• Swingers Club Christmas by Jake Ellwood

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    Jackie shed fifty-five pounds, her old wardrobe, a twelve-year-old car, and her lazy-ass husband. Now she’s ready to gain a new lifestyle. Her friend, Erin, who hasn’t seen her in months stopped in at her workplace and couldn’t believe the change, especially when she confides her desire to explore being a player like Erin and her husband are.

    Hearing about Erin and Robert’s exploits over the years, she was intrigued and had always wanted to try swapping partners, but being overweight she was both insecure and unwilling to expose herself. Besides, her drunken husband could rarely get it up to have sex with her, let alone had the desire to satisfy another woman, even when he wasn’t passed out.

    Now she had the opportunity, desire, and the body to try a new lifestyle that had been out-of-reach and off-limits previously.