Neil M Campbell

  • The Advent of Lena, a Tale of Beauty and the Beast by Neil M Campbell

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    Chloe Lambert is used to men looking at her twice but for all the wrong reasons – they cannot believe how ugly she is. She has no reason to think Park Delafield, of the perfect profile and cheek bones to die for, is any different when he insults her in a pub. But all is not as it seems, turns out he’s looking for salvation and has decided she’s the one. Only trouble is, Chloe’s not so sure.

    When a stranger in a bar loudly comments on her appearance, Chloe Lambert can only assume that the remark which cut her to the bone was for him simply a casual aside. Park Delafield, however, at once struck down for his savagery by a friend of Chloe’s, is visited in his humiliation by the insight that only the love of the woman he has offended can redeem the despicable individual he has become. He sets out to win Chloe but she, bewildered by his attentions and repelled by his egotism, wants no part in his quest. Until his tireless persistence, combined with her own curiosity about his true personality and motives, soften her distrust of his sincerity. Warily she allows him into her life, thus seeding hurricanes of self-discovery, reckless commitment, and searing betrayal through which all involved journey toward disaster . . . or liberation and redemption.