Older Man/Younger Woman

  • Little Red Handed by Delilah Lefevre

    0 out of 5

    Rose Baker’s freshman year at Boston Magical University has her freaking out. Hot guys are everywhere, making her wish she wasn’t so inexperienced with men. The whole hot mess is so distracting she’s flunking Common Shifters 101.

    Rose decides to steal the Midterm Exam from what she thinks is an empty office on Halloween night. When Professor Garoux catches her red-handed, Rose must convince him not to have her expelled. Can an untouched girl like her please a werewolf Professor?

  • “Drawn to the Flames” Series – “Charisma’s Song – Part One” by Ariadne

    0 out of 5

    In the romantic San Francisco Bay Area, Kate Hadley sells a multi-million dollar dream home to the man of her dreams…only to learn he resides in the dreams of a dozen other women, too.

    Kate’s a smart, hard working single mom, fighting her way to the top of the real estate profession. Sasha Hadley, her naively sexy daughter, is ready for college but not ready for the men who will pursue her now that she’s turning eighteen. When Harrison Hill, fast moving investments guru, professional bachelor and collector of captured hearts, walks into Kate’s office looking for a celebrity house, he walks out carrying Kate’s hopes and ambitions for herself and Sasha.

    But will having one Hadley be enough for Harry? And what of the other women in his over-heated sensual life?

    Charisma’s Song is a three-part serialized 45K word short novel. Each part is a short story, often with a delicious edge-of-the-bed-hanger ending. Each “Drawn to the Flames” novel tells a complete story as the series progresses.