short stories about love

  • Candy by Bala Shiva

    0 out of 5

    Candy is a sweet & sour collection of poems and prose about love,friendship,family and individuality.
    This book is particularly for those who are bored of reading heartbreaks and feminist poems and wants a new reading experience.

    Suitable for teens and adults who wants a refreshing read that will make them think and smile.
    if you love reading poetry, i guarantee that you will not regret buying this book.
    Before Buying, Check the “look inside” sample of the book by clicking on the book cover image for a sneak peak of the book.

  • Devotional: Erotic Stories from the Sensual Mind by Phil Harvey

    0 out of 5

    This timeless romance anthology features short stories about love and sensuality from one of the most influential figures in the sex industry, thrilling readers with tales of innocence lost, freeing adventures, and dangerous erotic games.

    The collection includes Bait and Switch, a tale of erotic swapping that won the Antietam Review’s literary award.

    These stories will especially appeal to readers of Adam Levin, David Mitchell, and Tama Janowitz, as well as the best contemporary short story writers of sensual fiction.