steamy novella

  • Breaking the Gladiator by Nicola Rose

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    Livia is a high-ranking woman in Roman society, thanks to her husband’s wealth. On the outside she appears to have it all — but she’s a broken woman. Haunted by a tragic event in her past, and at the mercy of her sadistic husband who revels in her humiliation and sexual degradation.

    She finds comfort in transferring that pain along; putting on a brave face and inflicting a mixture of love and hate onto her husband’s prized gladiator, both in the bedroom and out.

    Cassian has his own demons, he’s trained to have no feelings other than the desire to kill. He hates Livia. She’s everything that a gladiator abhors. But sometimes he sees the goodness hiding behind her eyes…

    Their tempestuous relationship brings danger to them both. If they’re caught, they will be killed. And Livia’s brother-in-law knows exactly what’s going on — he wants a piece of that pie for himself.

    Will it all come crashing down around them? Or will love find a way to conquer the hate instilled in them all? Who will be left standing when a gladiator falls for his Domina?