one night to serious

  • The Arrangement by Penelope Ryan

    0 out of 5

    What started as a one-night stand to get her mind off her ex has spiraled into an arrangement she never saw coming. But can she get out without breaking her heart?

    Mia just wants to move on from her ex. After their horrible breakup six months ago, she’s still having trouble getting him off her mind. So when she meets Max at a bar one night, he’s the perfect one-night stand.

    Only that one-night stand quickly turns into something more. He’s been looking for f*ck buddy, and after the best night of her life—introduced to new things she never thought she was into—she finds herself willing to oblige. But as their rendezvous become more and more intense, and her feelings change from indifference to something Mia is too scared to face, she wonders whether this whole situation is helping to heal her heart or only shattering it more.

    Plus, Max has a secret of his own. And if Mia finds out, it could ruin everything.

    A steamy erotic romance, this novella is as hot as they come.

  • Max: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    It was supposed to be one night, not ‘til death do our parents part.

    Lola – I thought I was done with arrogant alpha-holes, but clearly I just can’t stay away from them. The day Tyson tells me he’s been cheating on me, the day before Mom gets married for the umpteenth time, Max crashes into my life, all ripped muscles and perfect eyes.

    One night was the deal, how was I supposed to know he was about to become a permanent fixture?

    Max – I’m not coming halfway across America for Dad’s surprise wedding and leaving with nothing. When I see Lola stride past me without even looking up, I know right then I have to have her.

    The plan was to give her the night of her life and never see her again. How was I meant to know what she was going to become?

    For a limited time only, Max comes with two additional bonus books, absolutely free!

    Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby Part 1 and Tempest: A Stepbrother Romance Part 1 are both included with this purchase.