• Royalty, Rockstars & Billionaires: VIP College (A New Adult Menage Romance) by Athena Wright

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to VIP College, attended by royalty, rockstars and billionaires.

    As a non-wealthy, non-celebrity scholarship recipient, VIP College freshman Aubrey is intent on joining the college’s Literary Society. As a budding erotica writer, she hopes to find a group of like-minded bookworms.

    Instead, she is confronted with the VIP Lit executive committee:

    Luka, the prince, elegant and refined. Is he hiding surprisingly wicked tastes?

    Jaeson, the billionaire, handsome and alluring with a not-so-secret dominant side.

    Riot, the rockstar, guarded and aloof. He writes such passionate lyrics, surely there must be more to him than his prickly exterior?

    Follow Aubrey’s journey as these three men help her find the inspiration she’s yearning for.

  • Heart’s Song by Charity Parkerson

    0 out of 5

    Hawke swore one day he’d hate Maddox for using him…

    Maddox, lead singer of the band, Ugly Eternity, is a man of many secrets. Unfortunately, Hawke isn’t one of them. He’s been openly using Hawke for his delicious body for over a year, taunting him with a half-life, and always giving him just enough hope to keep him hanging on.

    When three tiny and heartless words finally break Hawke, the day of reckoning arrives…

    Even though Maddox knew Hawke would one day grow tired of his games, Maddox never expected how thoroughly the other man would cut him from his life. Left with no other recourse, Maddox is forced to live on Hawke’s terms to have any chance of reclaiming Hawke’s heart.

    But in Hawke’s determination to rid himself of the sexy singer, he failed to consider one major detail—he belongs to Maddox.