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  • New Midlife Surprise: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Ruling With Pleasure Book 1) by Ellie Ellis

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    Paranormal Women’s Fiction. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions…

    Ella Turner (nee Yates) is going through a divorce in her forties that sees her without a home. Thankfully, her brother is allowing her to housesit his cabin in the woods, away from the prying eyes of drama and those who once knew her.

    But before she has a chance to settle into her new life in a small quiet town, her world is turned completely upside down when she lays eyes on a hot pizza delivery guy.

    Ella has to make the decision of her life: will she choose to stay in the small town and find her own path in life, or will she let Fate drag her into a world where nothing is considered normal anymore?