• A Godless Love by Brenda Thornlow

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    Cherise and Aaron are a beautiful couple that are completely in love and devoted to one another. Some would say both their sexual appetites lean toward the extreme. As devoted as they are to one another, they are also devoted to the church where they've spent most their lives. A church where every aspect of it's members lives are watched under a microscope; where any misstep could cause a person to be ostracized by the community, including family, and friends whom they love.

    When Cherise and Aaron's sexual proclivities are discovered by the leaders of their church, their private lives will come under the most invasive dissection. Others in their church will be forced to face their own sexual bias and question their own beliefs. Could the way a person shares their love with another really be sinful even if true love is involved? Does anyone have the right to determine how to share your love with another?

  • How To Acheieve Your Riches, Wealth, & Happiness by Dominique Mahon

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    When you think of becoming rich, what are some thoughts that run through your mind? Some common ideas that people associate with being rich are: million dollar homes, extravagant vehicles, owning a boat, and having a nanny. People generally compare one’s riches to the monetary items that they possess.

    Becoming rich, wealth, and possessing happiness can only coincide with how one perceives this words to apply meaning in their lives. The meaning of these words often dictates one’s life and their abilities of conquering their desires. The meaning of these words that we learned in elementary school seems to take on a different meaning in adulthood. Anyone can obtain each of these traits, depending on how they perceive their own self-perceptional meaning for each term.

    To be successful, depends on the individual and their desires to create a meaning for each of these terms as they are feasible to their own lives. What is your five-year plan and how do you plan on achieving your goals, if you haven’t developed a plan of action to coincide with you as an individual.