Sierra Black

  • obey (Companion Academy Volume One) by Sierra Black

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    Humankind has settled many worlds, and society’s values have changed. The most valued people in all the worlds are Companions, professional Submissives who pleasure the rich while holding the most respected spots in society. The highest dream of almost every young person is to become a Companion. Or to own one.

    Miri finds herself without a viable future, but is surprised to find herself accepted into Companion Academy. The exclusive school is the only entry into the highest forms of society. There she will learn to turn pain into pleasure, to submit to any Master or Mistress who owns her contract, and to obey when her deepest instincts tell her to fight back against everything being done to her body and mind.

    Miri’s first shocking few days at Companion Academy show her the first limits she owns that she must move past, and how pain and pleasure, want and need, can all be combined to turn an innocent young woman into the ultimate sexual submissive, a Companion.