is about women who are pursued and submit to the aggression of other men, recognizing that their misconduct will help their own husband or boyfriend see them with new eyes. The third section is comprised of some older, shorter pieces that are punchier and jump right into the action.

    Some of the fantasies explored in this collection include:

    – A woman strips for her boyfriend's buddies, demanding that they honestly rate her body.

    – A wife goes back into the bar to perform oral favors for a jerk who just fought with her husband.

    – A husband comes home late from work to find his wife drinking with his friends, dressed only in her skimpy lingerie.

    – An aggressive man talks a couple he just met in a coffee shop into letting the wife come back to his studio to sit for a nude portrait.

    – A rough jock crashes a geeky board game party and takes liberties with the giggling, bespectacled wife of a nervous nerd.

    There are 20 stories in all.