urban erotica

  • On a Sunny Day by Max Carezza

    0 out of 5

    “On a Sunny Day” is an erotic romance about a woman discovering her true self and understanding the meaning of love – even when it leads to difficult decisions; about a man taking those decisions; about music connecting people and – sometimes – forming couples.

    You’ll love the simplicity of Martina; you’ll love her straightforwardness, her clumsiness and her sometimes awkward ways of showing her affection.

    You’ll laugh with her; you’ll cry with her; you’ll get excited with her.

    You’ll simply “be” her under that canopy, wishing for the rain to stop. And when an unknown umbrella finally shelters you from the rain, the smile of that Knight will seduce you, too. That simple, apparently meaningless event is the spark leading to important changes in her life, her character and her very nature.

  • Hood Love Booshie Style by Mickey Dee by Mickey Dee

    0 out of 5

    Rhonda’s life took a major turn at 13 when her doctor diagnosed her with bipolar disease. Her periods of high energy and moodiness fraught with drama drove most of her boyfriends from her during her high school years in California. Rhonda had the gorgeous face reminiscent of Los Angeles models and a desirable body with curves in all the right places. She appealed to most men. Rhonda’s dating life consisted of kissing a lot of frogs and struggles with relationships, at least until she attended her community home owner’s association meeting where she first laid eyes on Alonzo. He had just inherited his late uncle’s condominium in her building where his hope was to start fresh, escaping his past. Alonzo’s past was a hard one. He’d been a ruthless and scandalous thug whose life was quickly spinning out of control and eventually landed him in prison. He’d been skilled in the art of deception and lying to attempt to sleep with as many women as he could. It helped that his physique appealed to most women. Handsome and well-proportioned, his smile could light up a room and his shoulders and six-pack had women stunned. The ladies just knew he was blessed. Could a rejuvenated yet troubled Rhonda find the sensational love she deserved? Could she tame the desire-laden cravings of Alonzo? Would the former football star/inmate revert to his old habits and have his manly way with Rhonda?

  • The Agency (a ménage erotica story) (The Liaisons Series Book 1) by Sarah Jayne Masters

    0 out of 5

    Angelica has had her fill of tiring relationships and boring men. She wants a man who can satisfy her.

    That’s why she’s joined The Agency.

    When she meets Greg she knows she’s made the right choice. He’s handsome, athletic and sexy.

    She soon discovers he’s also hot, wild and knows how to bring out her naughty side. Greg is more than ready to help Angelica live out her ultimate fantasy – he just needs to find a third person to join them.

    The Agency is a ménage erotica short story. Sexually explicit content. For 18+ only.