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  • Falling from Grace – Part Two by Laura S. Fox

    0 out of 5

    Falling from Grace – Part Two

    Without Marco’s protection, Liam becomes a target for other inmates’ jokes and insults. While he tries hard not to pay attention to anything happening around him, Regina seems to be the only one realizing the danger he really is in. Good deeds never go unpunished, though, and the redhead is soon caught between the two men and the passion they still nurture for one another.

    Danger takes different shapes, and Liam starts to see that true feelings could never be denied, no matter how much he tries to hide behind righteous words and ignore his heart’s desire. When he warns Marco of the danger the Italian is in, after he hears two Aryans planning to murder the mafia boss, he takes on a path he soon understands there is no coming back from.

    Reaching an understanding with both his heart and his principles seems impossible, but, somehow, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and for the first time in his life, Liam realizes he is not alone. He no longer fears his falling from grace, but a question he bitterly thinks he knows the answer for:

    Will there be a happy end?

    Warning: Falling from Grace – Part Two contains depictions of sexual intercourse between men, violence, non-con scenes, and other themes that may make the reader feel uncomfortable.

  • Falling from Grace Part One by Laura S. Fox

    0 out of 5

    Falling from Grace – Part One

    Liam Anderson feels like his life is going down the drain. A former priest sent to prison for double murder, clinging to his beliefs that are slowly fading from his heart, he is given another chance when a young man, Nick Donovan, asks for his help so that he would not get raped by other inmates. His noble intentions are quickly dashed by the unit’s informal leader, Marco Salieri who clearly tells him that Nick won’t escape his fate, no matter how much Liam will try defending the young man.

    There is a chance, however, for Liam to keep his new found friend safe, as Marco makes him an offer he can’t really refuse: Nick won’t get raped if Liam accepts to surrender his own body and become Marco’s bitch. Outraged by the demand, the former priest refuses, but he quickly discovers that putting up a fight is not a viable option if he wants to do the right thing. He finally tells Marco he’ll do whatever the sexy and dangerous mafia boss wants, but slowly he starts to realize that falling from grace can have more meanings than one.

    Warning: Falling from Grace contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse between men, strong language, dubious consent and other themes that may make readers uncomfortable.