motorcycle romance

  • Mason: A Storm Reapers MC Book 1 by Christina Chavis

    0 out of 5

    After what happened, I walked away from everything I loved and vowed never to come back.

    I fucked up years ago and trusted a friend over the woman I loved and have regretted it to this day.

    He was her high school boyfriend.
    She was his one that got away.
    His best friend sexually assaulted her.
    He didn’t know that. So, when he said the words that ultimately destroy any future that they might have had, they both thought that was the end.

    After ten years of avoidance and the death of her mother brings her back to the small town of Delway, North Carolina. A flat tire and a dead cellphone leads her to the door of the “Storm Reapers MC Clubhouse.” Behind this door, she’ll come face-to-face with her past and the man that once had her heart. She’s not the same girl he knew before she left. She’ll prove that by carving her path to vengeance.

    Can they pick up where they ended so many years ago and have the future they were once hoping to have? Or will outside forces from their past tear them apart before they have the chance to find out?

    A full-length novel featuring an MFM Menage Scene. Warning: Sexual Assualt, Violence, and Strong language.