Olivia Fox

  • Untaming Lily Wilde by Olivia Fox

    0 out of 5

    Dumped on New Year’s Eve by Tom, her only ever lover, ‘good girl’ Lily vows to make up for years of underwhelming sex, resolving to seek out new thrills with no strings attached, in a year of clit-melting sexual exploration.

    When an old friend hooks her up with a job, Lily finds herself organizing events with a difference. High-class orgies and edgy sex are the order of the day, and Lily finds herself drawn into a lifestyle she barely knew existed. And then there’s Seb. Unfathomable and totally unavailable, Sebastian Harper has one hell of a nerve flirting with Lily, and no right warning her to play safe, especially when the world she’s stepping into is one of his own making.